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Th e panel, MPLS 2012 Paris

Yuri Gittik, Rad Data and delegates, MPLS & Ethernet 2012

MPLS & Ethernet conference room, Elisa Bellagamba

MPLS & Ethernet 2013 Partners Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks
Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma | Metanoia
    Session mobile backhaul

LTE Backhaul – Challenges and Solutions

Raymond Key, Huawei What’s the difference, from 3G to LTE? How about the existing issues, such as Throughput, Performance, Time Synchronization, OAM, etc? Discussing the challenges and highlighting some key attributes of LTE Backhaul solutions.

Raymond Key | Huawei
  09.30 Energy Efficient Mobile Backhaul
Analyzing the green insights and potential of the BBF mobile backhaul architecture from the network planning and deployment perspective and specifying standardization gaps, limitation and solutions focusing on nodal, transport and Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) requirements.

Authors: Konstantinos Samdanis, NEC Europe Ltd & Manuel Paul, Deutsche Telekom

Konstantinos Samdanis | NEC Europe
  10.00 Small Cells Backhauling: Role of IP-MPLS Enabled Microwave  
Paolo Volpato, Alcatel-Lucent End-to-end MPLS networking and OAM
Integration of Carrier Ethernet and MPLS networking models
Network protection schemes
Wireless access connectivity (microwave, NLOS)

Paolo Volpato

| Product Strategy Manager | Alcatel-Lucent
  10.30 COFFEE BREAK  
    Session traFFic optimization  
  11.00 Packets, Wavelengths and Multi-Layer De-Optimization  
Julian Lucek, Juniper Networks Examining the Multi-Layer Optimization (MLO) model and showing that it is not efficient for carrying real-world packet demands, and adding additional operational overheads. Presenting an alternative approach that emphasizes the benefit of congruency between the MPLS layer and the physical layer. This is supported by traffic modelling based on traffic statistics observed in operators’ networks.

Julian Lucek | Juniper Networks
  11.30 Multilayer Multi-constraint Network Optimizations
Presenting results obtained through studies using multilayer network and modeling simulation that demonstrate how service and resiliency levels can be maintained while reducing the total cost by separating large PE-to-PE traffic requirements into multiple traffic engineered LSPs (Equal and unequal cost multipath).

Mazen Khaddam | Principal Lead Network Architect | Cox
  12.00 Backbone Capacity Planning – A Flow and Analytics Based Approach
Julian Lucek, Juniper Networks • Why having up-to-date data to establish precise performance and capacity baselines is important
• How flow-based intelligence can improve the backbone capacity planning process
• How peering and transit traffic may be impacting backbone QoS and QoE
• How multi-dimensional analysis can expedite the decision process while minimizing financial and legal risks

    Peter Christensen | Product Marketing Manager, Application Performance Management | InfoVista  
  12.30 LUNCH  
Vishal Sharma

Michael Howard | Co-founder and Principal Analyst, Carrier Networks | Infonetics Research
    Session Transport Network and Supercore  
  14.00 Interworking Technique between MPLS-TP and IP/MPLS with Router Emulation
Discussing an interworking technique with emulating a single router for smooth migration from IP/MPLS to MPLS-TP. Focusing on IP/MPLS as an existing network, and discussing an interworking technique between MPLS-TP and IP/MPLS named router emulation.

Authors: Daisuke Mashimo, Hiroyuki Kubo, Kiyotaka Takahashi, Takeshi Shibata, Kenichi Sakamoto, Masahiro Kimura, Yoshihiro Ashi, and Akihiko Takase, Hitachi

Daisuke Mashimo | Hitachi
  14.30 Backbone Architecture Evolution: Traffic Driven and Multi-layer Collaboration
Julian Lucek, Juniper Networks Backbone challenges today remain in the areas of traffic handling, reliability, cost, and collaboration between technologies. Consensus has been reached that the optimal network design depends on different specific characteristics of the traffic matrix. Looking at major challenges in the backbone, and discussing options and guidelines for designing backbone architecture.

Haisang Wu | Huawei
  15.00 Programmable and Cost Effective Networks for Interconnecting Data Centres in the Cloud Era
Coherent optical technology to deliver increasing optical capacity of 100G and soon Terabit, lean packet functionality in core networks for cost effectiveness and flexibility, and intelligent software for programming the network are the required building blocks to evolve the optical and packet core networks to interconnect data centers. 

Chuck Kaplan | Vice President, Industry Marketing | Ciena
  15.30 The London Internet Exchange (LINX) Use Case
Providing insight on the network evolution of LINX from a traditional Layer 2 infrastructure into a Packet based network, with Packet Optical synergies within reach. Discussing challenges that Internet Exchanges, given the enormous traffic volumes that need to shift across the network infrastructure and the statistical benefits that a Packet based core offers.

Vinod Joseph | Practice Lead, Converged Super Core Solution Engineering Professional Services, EMEA | Juniper Networks

Mike Hellers | Vice President, Network Engineering and Operations |
London Internet Exchange (LINX)
  16.00 Multilayer Design to Achieve Reliable and Resource Efficient Super-Core Network
Showing specific realistic examples of how to design a large network with an optimised super core network to carry the traffic, meet constraints of delay and survive any fibre cut without loss of data.

Authors: Didier Bousser, Ben Fisk & David Wood, WANDL Inc.

Didier Bousser | Wandl
MPLS & Ethernet 2013 Partners Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks
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