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Kireeti Kompella during MPLS 2012 at Paris

Delegates and Luyuan Fang, Conference Room, MPLS 2012


MPLS & Ethernet 2013 Partners Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks
Nurit Sprecher, NSN Nurit Sprecher | NSN

Nurit Sprecher is a standards' senior specialist at Nokia Siemens Networks. She has 20 years of experience in the Telecommunication industry.
For many years Nurit worked as an expert System Engineer and technologist, defining carrier grade network and product specifications in areas in the forefront of the industry technology.
In the last couple of years, Nurit is in charge of the company's standard and Industry Environment activities related to Packet Transport Evolution, covering aspects such as packet transport network, synchronization, 40/100 GB Ethernet, MEF architecture and services, solutions over packet such as Mobile Backhauling, Enterprise services, etc.
Nurit is an expert in packet transport networks and technologies, contributes to the related work in IETF, ITU-T SG15, IEEE and BBF, and participates in core discussions on next generation packet transport network with Tier-1 carriers.
Nurit participated in the European CELTIC TIGER project which analyzed solutions for a better adaptation of IP and Ethernet layers to address the Metro Ethernet growing market. This project won the Celtic Excellence Award in gold.

Loa Anderson, Ericsson Loa Andersson | HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES

Azhar Sayeed, Cisco
Azhar Sayeed | Cisco

Azhar Sayeed has more than 20 years of experience in the networking and communications industry that includes design and installation of complex networks involving multiple technologies and products. Currently, working as a Director of Solutions Engineering, Cisco Systems, Azhar is responsible for End-to-End System Architectures, Systems and Solutions validation and testing of Service Provider IP NGN and Mobile networks. He is also responsible for building technology and business reference architectures for Cisco’s end-to-end solutions.
Azhar has also actively contributed to industry adoption of Ethernet, MPLS and its associated technologies. He is an active participant and a contributor to industry forums and standards bodies. His interests are in the area of Data Center Networking, Mobile backhaul, 3G/LTE
Azhar is the co-author of a book “MPLS and Next-Generation Networks: Foundations for NGN and Enterprise Virtualization” with Monique Morrow, has 8 patents in the space of Network protocols and several published papers.


Jorge Rabadan | IP Product Line Manager | Alcatel-Lucent


  10.30 COFFEE BREAK  
Azhar Sayeed, Cisco
Pat Moore | Director of Business Development |
Metaswitch Networks

Pat Moore will have worked at Metaswitch (previously known as Data Connection) for 25 years next month. His various positions at Metaswitch have covered a broad spectrum of roles, including R&D, support and sales. In his current role as Director of Business Development for Metaswitch’s Network Technologies, he works closely with partners and customers to ensure that Metaswitch continues to deliver the network solutions that OEMs and carriers demand.
Prior to Metaswitch, Pat worked in the academic community. Following an MA in Physics from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Manchester, he worked for six years as a researcher in Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank (UK) and the Very Large Array (NM). In addition to astronomical research, his work included the development of image processing algorithms.
Pat extensive experience in control plane and client-server technologies extends back to the early days of SNA and ATM. For the last 12 years he has concentrated on IP, MPLS and most recently Software Defined Networking.

    Session Protection  

Patryk Konczyk | Network Strategy, Architecture & Design | EE

Patryk Konczyk is the Network Designer at EE, which operates Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK. His main focus is design, architecture and applications of the MPLS technology for transporting 2G/3G and 4G traffic. Patryk’s professional   interests include open routing protocols and platforms, new developments in the routing protocols area and SDN.
Rajiv Papenja, Huawei
Rajiv Papneja | Huawei TECHNOLOGIES

- Director, Carrier IP Solutions Marketing, Huawei US R&D
- Product Verification and customer trials
- Author of RFC 4990, 5814, 6414 and 6777
- Recipient of Elite and Model award from HQ
- Developed Huawei strategy/solution for Business Ethernet and cell tower backhaul solutions for NA market
- Helped launched the internal training program educating the sales teams in US
- Co-founder/Managing Director of a test lab, and Sr. Development Test Engineer at Avici Systems
- Co-authored many scholarly papers in IEEE magazines and at leading conferences
- Scientific Committee member at leading International Conferences, including MPLS & Ethernet World Congress and SDN Summit 2013
Rajiv Papenja, Huawei
Dean Lee | IXIA

