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Thursday 11 April Morning Conference Day TWO Track 1

    Conference Room Level O

  • Registration and welcome coffee from 07.30
  • Start of the Conference 08.30
  • Exhibition open from 08.00 to 19.30
  • Seated Lunch: 12.30
  • End of Conference: 18.40

Morning Chairman
Eric Vyncke, Co-Chair of IPv6 Council of Belgium

Eric Vyncke, beside his job at Cisco as a Distinguished Engineer, is also the co-chair of the IPv6 Council of Belgium where he helped the deployment of IPv6 in Belgium, operates a well-known server collecting IPv6 deployment statistics and invented the basis mechanism to secure SRv6. He is also the Internet Area director at the IETF.   Eric is the author of two books about Link-Layer security and IPv6 security, as well as several RFC (3585, 7381, 7404, ...).   Eric is a regular speaker at industry events as well as scientific collaborator at University of Liège and Mons in Belgium. He holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from University of Liège.  

08.30 Segment Routing I: Technical Challenges Session
A Comparison of Segment Routing Data-plane Encodings
Understandind the various options of Segment Routing Encapsulation
Learning the structure of each data-plane encoding
Learning how Segment routing can deterministically connect subscribers with value services
Understanding the pros and cons of each data-plane encoding
Understanding the security implications of each data-plane encoding

Gunter Van de Velde,
Product Line Manager, Nokia

Gunter Van De Velde is a networking technologist with more than 20 years of experience with the implementation, architecture and operation of technologies involving routing, IPv6 and SDN driven network services.   He was a founding co-chairman of the Belgian IPv6 Task-Force in 2010, Secretary of the IETF Operational Directorate since 2013, and Chair at the IETF for the OPSEC (Operational Security) working group from 2011-2018. Most recently, he became Chair for the LSVR (Link State Vector Routing) working group to focus around Hyperscale Datacenter routing.   Gunter holds a Master’s degree from the University of Antwerp, is a Cisco Certified Internet Expert, and has written seven RFCs and holds several patents. He is a Product Line Manager for Nokia’s IP & SDN technologies with global responsibility for IGPs (OSPF & ISIS) and for routing extensions regarding Traffic Steering, Segment Routing and Routing Analytics.

IPv6 Segment Routing: an End-to-end Solution?
Two variants of Segment Routing are currently being standardised by the IETF. The first variant reuses the MPLS dataplane. In SRv6, segments are encoded as IPv6 address inside the Segment Routing Header (SRH). Describing several use cases that have been recently implemented by using eBPF in the SRv6 Linux implementation.

Olivier Bonaventure,
Professor, Université de Louvain
Easy Migration and Inter-working of SRv6
Introducing the possible transition solutions for SRv6 including interworking between SRv6 and SR-MPLS, interworking between VXLAN and SRv6, compatilibity with legacy devices, etc.

Mach Chen,
Principal Engineer, Huawei
09.30 Segment Routing II: Deployments Session
Deployment Experience and Technology Update
Update on the latest deployment experience (Web/OTT, SP and Large Enterprise, spanning DC, metro and WAN, SR-MPLS and SRv6) New SR technology together with their use-cases (e.g. 5G, SDWAN, SR in the entreprise, SR to the host). Update on SR implementation in open-source projects (Linux, FD.IO) and latest interop.

Clarence Filsfils,
Cisco Fellow

Clarence Filsfils, a Cisco Systems Fellow, has a 20-year expertise leading innovation, productization, marketing and deployment for Cisco Systems.   Trusted and respected by key decision makers across major WEB/OTT, SP’s and large Enterprises, Clarence enjoys working with these operators to listen to their needs and requirements, and then get things done from product design to deployment.   He invented the Segment Routing Technology (over 40 patents) and is leading its productization, marketing and deployment at record execution speed. For this contribution, he received the Pioneer Award - Cisco's most prestigious award honoring innovative engineering. The award celebrates engineering contribution that brings growth in new markets, redefines current markets, and provides game-changing improvements to engineering productivity.   Previously, Clarence invented and led the Fast Routing Convergence Technology (over 30 patents) and was the lead designer for Cisco System’s QoS (20 patents) and large-scale IP/MPLS deployments.   Clarence is a regular speaker at leading industry conferences. He holds over 130 patents and is a prolific writer, either in academic circle (Sigcomm 2015), or standard (8 RFC’s, 20 drafts on standard’s track) or books.   Clarence holds a Masters in Management from Solvay Business School and a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Liege.

