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MPLS SDN World 2014

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Rajiv Papneja | Senior Director, Carrier IP Solutions North America
IP Competence Center |
  OpenFlow Session
  09.00 Extending MPLS with Hybrid OpenFlow switching  
Andrew Dolganow, Alcatel-Lucent Benefits of integrating OpenFlow switching into existing MPLS/IP/Ethernet platforms
Flexibility and speed of application deployment over IP/MPLS infrastructure with integrated OpenFlow switching
Applicability of Hybrid OpenFlow switch in DC, WAN, Mobile Backhaul networks.
Benefits behind programmable Open Flow Hybrid MPLS/IP switch/router

Andrew Dolganow | Director Product Line Management IP Division, SDN, Platform, L3 Multicast | Alcatel-Lucent
  09.20 Efforts toward Interoperable OpenFlow  
    The Forwarding Abstractions Working Group (FAWG) is shoring up the foundation of the OpenFlow architecture by creating a framework that simultaneously allows for scalability, interoperability and practical development. This new optional framework will move OpenFlow beyond the “research” niche where some hope to isolate the technology.

Ben Mack-Crane | Editor FAWG ONF | Huawei
  09.40 Improving Openflow Flow Set Up Times  
Faseela K, Ericsson Proposing a solution to dynamically detect increase in the flow set up time to a specific switch, depending on the network conditions as well as the geographical location of the switches, and then moving the switch to a different  controller domain if it will reduce the flow setup time.

Faseela K | Ericsson
  10.30 SDN Enhancement with Stateful Openflow  
    Introducing a novel way to enhance openflow’s data path with state preserving and maintaining capabilities to address the current technical challenges.

Hayim Porat | Lead Architect and Manager of the Cloud Networking and Security Research Groups, IT division | Huawei
  10.50 Extending OpenFlow to the Carrier Network: Challenges  
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Packet Design Extending the new concepts of SDN /OpenFlow to the Carrier Networks : issues of hybrid deployment, practical challenges in deploying the solution ( realization vs Hype). Analyzing " NFV" the new paradigm acting as catalyst for acceleration of such deployments

Sudeepta Ray | Assistant Vice President - Technology |
  Performance and Management Session
  11.10 Real-Time Analytics and Policy Management for Software Defined Networking  
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Packet Design North-bound SDN APIs allow creation of network-aware applications. Cloud and data center applications have successfully taken advantage of these APIs to provide seamless virtual machine mobility and elasticity. However, these applications are unaware of whether or not the underlying wide area network can provide acceptable performance. Introducing the concept of a network access broker (NAB), an analytics and policy management layer that provides this information.

Cengiz Alaettinoglu | Chief Technical Officer | PacketDesign
  11.30 Effective Benchmark Test Methodology to Qualify SDN/OpenFlow Enabled Networks  
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Packet Design While standards continue to formalize the openness of the SDN/NFV proposals and use cases, operators scramble to understand the operational readiness of these solutions
How SDN/NFV solutions impact the key performance indicators. How current network monitoring tools will be integrated into the emerging paradigm. Impact on north-south bound convergence in addition to network infrastructure convergence. Dependencies of control and forwarding plane convergence. 

Authors: Rajiv Papneja | Senior Director, Carrier IP Solutions North America IP Competence Center | Huawei and
Dean Lee | Director, Network Infrastructure Business | Ixia
  12.30 LUNCH  


Niloufar Tayebi | Expert Industry Marketing | Ciena
  14.00 SDN-based Traffic Management for IP/MPLS Networks: Reality, not Snake Oil  
John Evans, Cisco Demonstrating how a centralised network- and traffic-aware controller can be used in existing IP / MPLS networks to close the feedback loop between the network and applications and services that use the network, providing both dynamic SLA guarantees through admission control and providing real-time network- and traffic-aware service placement. 

John Evans | Distinguished Engineer | Cisco
Arash Afrakteh | Principal Engineer | Cisco
  14.30 Practical Considerations for IP and LDP Fast-Reroute  
Julian Lucek, Jun There have been many schemes proposed for IP and/or LDP Fast-Reroute over the past few years. Discussing the relative merits of several of these, focusing especially on ways of improving Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) coverage, including Remote LFA and coverage extension using RSVP LSPs.

Julian Lucek and Chris Bowers | Juniper Networks
  Optical Session
  15.00 Design and Optimization for Packet Optical Integration  
    Introducing a few of recent research results on the design and optimization for Packet Optical Integration (POI) networks and discussing possible evolution directions of backbone network architecture. The recent waves of innovation on Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) further enhance this vision.

Dr. Victor Yu Liu | Huawei
  15.30 GMPLS, SDN, Optical Networking, Control Plane  
Achim Autenrieth, Adva Optical What techniques and mechanisms are envisioned that enable integration of emerging SDN mechanisms with existing GMPLS-controlled domains?
Outlining some network configurations involving interworking of this nature, and describing a set of strategies for integrating various control techniques.

Achim Autenrieth | Principle Engineer Advanced Technology | ADVA Optical Networking
  16.00 Enabling Dynamic Packet-optical Connectivity Services for Optimal Cloud Service Delivery, a First Step towards SDN  
Discussing how allowing the network to be controlled by data center applications, such as compute and storage, is the first practical step in the direction of turning your network into an open, software-defined network.

Niloufar Tayebi | Expert Industry Marketing | Ciena