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Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum Latif Ladid | IPv6 Forum President

- President, IPv6 FORUM (
- Chair, European IPv6 Task Force ( )
- Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society - ISOC (
- IPv6 Ready Logo Program Board (
- Senior Researcher @ SnT - University of Luxembourg on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies IST Projects:
• 6INIT: First Pioneer IPv6 Research Project
• 6WINIT: Euro6IX - NGNi - Eurov6
.IPv6 Security & Privacy project - Security Expert Initiative (SEINIT)
.European Security Task Force project - SecurIST
.u-2010 Emergency & Disaster and Crisis Management
.Public Safety Communication Forum
.EFIPSANS project
.Secricom Safety & Security Project
- Member of 3GPP PCG
- Member of 3GPP2 PCG
- Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoc EntNET
- Member of UN Strategy Council GAID
- Member of the Future Internet Forum for Member States
- Board member of WSA
Bob Hinden Bob Hinden | Checkpoint Software Fellow

Bob Hinden is the co-inventor of IPv6. He is a Check Point Fellow at Check Point Software, and co-chairs the IETF IPv6 working group and is chair of the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Internet Society. Previously at Nokia where he was a Nokia Fellow, Chief Internet Technologist at Nokia Networks, and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at the Nokia IP Routing Group.

Bob Hinden was one of the early employees (i.e., employee number 4) of Ipsilon Networks, Inc. Ipsilon was acquired by Nokia on December 31, 1997. He was previously employed at Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for the Internet Engineering group that implements internet protocols for Sun's operating systems. Prior to this he worked at Bolt, Beranek, and Newman, Inc. on a variety of internetwork related projects including the first operational internet router and one of the first TCP/IP implementations.

Bob Hinden was co-recipient of the 2008 IEEE Internet Award for pioneering work in the development of the first Internet routers. Bob Hinden has been active in the IETF since 1985 and is is the author of thirty-six RFCs. He is the chair of the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) and co-chairs the 6man working group. Prior to this he served on the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), was Area Director for Routing in the Internet Engineering Steering group from 1987 to 1994, and chaired the IPv6, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, Simple Internet Protocol Plus, IPAE, the IP over ATM, and the Open Routing working groups. He is also a member of the RFC Editorial Board.

Bob Hinden holds an B.S.E.E., and a M.S. in Computer Science from Union College, Schenectady, New York.
Jan Häglund, Ericsson Ulf Jönsson | Director & Head of Portfolio Management, Product Area IP & Broadband | Ericsson

Ulf Jönsson, Director & Head of Portfolio Management, Product Area IP & Broadband, Ericsson
Ulf is responsible for the IP & broadband portfolio management and portfolio innovation within Ericsson. Ulf has 13 years of experience in the IP & Broadband area and is one of the key drivers of Ericsson’s 4th generation IP strategy. One of the key current responsibilities is as driver of the portfolio strategy for Service Provider SDN (Software Defined Networking).
Mark Townsley, Cisco Mark Townsley | Cisco Fellow

An industry-recognized Internet Engineering and Broadband Architecture expert, Mark Townsley joined Cisco in 1997 and is one of sixteen Cisco Fellows.

Mark has been actively involved in Internet industry forums since 1995. His leadership appointments have included: two terms as Internet Area Director of the IETF from 2005-2009, IETF L2TP Working Group Chair from 1999-2005, IESG Liaison to the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), IETF Pseudowire WG Technical Advisor, and co-Chair of the newly formed IETF Home Networking Working Group (Homenet). Mark also serves as an Ambassador of the Broadband Forum, and was invited to speak to the FCC on IPv4 Exhaustion and IPv6 in June 2011.