Coffee Break / Exhibition / Interop Event
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Implementing 5G Application Intent using Segment Routing
Describing how Equinix is implementing network slicing and exposing network intent using segment routing that can be consumed by SDN controller in order to deploy 5G applications

Rizwan Jamal, Principal Network Architect, Equinix

Rizwan has more than 18 years of comprehensive experience spanning Network operations, DC/SP and Enterprise Architecture & designing, Escalations & Vendor evaluation and relationship management.   Rizwan hold dual CCIE Certification (# 23989) in Service Provider and Data Center track.   During professional career lead various projects includes CLOS fabric design, SDN, DCI solutions, Enterprise wireless, Network Security, DDOS mitigation platforms & QOS.

SR-aware SD-WAN: Enabling End-to-end Application-responsive Networking
SR-aware SD-WAN reinvents network service levels definition by combining the application awareness agility of SD-WAN to a fully end-to-end controlled, uniform and entirely programmable network infrastructure.

Mark Ferreira, Technical Fellow, Bell Canada

Mark Ferreira brings 25 years in the telecommunication industry. He is technical fellow for business data networking and virtual network services at Bell Canada.  Mark was a key contributor to developing Bell Virtual Network Services, Bell's platform for edge network services and SD-WAN. His interests are in evolving enterprise services with automation, virtualization, orchestration, rich analytics, API interfaces, and AI/ML.  Mark has held roles supporting Service Providers as systems engineering, core network architecture, large scale enterprise network design, network security, datacentre virtualization and product development.

Introducing Centralized TE
Describing the use of segment routing dataplane coupled with a centralized controller to deliver optimal pathing capabilities to an RSVP enabled network.

Alex Bogdanov,
Staff Engineer, Strategic Networking, Google
OpenFabric: LinkedIn’s Approach to a Programmable Data Center
Taking a look at OpenFabric project, including an overview of the concepts, philosophy, and operation of this control plane. Considering the efforts at the IETF and in the open source community, and how they interact with internal efforts to bring this new concept in data center fabric control planes to fruition.

Shawn Zandi,
Director Network Engineering, LinkedIn
11.40 IPv6 Round Table from Deployment to Innovative Use



Mark Townsley,
Cisco Fellow

Eric Vyncke, IETF Internet Area Director

Eric Vyncke, beside his job at Cisco as a Distinguished Engineer, is also the co-chair of the IPv6 Council of Belgium where he helped the deployment of IPv6 in Belgium, operates a well-known server collecting IPv6 deployment statistics and invented the basis mechanism to secure SRv6. He is also the Internet Area director at the IETF.   Eric is the author of two books about Link-Layer security and IPv6 security, as well as several RFC (3585, 7381, 7404, ...).   Eric is a regular speaker at industry events as well as scientific collaborator at University of Liège and Mons in Belgium. He holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Science from University of Liège.  


Nick Heatley,
Experience Network Architect, BT

Bruno De Troch,
Head of EMEA IP Product Line Management, Nokia

Guillaume Desveaux,

Alexander Pelov,
CEO, Acklio

CEO of Acklio, Alexander is also co-chair of the LPWAN working group within the IETF standardization body and a member of the IETF IoT Directorate.  Alexander obtained his thesis in Computer Science in 2009 from the University of Strasbourg. He was then Associate Professor at Télécom Bretagne until 2016. His work focused on the energy efficiency in wireless networks and the use of Smart Grids in smart meters and electric vehicles. Alexander is the co-author of more than 30 scientific paper in international conferences and journals with selection committees.

Seated Lunch
Thursday 11 April Afternoon Conference Day TWO Track 1

    Conference Room Level O

  • Exhibition open from 08.00 to 19.30
  • End of Conference: 18.40

Afternoon Chairman
Amir Zmora,
CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the first SD-WAN Open Source. Until recently, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow to which he consults today.   Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.  Amir is the author of TheNewDialTone and founder of several technology and informational websites around SD-WAN and WebRTC, among others, SDnetIndex which offers a structured free listing of SD-WAN related products and services.

14.00 SD-WAN Session
SD-WAN – Taking Your Network Into the Future
SD-WAN has emerged as the de facto solution that will bring the networks of yesterday into the future. Delivering the future vision for SD-WAN and what it means for enterprises looking to turn their technology infrastructure into a profit center.

