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Towards intent-based autonomic networking

The 21st Edition of the MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress will be held 9/12 April 2019 in Paris.

The Congress will once again gather major actors of service providers and enterprises networks evolution.

AI and ML for Networks: Status & Perspectives

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technical and architectural challenges are at the heart of the 2019 programme.

The 2019 agenda covers the current status of AI deployment in IP/MPLS networks, and answers questions such as where AI is actually being used today, what are the main short and middle term opportunities, and how service providers and major enterprises will transform, both on technical and organizational side, to exploit the full potential of AI and machine learning.

The 1st plenary session will be shared with the Second Edition of the AI Net conference.

The Sessions: Segment Routing, Automation, Edge Cloud Architectures, Network Slicing, Telemetry

Track 1 of the conference covers in detail the recent evolutions and perspectives of segment routing, EVPN, IP SDN Optical and security issues. Particuliar emphasis is given to SRv6 deployments.

Track 2 addresses automation, NETCONF/Yang, controllers and telemetry aspects.

Track 3 explores AI impact on IP/MPLS networks: Machine Learning or Deep Learning, organizational issues, use cases, AI platforms.

A Strong Presence of Service Providers and OTTs

As each year, the agenda benefits from numerous contributions from SPs and OTTs.

AT&T, Orange, Google, Linkedin, Colt, OVH, Argentina Telecom, Telus, Bell Canada, Equinix and Telkom Indonesia will describe their current deployments and explain their expectations.

2018 Edition: 1,600 Participants

Over the years, the MPLS SDN NFV World Congress attendance has grown. The 2018 edition surpassed the record number with 1,600 participants.

The 20th Edition of the MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress remained one of the most well-attended event with delegates representing service providers and large enterprises from across the globe delivering thought leadership driving service provider and cloud scale networking.

Presentations lead by renowned experts on orchestration, automation, and service delivery along with panel discussions ranging on a diversity of topics from SDN, NFV, 5G, SD-WAN and Blockchain provided ample opportunity for attendees to learn about new technologies, ask questions, and then dive deep with on the exhibition floor.

Confirmed internationalization

Representatives from Europe count for 52%. They are followed by Middle East/Africa (15%) and North America (10%). Asia representatives reach 8 %.

The Paris World Congress remains the first worldwide event in the MPLS, SDN and NFV realm.

The content of the Congress was rich and often reflected sharing of timely and pertinent real-world experiences with some of the most cutting-edge topics in networking today. It provoked frank and candid discussions and exchanges among the participants, who represented the best and brightest in the networking industry.
— Roy Chua, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, SDxCentral

The Exhibition: Sold out


The Multi-vendor Interoperability Test

The European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) will showcase a public multi-vendor interoperability test during the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress 2019.

The achievements of the joint multi-vendor tests include:
  • Ethernet VPNs: E-Line, E-Tree, IRB (Integrated Routing and Bridging), EVPN loop detection, efficient Multicast distribution, Assisted Replication for Multicast/Broadcast and EVPN between MPLS/Segment Routing/VXLAN domains
  • Segment Routing (SR): eBGP Label Unicast, SR-IPv6, 4PE/4VPE with SR and L3VPN over SRv6 Core, Anycast Segment, LSP Ping/Trace and TI-LFA
  • Management: Egress Peer Engineering, SDN domain orchestration, multi-domain orchestration, potentially service orchestration, fault management, telemetry exchange/performance monitoring, TWAMP and S-BFD
  • Microwave: MPLS-Based Services, Transport Resiliency and Bandwidth Notification
  • Path Computation Element Protocol: PCE-initiated and PCC-initiated Paths, Segment Routing Traffic Engineering, Paths re-optimizations, Multi-domain Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SRTE) and Flowspec for IPv4/IPv6
  • NETCONF/YANG: L2VPN and L3VPN Services, Virtual CPE, EVPN and Openconfig
  • NFV: Business VPN services integration in the SDN and MPLS network, focusing on the application layer vCPE service chaining
  • Advanced Clock Synchronization: IEEE 1588 partial timing support, Synchronization over IPsec and MACsec secured links as well as 100G connections
2019 Participating Companies:
Adva Optical Networking
Arista Networks
Calnex Solutions
Delta Electronics
IP Infusion
Intracom Telecom
Juniper Networks
Seiko Solutions Inc.
ZTE Corporation

The Scientific Committee

The organizers of MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress have gone out of their way to prevent the Conference from becoming a pretext for simply promoting branded products and services.

With this in mind, a scientific committee will select the most appropriate and interesting proposals submitted from the call for papers.

Upperside Conferences
would like to once again thank the members of the committee for their precious collaboration.
  • Dr. Yakov Rekhter
  • Loa Andersson, MPLS IETF WG Chairman
  • Luyuan Fang, Expedia
  • Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Networks
  • Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Fellow
  • Heikki Jekunen, Qentinel
  • Andrew G. Malis, IETF PWE3 WG Chairman, Huawei
  • Dr. Xipeng Xiao, Huawei
  • George Swallow
  • Jean-Marc Uzé, AIforNet
  • David Allan, Ericsson
  • Matthew Bocci, Nokia
  • André Danthine, University of Liège
  • Peter Willis, BT
  • Kohei Shiomoto , NTT
  • Roland Thienpont, Nokia
  • Hector Avalos, Versa Networks
  • Jeff Tantsura, IAB, IETF Routing and RIFT WGs Chairman, Apstra
  • Thomas Nadeau, Brocade
  • Mark Townsley, Cisco Fellow
  • Rajiv Papneja, Huawei
  • Bala Thekkedath, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Vishwas Manral, Nano Sec Co
  • Eric Vyncke, IETF Internet Area Director, Cisco
  • Mazen Khaddam, Cox Communications
  • David Sinicrope, BBF IP/MPLS & Core WG Chair
  • Thomas Morin, Orange
  • Diego Lopez, Telefonica
  • Stéphane Litkowski, Orange
  • Bruce Davie, Vmware
  • Azhar Sayeed, Red Hat
  • Parantap Lahiri, Ebay
  • Wim Henderickx, Nokia
  • Rami Yaron, Co-chair, Global Marketing Committee, MEF
  • Sam Aldrin, Google
  • Eric Chen, Cisco
  • Shahryar Kahn, Ericsson
  • Carsten Rossenhoevel, EANTC
  • Martin Vigoureux, IETF Routing Area Director, Nokia
  • Amir Zmora, flexiWAN & TheNewDialtone
  • Jim Guichard, Huawei
  • Johan Gustawsson, Telia
  • Dr Stewart Bryant, Huawei
  • Arthi Ayyangar, Arccus
  • Maurice Abecassis, Silver Peak