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Friday 24 March 2017 | Conference Day 3 | Track 2
  • Welcome coffee from 07.30. Level 0 (Scene)
  • Conference Room: Level 0 (Scene ABC)
  • Beginning of the Conference 08.30
  • Exhibition open from 08.00 to 15.00. Level 0 (Scene)
  • End of conference: 12.30
  • Seated buffet from 12.30. Level 3 (Lofts)


Loa Andersson, MPLS IETF WG Chairman

Loa Andersson is co-chair of the IETF MPLS-WG working group. He is Consulting Senior MPLS Expert at Huawei. He has been involved in MPLS standardization since the start and has contributed to key MPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN and GMPLS specifications.   Currently questions on low latency and deterministic networking has come into focus and Loa is contributing to that work.

Service Experience Assurance SESSION
Introduction Chairman
Perspectives on Deterministic Networking
Loa Andersson, MPLS IETF WG Chairman
Quality of Experience Service Based Routing Use-Cases
Discussing the business value and architectural mechanics of multi-domain and hierarchical controller based network service offerings merging critical closed loop assurance, telemetry and customer service metrics. Real Use-case scenarios and the derived business logic are discussed.

Gunter Van de Velde,

Product Line Manager IP & SDN technologies,

Network Latency Exposure
Discussing various latency characteristics that can be exposed by network elements or segments and to explore if there are any latency related attributes that can be utilized by upper layer. For example, could there be latency exposure that upper layer can utilize to plan how to distribute their content to the right edges to achieve optimal user experience?

Linda Dunbar,
Chair at IETF - I2NSF,

Deployments reports SESSION
Telefonica: Security Enhancements
Presenting the results of a project called SHIELD, addressing security enhancements by means of applying NFV and cognitive network management.

Juan Rodriguez Martinez,
Telefonica I+D

Juan Rodriguez Martinez received his Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Spain. In 2004, he joined Telefónica I+D (Research & Development), being for a long time part of different working groups on Network Evolution.   He led the innovation activities on MPLS from 2011 to 2013, when he joined the Network Innovation and Virtualization Group of the global CTO Unit of Telefónica. In global CTO, he is currently participating as an Expert in the Network Innovation team, working on topics like data-plane VNFs, programmable hardware, network OS or merchant silicon.   He has deep experience in Spanish and European collaborative projects (e.g. FP6 and FP7 Programmes) and he also finished a Master degree in Space Technologies in 2011.

SDN/NFV Large Scale Deployment
Presenting a feedback on the large scale deployment of SDN/NFV services.

Stéphane Litkowski,
Coffee Break / Exhibition / Interop Event
Colt’s WAN SDN: Experience, Learnings & Future Plans
Focusing around Colt’s Novitas WAN SDN developments. Sharing with the audience our experience in deploying WAN SDN solutions in production both for Ethernet and IP services, the initial learnings associated as well as future plans in this area. Explaining our work to design Colt’s Next Generation packet network based on MPLS Segment Routing and an external SDN control plane.

Javier Benitez,
Senior Network Architect, Strategy & Architecture, Colt

Javier lives in Barcelona, Spain, and is member of the Network Strategy & Architecture team since 2009, responsible for defining Colt’s mid to long term Network & Platform architecture.   His main areas of responsibility and research are Optical, Ethernet, IP, MPLS and SDN/NFV. Javier is one of the architecture leads driving Colt’s SDN&NFV Transformation programme called Novitas. Previous to his current position, Javier worked for 10 years in Colt’s Network Engineering team designing both the IP/MPLS and the Carrier Ethernet Networks and Services.   He holds a Telecommunications Engineering Degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain, 1996) and a MSEE Degree from Stanford University (CA, USA, 1999).

Real World Mobility NFV Use-Case on the Telco Cloud
This talk will discuss real world NFV production deployment of Mobile Packet Core. We will show how a Neutron overlay solution is applicable to 3GPP networks where IP services offered to wireless subscribers are inherently service chains of appliances.
Maria Napierala, Technology Architect, AT&T

Maria Napierala is a technology and services architect in Mobile Packet Core organization at AT&T Laboratories.   She is currently working on Mobility Data Center architecture and deployment based on network function virtualization and SDN. Previously, Maria worked on WAN architecture and service, including MPLS/BGP VPNs, Voice-over-Packet, QoS, Multicast, MPLS traffic engineering. Prior to joining AT&T worked as a senior software engineer in Network Routing Systems group at IBM.  Maria holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute, Oregon (1992). Her Ph. D. thesis is in the area of automated program generation and computational logic.

Introducing LinkedIn OpenFabric Project
LinkedIn is currently working on a programmable data center, starting from the concept of layering different control plane functionality. Providing an overview of the functional division, considering some tools which can be used to meet each, and then considering the resulting operational profile. IntroducingLinkedIn OpenFabric project in detail.

Shawn Zandi,
Principal Network Architect, LinkedIn

Shawn Zandi is a principal network architect with LinkedIn. For the past two decades, he has worked as network consultant for various Fortune 100 companies from Dubai to Silicon Valley, building infrastructure for universities, hospitals, airports, the most luxurious hotels, plain old dial-up service providers and mega-scale data centers.   Shawn's job at LinkedIn is to economically grow and scale data center and backbone network with correct architecture, long-term strategy and clear roadmaps in place. He is leading LinkedIn next-generation data center and infrastructure architecture initiatives as well as many engineering and research working groups. In addition to Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Shawn holds over 50 industry certifications including multiple CCIE and CCDE, and can be reached at http://linkedin.com/in/szandi

Extending the DTs BNG towards the Data Center
Discussing current challenges for service providers in a fast changing environment and requirements for architecture evolutions to integrate SDN/NFV in carrier scale networks. Describing the architectural options for extending the BNG architecture to integrate SDN approaches and to facilitate data center based services.

Yuriy Babenko,
Senior Expert Network Architecture, Deutsche Telekom

Yuriy Babenko is senior network architect with Deutsche Telekom where he is focusing on data center design, networking and automation.

Carrefour: SDN in DC + WAN
Describing an infrastructure as code architecture encompassing SDN in DC+WAN with end-to-end network automation and through NFV. Discussing IPv6 and segment routing for traffic-engineering/steering.

Gregory Cauchie, Carrefour

Gregory is since 2016 an IT network specialist within the office of the Carrefour CTO. He is currently leading the IT network team responsible for the development of new architectures and IT network products. His current challenges are the adoption of the DevOps culture and the agile/scrum methodology in the "network layer" in order to build a network Infrastructure as Code.   Prior to joining the retail industry, Gregory has been in the TelCo industry for 15 years. Through his experiences in R&D, NOC, engineering offices and his role as a principal architect, he developed an expertise in the IP/MPLS domain along with a deep knowledge of the fixed and mobile networks for both the residential and the enterprise markets.  

Neutrona: Next Generation SDN Deployment Report
Discussing the use case which led to our current deployment, the system’s high-level design and its impact in our business. Introducing our vision, key pillars, and architecture and development effort towards a multi-tenant, self-healing, and self-optimising service platform.

David Flamini,
Principal Network Architect,
Strategy & Service Innovation,
Neutrona Networks

David Flamini is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he leads the Network Architecture & Service Innovation teams at Neutrona Networks, a neutral pan-regional carrier in Latin America. His work has earned Neutrona the best data service innovation award from Capacity Media for two consecutive years. David is currently working on the next generation of their SDN platform, he focuses on orchestration, service-oriented architecture, user experience and strategic product development.



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