Rohan Naggi, SD-WAN Product Manager, VMware

Rohan Naggi leads Technical Product Management at VeloCloud, now part of VMware. Rohan’s focus and expertise is in developing material and enabling service provider/telco market and large enterprise deployments.  He has extensive experience in the WAN and general networking industry, with an over 10 year tenure at Cisco Systems on WAN optimization and other solutions ranging from routing, security and IWAN. Rohan is a co-author of the number one SD-WAN book “SD-WAN – The Network Blueprint for Modern Businesses.”  Follow Rohan on Twitter at @Lifeboy.

Internet Routing Security in the SD-WAN Era
Describing the potential risk of using internet as an underlay and providing guidance and sharing tips and tricks what can be done to prevent this.
Sharing testimonies of prevented breaches and lessons learned from real world implementations.

Melchior Aelmans,
Routing Security, Juniper Networks

Melchior Aelmans works at Juniper Networks, where he focusses on Internet Routing Security, Peering and Cloud. He works with many operators on the design, security and evolution of their networks.   He has over 10 years of experience in various architecture, design, engineering, and sales engineering positions with enterprises, data centers and Service Provider.   Before joining Juniper Networks, he worked with eBay, LGI, KPN, etc.   Melchior enjoys evangelizing and discussing topics like BGP, peering, routing security and internet routing. He also participates in IETF and is a board member of the NLNOG foundation.

How Does a SD-WAN Platform Enable a New Generation of WAN Edge Services?
An SD-WAN Edge Platform enables service providers to unify SD-WAN, Firewall, Routing and WAN Optimization functions into a single VNF. This benefits both the service provider (ease of deployment and management + tiered service opportunity) and the customer, a high performing network edge that delivers the highest quality of experience for users and IT

Nav Chander, Senior Director Service Provider Marketing, Silver Peak

Nav Chander is responsible for leading service provider marketing. Prior to joining Silver Peak Chander served as the research manager for enterprise, telecommunications and networking at IDC where he led the managed network services and worldwide networking infrastructure research programs.  Nav has had extensive years of experience in driving new products at leading telecom, networking and managed service vendors throughout his career.

SD-Branch Automation Use Case
uCPE (Universal CPE) is an emerging CPE architecture driven by the need to integrate network services (VNFs) from different suppliers within a single x86 branch appliance in order to simplify the branch CPE complexity, reduce operational costs and increase service agility. Describing a SD-Branch automation example.

Hector Avalos, VP Sales, Versa Networks

Hector Avalos has over 25 years of experience in the computing, networking and telecommunications industries. He currently holds the position of VP EMEA Sales and Business Development at Versa Networks. His current activities are focused on “virtual CPE”, “Software-Defined WAN” and “Software-Defined Security” solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises.   Prior to Versa, Hector worked 4 years at Ericsson as “Head of technology, architectures, solutions and strategy”, and 9 years at Juniper Networks as “Technical Director”.   Hector possesses a BSc. in Computing Science from ‘UDLA’ Mexico.

BGP Extension for SD-WAN to optimize On-Premises DCs
Describing how to use BGP and BGP extension to achieve autonomous On-Premises DCs with Cloud DCs Interconnection, enabling zero touch provisioning of SD-WAN devices (virtual and physical) to establish secure integration of on-premises DCs existing networks with Cloud DCs.

Linda Dunbar,
Technical Director, Advanced Technology, Huawei

− Co-chair of IETF I2NSF (Interface to Network Security Functions) WG. I2NSF WG is to standardize interface for clients to dynamically specify/monitor/verify their security policies, providing a tool to achieve Software Defined Security Services.   − Lead network technology and architecture development for dynamic cloud VPN solution that intelligently integrates SD-WAN with MPLS based VPN so that enterprises can use their existing MPLS based VPN to connect to dynamic workloads instantiated in various cloud data centers reliably and securely.   − Lead Network Security initiative for securing workloads hosted in cloud data centers  − Secretary to ONUG SD-WAN Exchange Working Group  − Member of Technical Advisory Committee for NIA (New IP Agency) which focuses on interoperability testing of NFV & SDN.   Active Contributing to: ONUG (SD-WAN Exchange WG & Software Defined Security Services WG), IETF Routing, Internet, Transport Area, and OpArea. IETF OpArea Directorate, IETF Gen-Art Area Directorate.

The First Industry-Neutral SD-WAN Service Standards and Certification
Reviewing the main attributes of the MEF SD-WAN service definitions and how MEF’s LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) framework handles SD-WAN service orchestration.

