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Elisa Bellagamba, Ericsson, MPLS 2012 Paris

Jean-Marc Uze during the debate. MPLS 2012 Paris

Georges Swallow, Cico, MPLS & Ethernet Paris


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Azhar Sayeed, Cisco
Azhar Sayeed | Cisco

Azhar Sayeed has more than 20 years of experience in the networking and communications industry that includes design and installation of complex networks involving multiple technologies and products. Currently, working as a Director of Solutions Engineering, Cisco Systems, Azhar is responsible for End-to-End System Architectures, Systems and Solutions validation and testing of Service Provider IP NGN and Mobile networks. He is also responsible for building technology and business reference architectures for Cisco’s end-to-end solutions.
Azhar has also actively contributed to industry adoption of Ethernet, MPLS and its associated technologies. He is an active participant and a contributor to industry forums and standards bodies. His interests are in the area of Data Center Networking, Mobile backhaul, 3G/LTE
Azhar is the co-author of a book “MPLS and Next-Generation Networks: Foundations for NGN and Enterprise Virtualization” with Monique Morrow, has 8 patents in the space of Network protocols and several published papers.
Hector Avalos, Ericsson
Hector Avalos
| Director Business Strategy ­ IP & Broadband |

Hector Avalos has 20 years of experience in the data communication industry. He currently holds the position of Director of Business Strategy and Programs within Ericsson’s IP and Broadband Product Area (PAIB).
Over the past 3 years Hector worked within Ericsson as Dir. of Technology, Architectures and Solutions where he was responsible of developing and supporting the Mobile Backhaul, Mobile Packet Core and Converged Packet/Optical Metro business solutions.
Prior to Ericsson, Hector worked 9 years at Juniper Networks as Technical Director, where he built and managed the pre-sales engineering team for Southern Europe and the consulting engineering team for EMEA. At Juniper, Hector worked in providing network design assistance to service providers deploying IP/MPLS core and Multi-play networks.
Hector also worked as Network Consultant for 3Com and Proteon designing data networks for large enterprise and service providers in EMEA.
Hector possesses a BSc. in Computing Science from ‘Universidad de las Americas’ in Mexico.

Dave Ward, Cisco | © Cisco Pics
Dr Xipeng Xiao | HUAWEI

- Director of Network Marketing, Huawei Europe
- Director of Product Management, Riverstone Networks, Redback Networks
- Senior Manager, Global Crossing
- Designed, deployed & managed Global Crossing’s MPLS network
- Managed development of multiple routers at Riverstone & Redback
- Author of multiple RFCs on TE, QoS, PWE
- Author of book “Technical, Commercial & Regulatory Challenges of QoS”

Sunil Khandekar, Alcatel-Lucent
Sunil Khandekar | CEO | Nuage Networks

Sunil is the CEO of Nuage Networks, a new Alcatel-Lucent venture focussed on Datacenter network evolution. Formerly, Sunil was the Vice President Business Development for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region of the Alcatel-Lucent IP Division. Prior to this he had global responsibility for the Service Router portfolio as Vice President of Product Management for IP Division of Alcatel-Lucent based in Mountain View, California.  Sunil joined former Alcatel through the 2003 acquisition TiMetra Networks, a Silicon Valley start-up focused on service routers for IP/MPLS networks, where he worked from its inception and led product management and standardization activities. Prior to TiMetra, he held a variety of product management and consulting engineering management roles with Bay and Nortel Networks in New York and Santa Clara.