Mark is currently focused on the effects of IPv4 exhaustion and on removing barriers to IPv6 deployment for Cisco customers and the industry at large. He regularly updates Cisco’s most senior executives about this crucial topic and meets often with Cisco’s Enterprise and Service Provider customers about their IPv6 deployment strategy and IPv4 exhaustion mitigation. In 2010, he co-authored “IPv6 Rapid Deployment” (RFC 5969) which is responsible for the majority of production-grade broadband IPv6 connectivity today. Additionally, Mark is recognized as the primary force behind the Broadband Forum’s recent push to incorporate IPv6 in all of its Technical Reports, and co-authored “IPv6 for PPP Broadband Access”(TR-187).

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama, home of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Mark had access to computer systems and communications technology at an early age. In the 1980s, his first experience with data communications was running pre-Internet dial-up “BBS” Bulletin Board Systems and University mainframes and workstations. Mark then moved to Washington, D.C., to complete his Master’s degree while working at the University of Maryland Institute for Systems Research and Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communications.

After a short stint at IBM, Mark finally joined Cisco in 1997 where he led the scaling of Cisco’s IOS software to support the rapid growth of dial-up and broadband connectivity during the “dot-com” boom. During this period, Mark also designed, developed, and standardized L2TP (RFC 2661), a cornerstone technology enabling handoff of dial-up and broadband Internet connectivity between wholesale access and retail Internet service providers.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science (summa cum laude) degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and a Master’s degree in Computer Science (magna cum laude) from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

In addition to his industry appointments and work at Cisco, Mark is currently teaching and developing courses on Internet Protocols for École Polytechnique. Mark lives with his family in Paris, France.
    V6 in Mobile Networks: Implementation Issues  
Martin J. Levy, Hurricane Electric Suman Choudary | Huawei

Suman has a B.E. in Wireless Communication from Mysore University, India. He is currently responsible for IPv6 solution planning for European operators. His previous work experience includes product development for core and access product lines at Huawei.
  Alessandro Duminuco | Cisco
Martin J. Levy, Hurricane Electric George Manousakis
| COSMOTE MOBILE Telecommunications S.A.

George Manousakis is a Senior IP Network Engineer at Cosmote Greece, the largest mobile operator in Greece, subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom Group. George has more than 6 years of experience in network design, implementation and operation in both fixed and mobile environments. He is, for the past 3 years, the technical project manager for introduction ipv6 technologies on the network in order to provide IPv6 internet access to subscribers. George holds a BSc in Physics from University of Ioannina and a MSc on Networks and Telecommunications from University of Athens.
Martin J. Levy, Hurricane Electric Mohammed Issa | Systems Manager, IMS | Ericsson

After a post-graduate education in IP internetworking from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Mohammed Issa started his IP career in Ericsson in the area of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Mohammed is currently a senior System Manager in IMS based in Stockholm, Sweden. He works for the Portfolio Management group which is part of Product Development Unit Converged Core. Mohammed has responsibilities covering, among other things, IPv6 support in Ericsson’s IMS systems, voice over LTE, IMS traffic and IMS charging.
Mohammed has also worked in the areas of software development, training and system integration. His main technical interests include IMS, IPv6, telephony and revenue management.

  12.30 LUNCH  
Yanick Pouffary, HP Yanick Pouffary
Global IPv6 Development

Yanick Pouffary is a Distinguished Technologist and Chief Architect in the Office of the CTO within HP Services. Yanick draws upon nearly three decades of experience in the development of networking products and technologies. As Chief Architect, Yanick is tasked with developing network strategic vision and technology roadmaps for Network Services and Cloud Services offering. As HP IPv6 Global leader, Yanick is responsible for HP’s IPv6 strategy to adopt and deliver this technology. Yanick represents HP network technology interests in multiple industry standards development organizations and consortia.