Rami Yaron, Board Member, Chair, Global Marketing & Education Committee and Chair, 5G Focus Group, MEF

Rami has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry as a technology leader. Currently Rami serves as an advisor for few telecommunication companies.   He is also a member of the Board of Directors of MEF where he co-chairs the Global Marketing & Education Committee as well as the 5G Focus Group. Previously, Rami held various senior leadership positions in architecture, product strategy, and business development at NEC, Telco Systems, DragonWave, Axerra Networks, Carrier Access, and Paragon Networks.   Rami holds an MS in Computer Science and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Haven.

Coffee Break / Exhibition / Interop Event
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16.30 PANEL
Service Providers' Value-add to SD-WAN
What is the value-add service providers offer to SD-WAN and what can SD-WAN vendors do to allow them to differentiate?
Amir Zmora,
CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the first SD-WAN Open Source. Until recently, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow to which he consults today.   Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.  Amir is the author of TheNewDialTone and founder of several technology and informational websites around SD-WAN and WebRTC, among others, SDnetIndex which offers a structured free listing of SD-WAN related products and services.

Anne-Gaëlle Santos, Head of Product Management, BT Global Services

Anne-Gaëlle leads the Dynamic Network Service (DyNS) programme for BT at a global level. She has 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, of which 10 years has been spent on networking solutions, including application performance services, for global organisations. In her current role, she is responsible for defining innovative solutions to fulfil the needs of global customers and the new market drivers for global managed network services.   Prior to this, Anne-Gaëlle worked as Channel manager for the French market, developing solutions based on specific market needs but also supporting local sales and bid teams to be successful with French customers within our global operation. Before this, she worked on the wireless market supporting operators business cases for 3G licenses and finding the right business model through application partner engagements.

Oyovwe Okorodudu,
Assistant Vice President, EMEA, HGC Global Communications

Oyovwe Okorodudu is the EMEA Assitant Vice President for EMEA Carrier Business of HGC Global Communications based out of London. He is responsible for EMEA carrier data and evolving digital business development and strategic. This includes managing, developing and executing business sales, enhance /create new vendors relationship, go to market strategy and P&L accountabilities.   Oyovwe has over 6 years’ experience with HGC in both business development and technical delivery across various sectors. Prior to joining HGC in 2011, Oyovwe had extensive roles ranging from Network Engineer, Project Management, Transition and Transformation Consultant, Business Solution Development at Virgin Media Business, Cable & Wireless Global and Telemedia International.

Javier Benitez,
Senior Network Architect, Network on Demand, Colt Technology Services

Rajesh Mongia,
AVP and Global Head of Hybrid WAN Connectivity Services, Tata Communications

Rajesh Mongia is an Associate Vice President, Hybrid WAN Connectivity Services at Tata Communications, part of the Tata Group. Rajesh Mongia, is an IT professional with more than 17 years’ experience in the telecommunications and IT industry, particularly in product management, product development, business development, presales consulting for Internet WAN, IP VPN, SDWAN, and Cloud Connectivity services.   Before joining Tata Communications, Rajesh has worked for Bharti Airtel, New Delhi, Sify Technologies, Chennai and was holding key positions in solution engineering, product development and management roles.   Rajesh holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical (Eng.) from Punjab University and M.B.A in Telecom Management from the Symbiosis University, Pune.

François Guiraud,
VP Business Development, NextiraOne

François Guiraud leads the Portfolio, Marketing and Business Development for NXO. He is responsible for launching new innovative and managed services solutions for data, collaboration and cybersecurity for the French Enterprise market.   He has 20 years of sales, marketing and product management activities at Orange Business Services, Vodafone Global Enterprises and BT Global Services where he had a strong focus on global managed WAN solutions.

Selim Ben Hamouda,
Marketing Fixed Data and Security Manager, Bouygues Telecom

Selim BEN HAMOUDA is in charge of the Fixed Data, Security and IT Solutions at the Bouygues Telecom B2B Marketing Department. Engineer IMT Atlantique (Télécom Bretagne) he acquired over the last 20 years a solid experience in information and communication technologies.   He began his career in 1997 at Steria (now known as SopraSteria), a software and consulting company. In 2000 he decided to attempt the Startup adventure in California (USA) as Development Manager at Contactual, a pioneer startup in cloud-based contact center solutions (acquired in 2011 by 8x8). Back in France, he co-founded the company Spotnet, specialized in the deployment of Wifi HotSpots.  He joined Bouygues Telecom operator in 2005, first as project director at the IT Division, and then evolved to the business in 2012 as head of B2B pre-sales teams.

