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2017: Confirming Internationalization

The last edition of the Congress confirmed its ability to deliver more technical content than marketing. The 2016 presentations were clearly oriented on design and operational challenges of the current SDN, NFV and segment routing developments with a special focus on orchestration and security issues. The average profile of the participants underlines the identity of the Congress attendees: engineers and architects represent 25% of the job positions, followed by project heads (24%).

The 19th Edition of the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress, to be held on 21/24 March 2017 in Paris, will once again gather major actors of service providers and enterprises networks evolution.

A strong presence of service providers (45% of the +1500 participants) as well as a growing internationalization (65 countries represented) will confirm the Paris World Congress as the first worldwide event in the MPLS, SDN and NFV area.

Participants profile

With representatives from the EU (57%), followed by North America (17%), Eastern Europe (9%), Asia (9%) and Middle East (7%), the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress can claim to be the First International Event in this realm.

2017 Agenda Pre-review

Tuesday 21 March 2017 / TUTORIALS
TRACKS 1 + 2

Tutorial Session

Presented by ETSI, MEF and Linux (OpenStack presentation).

Certification Session

Presented by ONF (To be confirmed).
Wednesday 22 March / Common Conference Day One
TRACKS 1 + 2

Orchestration Session

Mano, SDN controlers: orchestration is at the center of the service providers platforms evolution.

The 19th Edition of the MPLS SDN & NFV World Congress agenda will reflect this major trend. The main session will cover key orchestration aspects. The track will involve standardization organisms (ETSI, MEF), service providers and renowned experts in the vendor communiity.

Key items:
• Abstraction and awareness in MANO
• Multi-domain service orchestration
• OSS analytics

SD-WAN vs MPLS: The Debate

This year, the first day general panel will address the SD-WAN phenomenon and its impact on current MPLS services.

Hear testimonies from enterprises, service providers and integrators.

Modelisation Session

Discussing guidelines developed based on ETSI specifications where available and de-facto standard open technologies.

Key items:
• Controller information models
• VNF descriptor

Containers Session

With their high packing density, rapid start up times, portability and rapid application development, containers are fast becoming the norm within the data centre world.

Key items:
• Low resource usage and fast spin up times
• Open source data plane
• Docker network model
THURsday 23 March / Conference Day TWO

Segment Routing Session

This year again, we will be following the latest SR developments and deployments. This session will involved major Service Providers who have recently decided to jump on the SR wagon. Bell Canada, AT&T, Google, and Microsoft will describe their deployment scenario.

Key items:
• Standard update
• Introducing SR in RSVP-TE networks
• SPs testimonies

EVPN and MPLS Session

EVPN is a fast growing technology that is being widely accepted in all networking domains. It started as a Data Center technology but has become useful in domains like Business Edge, Peering, Transport and even Metro.

Key items:
• DCI limitations
• Active multi homing
• L2 L3 integration

IPv6 Round table

The panel will address the networking challenges with the latest Innovations in IPv6.

Key items:
• IPv6 Segment Routing (v6SR)
• IPv6 Content Networking
• IPv6 for containers
• Object mobility

WAN SDN Session

Current state of the art, use cases, and seeds for some ideas about how to optimize WAN latency.

Key items:
• Traffic flows
• Wan SDN controller
• Generic OAM
THURsday 23 March / Conference Day TWO

Openstack & NFVI Session

Openstack deployment architectures and its challenges. Presentation of intuitive methodologies to validate the NFVI, vSwitches, and VNFs.

Key items:
• Distributed Openstack deployments
• Automation and performance with OpenStack Neutron
• vSwitches
• POC use cases

vCPE Session

Currently the industry is fascinated with Overlay, (e.g. MPLS, VxLAN, etc.), but Overlay is an additional layer if it’s connection oriented, and thus additional complexity.

The agenda will therefore reflect on the debate and on the pros and cons of Overlay.

Key items:
• vCPE deployment consoderations for NFV
• SD-WAN deployment experiences
• Hybrid approach to virtualization of the access network

SD-WAN Session

Primary driers, technical solutions and key differentiators for selecting a successful SD-WAN strategy.

Key items:
• Use cases

Service Experience Assurance Session

Some new applications are more demanding in terms of lower latency, guaranteed latency and isolation from the short terms effects of other traffic sharing the same network.

Key items:
• Latency
• Telemetry
• Slicing

AI & Analytics Session

AI can be effectively used in many networking areas, such as fault isolation, intrusion detection, event correlation, log analysis, capacity planning, and design optimization, just to name a few.

Key items:
• Autonomic network management
• OSS analytics
• Smart data plane
Friday 24 March / Conference Day Three

SDN Optical Session

SDN-based approach for addressing the challenge of inter-data Center networking, interoperability testing and field trial on GMPLS: current developments and initiatives on IP optical networks.

Key items:
• Multilayer restoration
• Next step in NaaS
• GMPLS UI interoperability

Deployment Reports

Hear testimonies from Orange, Linkedin, Colt, Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Telefonica, Neutrona.

Virtualization Business Model Panel

Key items:
• New cost models
• Impact of technology softwarization
• Network infrastructure pay-as-you-grow

The Exhibition: Sold out in 2016

2017 Exhibitors

211/212 ECI
301 RAD
302 6WIND
309 EXFO
311 TAIL-F

The Multi-vendor Interoperability Test

The European Advanced Networking Test Center together with Upperside Conferences invited all interested vendors to our public multi-vendor interoperability test and showcase at the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress 2016.

The hot staging explored the areas of Service Provider WAN and Data Center SDN as well as, as every year, co-host the only industry-wide packet clock synchronization interoperability.

Topics were:
  • Segment Routing
  • Ethernet VPNs
  • SDN Controllers
  • Yang Models for Services
  • LTE Clock Synchronization Readiness
A proof point for service provider was provided that showed an innovative end-to-end concept of data center connectivity, orchestration and management. By presenting a realistic example of a next generation interoperable service provider network, participants demonstrated the maturity and applicability of their devices and solutions.
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Attending the Congress means:

  • You can meet with Carriers coming from more than 65 countries, +150 Expert speakers, +40 Exhibitors
  • Engaging with Industry Expert and Innovators from around the World in the SDN and NFV technology, applications and developments
  • Networking with strategy Leaders from the whole spectrum such as Carriers, Operators, Cloud Service, Content Providers and Large Enterprise
  • SDN, NFV Product Strategy Leaders from the major Solutions Vendors - +50 sponsors and exhibitors