Yanick Pouffary is a founding member of the IPv6 Forum (, an IPv6 Forum Fellow, North American IPv6 Task Force Technology Director ( and General Chairperson for the IPv6 Logo Programs (Ready & Enabled & Education). Yanick is a strategic adviser to government agencies to assist in the deployment of IPv6 around the globe. Yanick is one of the distinguished recipients of the IPv6 Forum Internet Pioneer Award for her technology contributions to support the adoption and deployment of IPv6. In May 2009 Yanick was appointed member of the United Nations Strategy Council of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development.
She holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Nice, France.
    V6 and Handsets  
  Teemu Savolainen | Principal Researcher
Nokia Research Center

Teemu Savolainen, M. Sc. of Information Technology, is a Principal Researcher and inventor at Nokia. Since 1999 he has worked on wireless networking with emphasis on IPv6 enabled mobile handsets. His team implemented commercial IPv6 support, including the protocols themselves, into a popular mobile phone platform used by Nokia. Since then, Teemu has been involved on IPv6 integration for several mobile handset operating systems. He has been actively contributing to the IPv6-related standards at IETF and 3GPP, with occasional contributions to other organizations, such as recently to Bluetooth SIG for IPv6 over Bluetooth Low-Energy. For few years he led Nokia’s internal IETF standardization program. In the IETF he is authoring several IPv6 related RFCs and Internet-Drafts. These include, for example, RFC6459, RFC6346, RFC6431, RFC6535, RFC6603, draft-ietf-behave-nat64-discovery-heuristic, draft-ietf-6lowpan-btle, and draft-ietf-v6ops-rfc3316bis. Teemu is also co-authoring a book about deploying IPv6 in 3GPP networks, planned to be published at May 2013 by Wiley.
Fredrik Garneij | Senior Systems Manager IPv6 | Ericsson

Fredrik Garneij studied Automation Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fredrik has extensive experience in early deployment of upcoming key Internet technologies and is a champion for IP and end2end. In 2001 working at Telia, he deployed the first commercial IPv6 network in Europe. In year 2000 he engineered a SIP based solution making all Telia employees reachable via their email/SIP address. He participated in several EC projects related to IPv6 and served as expert in project audits. Now at Ericsson he works with IPv6 in Ericsson Mobile Packet Core products and 3GPP and IETF IPv6 standardization. His passion for hands-on and IPv6 dissemination has lead to several “firsts” like IPv6@Mona Lisa and IPv6 on Android over 3G.
    V6 in Mobile Networks: Use cases  
  Samir Vaidya | Verizon  Wireless
“Samir is a Director in the Verizon Wireless Device Technology Team. He has over 14 years of experience in the telecom industry having worked in both the vendor and operator space. Over the past year and half Samir has been leading various IPv6 related efforts at Verizon Wireless with his primary focus on fixing IPv6 related issues on devices, network, and applications. These efforts culminated in Verizon Wireless' successful participation in World IPv6 Launch.
Prior to his work at Verizon Wireless, Samir worked on designing and developing base station software for Motorola's Wimax and iDEN base stations.
  Cameron Byrne | Technical Staff Architect | T-MOBILE USA

Cameron Byrne is a Technical Staff Architect at T-Mobile USA where he leads IP network strategy. Cameron has over 12 years of experience in network design, deployment, and support using various optical and packet based technologies. He started his career doing deployment and design on Sprint's Internet backbone, and this is where he first started working on Sprint's early 6Bone IPv6 network.  He then went on to work at the University of New Mexico, Earthlink, and has been at T-Mobile USA for the past 7 years.  Cameron holds a BS from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from the University of New Mexico.
  16.20 COFFEE BREAK  
Jan Zorz, GO6 Jan Zorz | GO6 Institute - ISOC

Jan Žorž started his professional career in RS-232/VAX VMS world in 1992 and continued through Novell and Windows environments all the way to Solaris and other UNIX derivatives, that represents native environment for majority of his projects.

Jan is one of the pioneers of SiOL, the Slovenian national ISP, and has been involved in the organization from the beginning. Among other activities, he began experimenting in 1997 with Internet streaming multimedia content. Based on these experiments, he successfully accomplished projects such as "Dhaulagiri '99 Live" (an Internet multimedia transmission of Tomaz Humar's solo climb of the south wall of Dhaulagiri (called Death Zone) in the Himalayas), "Ski Everest Live 2000" (an Internet live-video transmission and monitoring of extreme skiing from the summit of Mt. Everest by Davo Karnicar) and other similar projects. Together with two other members of the team "Dhaulagiri '99 Live", Jan received a media award/statue "Victor" for special achievement.