Dave Ward, Cisco | © Cisco Pics
Dave Ward | Cisco

As CTO and Chief Architect of the Service Provider Division at Cisco, Dave is responsible for defining strategy and leading research and development of new innovation via tight partnerships with customers and academia. He is known in the industry because of his knowledge and expertise in IP/MPLS routing, high availability, network design, and systems software. He is the Routing Area Director at the IETF and Chair of four working groups: IS-IS, HIP, BFD and Softwires. Also, he is leading the work on defining a transport profile for MPLS at the ITU-T. He speaks frequently at the North American Network Operators’ Group (NANOG), IETF, IEEE and RIPE conferences and collaborates with several university and private research groups, including Stanford, MIT, Cambridge and Tsinghua University.
David held the roles of software architect for IOS-XR, co-system architect of the CDS-1 multi-terabit router &ASR900, and was co-system architect of several next generation routers, line cards, line processors and service blades for multiple routing products in Cisco’s Service Provider portfolio.
David also served as CTO of Platform Systems Division in Juniper Networks, responsible for the switches, routers and data center products in the portfolio as well as the operating system (Junos) and ASICs. David was also a Juniper Fellow and Chief Architect working on operating systems and next generation routing systems.
David graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in International Relations and later received a Ph.D (ABD) and Master of Science in Forestry from University of Minnesota.

Yakov Rekhter, Juniper Networks Yakov Rekhter | JUNIPER NETWORKS
  11.10 COFFEE BREAK  
    SESSION OpenFlow and MPLS  
Kireeti Kompella, Contrail Systems Marc Rapoport | Principal Network Architect | Ericsson
  Anthony Magee | Principal Engineer, Advanced Technology |
ADVA Optical Networking

Anthony Magee received a first-class honors degree in Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) in 1998, for which he was sponsored by the U.K. government.  In 2000 he joined ADVA Optical Networking, becoming involved in the design of Ethernet equipment and subsequently system design disciplines, with emphasis on packet technologies. Since 2008, Anthony has worked within Advanced Technologies as Principal Engineer responsible for synchronization and packet encapsulation techniques for Carrier Ethernet. Anthony has participated recently on Technology Strategy Board (U.K. Government funded) projects and collaboration activities investigating high-speed Internet access.  In relation to standards activities, Anthony attends and monitors activities within IEEE 802.3/802.1, ITU and IETF.

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Kireeti Kompella, Contrail Systems
Richard Li | Distinguished Engineer and Senior Director IP Software | Huawei

- Distinguished Engineer and Senior Director of IP Software, Huawei
- Previously Technical Leader of IOS-XR Routing and MPLS, Cisco Systems
- Previously Principal Architect, Redback Networks.
- Over 20 years in research, design, and development of carrier-grade software systems and data communication protocols
- Major contributor to some widely deployed router operating systems such as Cisco IOS-XR for CRS, Ericsson SEOS for SmartEdge, the predecessor of Cisco NX-OS for Nexus 7000
- Authors of a few dozens of research papers in international journals and conferences

    SESSION SDN Impact on MPLS  
Kireeti Kompella, Contrail Systems
Kireeti Kompella | JUNIPER NETWORKS

Kireeti Kompella is CTO and Chief Architect, Junos at Juniper Networks.

His responsibilities include nurturing Junos on all Juniper platforms while exploring new horizons for Junos. His other interests include Packet Transport and large-scale MPLS. Dr. Kompella is active at the IETF where he was a co-chair of the CCAMP Working Group and the author of several Internet Drafts and RFCs in the areas of CCAMP, IS-IS, L2VPN, MPLS, OSPF and TE. He specializes in Layer 2 VPNs, Metro Ethernet, Virtual Private LAN Service, and the use of MPLS in access networks and mobile backhaul. Previously, he worked in the area of filesystems at Network Appliance and SGI; and earlier still in security and cryptography.
Dr. Kompella received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; and his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.

Clarence Filsfils
Clarence Filsfils | Cisco

Clarence Filsfils is a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems where he holds key roles in Engineering and Marketing. Clarence has played a leadership role in the development of Quality of Service, IP/MPLS Routing Resiliency, Large-Scale Routing and IP/Optical Integrated Control-Plane technology at Cisco Systems. Clarence is a regular speaker at leading industry Conferences and Standards Development Organizations like the IETF. Clarence holds over 100 patents and has published several industry technology papers on Routing and Quality of Service. Clarence is also the author of a recent industry publication: “Service Provider deployments of Quality of Service (QoS). Clarence holds a Masters in Management from Solvay Business School and a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Liege.