Dean Lee has over 25 years of experience in test and measurement, especially in characterizing and validating the performance of carrier class routers and switches. He is currently the director of product management at Ixia, overseeing the L2/3 test products portfolio. Prior to Ixia, Dean Lee had worked at HP and Agilent as system engineer, sales manager and business development manager. Dean is a top expert in L2/3 networking and routing protocols testing, including OSPF, BGP, IPv6, MPLS VPN, Data Center Networking, Carrier Ethernet, and SDN. Dean Lee also holds two patents in designing the best QoS and network convergence measurement techniques. Dean has received the MSEE degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.
  12.30 LUNCH  
Georges Swallow, Cisco George Swallow | Cisco
  Tom Davidson | Head of National & International Connectivity | Belgacom

Tom joined Belgacom in 1996. Belgacom is Belgium’s incumbent operator. Tom has held numerous positions and roles, mostly in the BSS/OSS domain, as a business analyst, project leader and enterprise architect on different ICT projects, also covering network aspects. A couple of years ago Tom moved to Belgacom’s Enterprise business unit, covering the needs of the professional market, in the role of a product manager.
Tom started by redefining and integrating the security services offered in the cloud, like a new generation firewall with UTM features, remote and secure teleworking access, anti-spam and anti-DDOS measures. Tom now continues as Head of National & International fixed data connectivity and he is more globally involved in (re-)defining products and services offered from the Belgacom MPLS-based product offer: Explore. This includes products like connectivity and network evolution, back-up services, converged mobile-fixed service to offer mobile access to the MPLS-network, IP-based payment solutions,... In his current role, Tom defines and implements innovative next-generation managed services and integrates Cloud, voice and security solutions onto the Explore services platform.

Nicolai Leymann, Deutsche telekom Nicolai Leymann
| Fixed Mobile Engineering |
Deutsche Telekom AG
  15.30 COFFEE BREAK  
David Allan, Ericsson David Allan | Distinguished Engineer| Ericsson

David Allan is a Distinguished Engineer at Ericsson, and a former distinguished member of technical staff at Nortel. He has been active in data telecommunications standards for the past 16 years. He has been active for over 25 years as an architect, design engineer, and developer of real-time systems in diverse areas of technology ranging from process control and avionics to financial transaction processing. His current role at Ericsson is focused on carrier infrastructure based on MPLS and Ethernet. He co-chairs the End-to-End Architecture committee at the Broadband Forum and was recently honored there as a Distinguished Fellow.

David Allan, Ericsson Moshe shimon | Telco Systems

Moshe Shimon is the Vice President of Product Line Management for Telco Systems. He is responsible for the strategic planning and development of new IP products as well as enhancements to the Telco Systems’ current IP product line. Prior to joining Telco Systems, he served product management positions with ECI and Nokia Siemens. Moshe has 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, mainly in packet and switching technologies. Moshe holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, and an MBA degree from Haifa University, Israel.

    SESSION Datacenter Virtualization  
  17.00 Scaling Multi-tenant Data Centers with BGP/MPLS VPNs  
Luyuan Fang, Cisco Luyuan Fang | Cisco

Dr. Luyuan Fang is a Principal Engineer in Cisco. Her current focus is SDN, Data Center virtualization, virtual private cloud overlay with L3VPN, virtual PE and virtual CE solutions, service chaining, Data Center Interconnect, and multi-layer, multi-domain integration, optimization, and management. In Cisco, Luyuan also worked on Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-TP. Prior to joining Cisco in 2006, Dr. Fang worked for 8 years in AT&T, she was a lead architect for AT&T’s IP/MPLS and IPv4/IPv6 L3VPN network design and deployment.  Luyuan's early work with Telstra includes Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks for combinatorial optimization, Pattern Recognition, including speech recognition, and image compression. Luyuan is an active contributor in IETF standard activities. She has author/co-authored 14 IETF RFCs, and numerous active Internet Drafts.  Luyuan has been a frequent speaker for prominent MPLS/CE/SDN Conferences since 2000. Dr. Fang has over 100 technical publications, including IEEE Journal articles, conference papers and industrial speeches. 

Sam Aldrin, Huawei Sam Aldrin | Principal Engineer | Huawei
  François Lemarchand | Ericsson
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