For the last seven years Jan has been working as a consultant in the IT field, specializing in IPv6. He co-founded the Go6 institute (not-for-profit), a Slovenian IPv6 initiative whose main objective is to raise IPv6 awareness in Slovenia and alert the community to the fact that we are approaching extensive changes on the Internet.

Due to Go6 Institute, Slovenia is currently leading the EU as country most prepared for IPv6 (according to the RIPE NCC's IPv6 RIPEness study). Jan has been invited to present around the world on his work, the model of the Go6 platform, IPv6 awareness raising and deployment at the national level. These speaking engagement have include conferences such as many RIPE Meetings and Google IPv6 Implementors Conference 2010, Internet Governance Forum meetings, World IPv6 Congresses in Paris and London as well as national forums in Germany, Greece, Norway, Macedonia and many others.

Jan is also primary co-author of very successful procurement (specification) paper, published as official RIPE Best Current Practice document RIPE-501, titled "Requirements For IPv6 in ICT Equipment". This document is translated to more than 10 languages and is used around the world by enterprises and governments, when requesting IPv6 in ICT equipment purchases. RIPE-501 was recently replaced by RIPE-554, also co-authored by Merike Kaeo, Sander Steffann and Jan Žorž.
Martin J. Levy, Hurricane Electric Martin J. Levy | Hurricane Electric

Martin Levy has been involved in the TCP/IP world since the publication of the first TCP/IP RFCs in the early 80’s. Born and educated in England, Martin moved to the United States to work as a software developer at the prestigious Bell Labs. It was at Bell Labs where he ran their first TCP/IP network-enabled UNIX computers. After seven years in New Jersey, Martin moved to California and joined the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial-life to continue his focus on networking software and systems. Since then Martin has been building networks in California, the US, Europe, Latin America and now in Asia. Since joining Hurricane Electric in early 2008, Martin has taken on the role of significantly expanding Hurricane Electric’s IPv6 global connectivity services. Martin Levy's major contribution to the IPv6 world while at Hurricane Electric has been his tireless pursuit in making IPv6's global routing on-par or better than the existing Internet routing.
Ales Vizdal | Head of IP System Design | Deutsche Telekom

Ales Vizdal is an experienced IP professional who has started his career at an ISP 10 years ago. He has been working on
various operational and engineering positions. Before joining Deutsche Telekom AG in 2008, he has been shortly working
for Verizon Business as an engineer delivering tailor-made solutions for big enterprise customers. Within DT has worked
on various IP projects as an IP Architect delivering e.g. the IPv4 exhaustion mitigation measures or technically leading DT’s
IPv6 Programme as the Chief Solution Architect. In the IPv6 Programme he has been responsible for the 3GPP network
and system architecture and IPv6 related requirements to both user and control plane systems spanning from the handset
to the Internet. Aside from his current work assignment he is active in the terminal area focused on IPv6 capable terminals
introduction in Operators device portfolio. Ales holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Ostrava.
  18.00 Panel - Going Mobile with IPv6
Alain Fiocco, Cisco Alain Fiocco | Cisco
Dean Cheng | Huawei

Expert in IP routing, MPLS, IPv6 and control protocols. Co-editor of WT-242 (IPv6 transition technology) at Broadband Forum since 2010. Worked at Bourroughs Corporation, Quotron Systems, Retix Systems, Polaris Networks, Stratacom and Cisco Systems since 1983 with a total of 28 years of experience in data communication and networking industry. He has been a participant in IETF since 1991, ITU-T (as editor of G.7715.2), ATM/MPLS/Broadband Forum and OIF with many contributions.

Lorenzo Colitti | Google
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