Maria Napierala | AT&T

Maria Napierala is a Technology Architect at AT&T Laboratories, since 1994. Her recent work is in the cell-site backhaul and Enhanced Packet Core designs for AT&T LTE deployment, Her other interests are in areas of large scale IP/MPLS backbone routing, MPLS traffic engineering, multicast, and MPLS applications such as VPNs. Prior to joining AT&T worked as a senior software engineer in Network Routing Systems group at IBM. Maria is an author and a contributor of several IETF drafts and has presented at several international MPLS conferences.
Before joining telecommunications industry she carried extensive research in automated theorem proving and constructive logic. She presented papers at several international symposia on Mathematical Logic.

Maria received a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Oregon Graduate Institute, Oregon (1992).

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Hannes Gredler, Juniper Networks Hannes Gredler | Distinguished Engineer |
Juniper Networks

Hannes Gredler is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks Inc., working in the Routing Protocols group. His main expertise is Link-state and the BGP routing protocol.

He is out on a quest to build nothing less than the the best routing software in the world.

Hannes is the author of "IS-IS the complete reference" and holds
12 patents in the space of IP/MPLS. Hannes has received his M.S.
in "Manufacturing and Automation" at the Technical University of Graz, Austria.

Hannes Gredler, Juniper Networks Nan Chen | President | MEF

Nan is known in the telecom/networking industry as the founding President of the MEF. Under his leadership, MEF has become one of the major success stories in the new Internet age. With 200+ members, 35+ Carrier Ethernet standards, 150+ certified companies and 300+ professionals the aggregate membership market capitalization is well over $1.5 trillion.

Nan’s profound drive to unite standardization and certification with dynamic, global campaigns and strategic initiatives, helped make Carrier Ethernet one of the fastest growing areas in telecoms, reaching $50B+. In 2012, MEF launched CE 2.0, that delivers the next generation of standardized technologies with unmatched efficiency and cost-savings for exponential data growth in mobile backhaul, cloud computing and Internet applications.

Prior to founding CENX, he was VP of Marketing at Strix Systems (acquired by Private Equity); VP of Marketing at Atrica (acquired by Nokia Siemens Networks); and Director of Technology at Bay Networks/SynOptics (acquired by Nortel)

Julian Lucek, Juniper Networks Yaakov Stein | Rad Data Communications

Yaakov (J) Stein is CTO of RAD Data Communications (Tel Aviv). He also lectures at Tel Aviv University and actively participates in IETF (where he co-chairs the TICTOC working group) and other standardization forums. He has authored numerous articles, patents, and standards, and the textbook “Digital Signal Processing, a Computer Science Perspective” (Wiley:2000).
Before joining RAD he was Advanced Technology Manager for Comverse Information Systems, DSP and Neural Network team leader with Efrat Future Technologies, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at Polytechnic University (NY), and Research Scientist with the Israel Ministry of Defense.
He holds a BSc in physics, mathematics and computer science, and MSc and PhD in theoretical physics, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was recipient of the Israel Defense Award (Israel’s highest award for defense-related research).
His current areas of interest include timing and synchronization, OAM and performance monitoring, modems and DSL, communications security and encryption, speech coding and recognition, pattern recognition and neural networks, and all aspects of DSP.

Vishal Sharma, Metanoia, Inc. Vishal Sharma | METANOIA

Dr. Vishal Sharma (Senior Member IEEE, Life Fellow IETE), Principal Technologist at Metanoia, Inc. a niche Bay-area firm providing deep dive technical expertise to clients in telecom network- and systems-design and strategy. Metanoia, Inc. has helped players across the telecom ecosystem (spanning chip/semi-conductor companies, system vendors, operators/carriers, technology houses, and telecom software and tool companies) solve complex problems by providing services in technology strategy, architecture & design trade-offs, product development, hardware/software architecture, & competence building.
Vishal is a seasoned international telecom industry expert, with global exposure, who has executed assignments for clients on 4 continents -- North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia, and worked both in the US and India. His multi-faceted roles over the last 20 years have included: entrepreneur, technologist, technical leader, academic (professor of electrical engineering), educator, technology evangelist & advisor, technology writer, editor, and speaker, & researcher in academia and in industry labs. Vishal and his team at Metanoia, Inc. are currently leading an industry initiative that is focused on techniques to lower carrier’s TCO through better assessment and optimization of a carrier’s business models, operations, networks, and technology.
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