Janne Mikola,
Product Manager, Telia

Janne Mikola is the Product Manager for Telia SD-WAN service, situated in the Technology unit of Telia, in Finland. Originally he started his career as a software developer / programmer, but at the same time Janne wrote his M.Sc. thesis on Software-defined Networking (SDN), especially focusing on consuming its northbound APIs.   Since then, Janne's thesis has been referenced twice in peer-reviewed academic IEEE releases. Programmability of networks has interested Janne from the very beginning, and he believes he was the first person to set up a functioning SDN controller and a set of OpenFlow enabled switches in a lab in whole of Telia.   Nowadays, Janne is leading the development of Telia SD-WAN service, which is built upon Nuage Networks VNS. Janne is based in Tampere, Finland.

17.00 EVPN Session
Network Simplification with EVPN and Service Automation
Describing services simplification with EVPN and how deployment of such services are fully orchestrated and automated with TELUS' intelligent platform to enable efficiency and scalability.

Iman Ghamari,
Senior Design Specialist, Technology Strategy, Telus

Iman Ghamari is a Senior Design Specialist at TELUS where he is responsible for the architecture and design of TELUS internal development program that is transforming its core network through software-based automation and service orchestration.   Iman has 10 years of research and development experience in the field of network engineering dealing with complex IP/MPLS and IPTV multicast networks. Most recently, he was the lead architect for TELUS’s innovative Optik TV network. Iman holds an MSc in Internetworking as well as a degree in Computer Engineering.

EVPN Technology and Use Cases Update
Providing an update on the evolution of service providers networks and evolvement towards network of fabrics where new use cases are being developed.

Patrice Brissette,
Principal Engineer, Cisco

Patrice Brissette, Principal Engineer and Architect for Service Provider L2 and EVPN Technologies. Patrice Brissette leverages 20 years R&D in the telecommunication industry. He is currently Principal Engineer at Cisco involved in current and future L2 / EVPN solutions and architectures working with large customers, standards and strategic product development.   Patrice is also active within IETF and other standards organizations.

Simplify Multicast with EVPN Optimized Inter-Subnet Multicast
EVPN can provide L3 multicast VPNs in a simpler way than MVPN, without all the ASM (shared tree managements, RPs, etc.) complexities.

Gilles Geerts, Senior IP Consulting Engineering, Nokia

Gilles Geerts is Consulting Engineer in the Network Solutions and Consulting team at Nokia, EMEA region. In this role, he provides design guidelines based upon best practices and customer requirements with a special focus on IP/MPLS architectures and next-gen Business Services. For this, he interworks with Nokia technical sales as well as technical experts in leading EMEA service providers.   Currently based in Antwerp, Belgium, Gilles has more than 17 years of experience working on Enterprise and Provider IP/MPLS networks throughout the world. He has been part of the Nokia¹s IP Division for the last 13 years in a consulting and new product introduction role.   He holds Nokia SRA (#28) certificate and has a master degree in electro-mechanics.

18.00 IP SDN Optical Session
Telecom Argentina: Towards a 2023 Transport Network
Focusing on the transformation of the IP and optical backbone architecture and technology. This transformation considers not only an optimized and flexible topology from TCO and current/future services point of view, but also the features and functionalities this network has to support to meet the objectives for the next 5 years and beyond.

Authors: Ben Tang, Furquan Ansari, Bell Labs Consulting, Nokia. Javier Ger, Telecom Argentina

Ben Tang,
DMTS and Principal, Bell Labs Consulting

Dr. Ben Tang is a DMTS and Principal in the Consulting Services of Bell Labs in Plano, Texas, USA. He has 28 years of experience in consulting, network modeling and design, and strategic planning. His current leads the practice of next-gen smart network fabric for digital transformation across IP, optical, transport SDN, NFV/edge cloud, and automation – covering topics such as traffic modeling, architecture & protocols, network design and optimization, resiliency assessment, economic analysis, and modeling tool development.  Ben has led the delivery of strategic projects with global network operators in a wide range of scenarios such as architecture refresh and optimization, IP transformation, network consolidation, IP/optical integration, and 5G driven transport evolution. Ben also led the development of sophisticated network modeling/design tools and methodology to support capacity optimization, protection design, and in-depth analysis of cost of ownership.

Metro Fabric: Simplify and Automate the Metro
Discussing trends and technologies in an open framework for both packet and optical domains in a relentless march towards automated metro networks.

Amit Bhardwaj, Director Product Management, Juniper Networks
End of Conference Day Two - Track 1