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MPLS SDN World 2014

co-located with
NFV and SDN Summit 2014
Hotel Marriott Paris

  The evolution of Ethernet continues at a fast pace. This year's pre-conference seminar is an opportunity to look in-depth at the latest in Carrier Ethernet. the seminar features just-approved specifications, new case studies, new CE Cloud use cases, the work of MEF's new Service Operations Committee and more  
  09.00 Welcome to the MEF Pre-Conference Seminar

Johan Witters | EMEA Marketing Co-Chair | MEF
Consultant Business Data Services | Alcatel-Lucent
  09.05 Introduction

The MEF's perspective on Carrier Ethernet in the region and the impact of the migration to CE 2.0 services worldwide.

Johan Witters | EMEA Marketing Co-Chair | MEF
Consultant Business Data Services | Alcatel-Lucent
  09.20 Carrier Ethernet, SDN and Cloud

Ethernet is the dominant service but Cloud will be increasingly important component of its continued growth. Over time SDN will become the key driver for on-demand services and applications. This session articulates the MEF positioning and marketing realities that leverage for Carrier Ethernet, SDN and Cloud. A simple example use case shows how Carrier Ethernet Services would be implemented using SDN provisioning together with SDN-enabled fault and performance monitoring. 3 CE for Cloud use cases and the potential for large scale opportunities of an Carrier Ethernet, SDN, Cloud ecosystem are shown together with existing and planned extensions to support this infrastructure,its management and processes.

Abel Tong | Director of Solutions Marketing | Cyan
Ben Mack-Crane
  10.00 COFFEE BREAK  
The MEF CE 2.0 Wholesale Access and Multiple Provider Services

Market-driven expansion of Ethernet Services demands ever-faster partnering and time to market and revenue. This panel session brings insight into how the MEF CE 2.0 Wholesale Ethernet Access standard speeds-up and reduces the cost of interconnections and opens new business opportunities for both service providers and access service providers. The session covers the benefits of deploying and offering MEF services, introduce technical implementation guidance and highlights efficiencies gained. The sessions previews new "Transit" services and other enhancements in progress within the MEF.

Bill Bjorkman | Technical Ambassador | MEF
Emerson Moura | CALA Marketing Co-Chair | MEF | Tech. Solutions Architect | Cisco Youcef Ayad | Nordics Market. Co-Chair | MEF | Sr. Product Manager | TeliaSonera Jamy Rousseau | Chef Produit Ethernet Fibre & FTTH | SFR
  11.10 LTE Advance and small cell Backhaul

LTE bandwidth and services together with the enormous growth in smart mobile devices provides backhaul challenge. Operators need to provide higher bandwidth to more smaller sites, support accurate synchronization, and manage connectivity among the sites for interference management.This session describes the latest development in mobile backhaul for LTE, LTE Advance and small cells. Including Synchronization, coordination, resiliency, and performance objectives.

Rami Yaron | Mobile Backhaul Co-Chair& CE2.0 Specialist | MEF
Consultant, Lead Instructor | Perpetual Solutions
Richard Strike | UK Marketing Co-Chair | MEF
Business Development Director | ADVA Optical
  11.50 Implementing Multi COS – a Best Practice Guide

The different services supported today by the 4G mobile networks and the backhaul performance requirements imply the implementation of multi class of service backhaul. This session explain the need for Multi-CoS in the mobile backhaul network. It also provide network architecture use cases and deployment recommendation

Introduction: Moshe Shimon | VP Product Line Management | Telco Systems
Bill Bjorkman | Technical Ambassador | MEF
  12.30 LUNCH  
  14.00 Service Management and Operations

Covers the MEF's initiative to define, streamline & standardize processes for buying, selling, delivering and operating MEF-defined services.The session brings insight into the new work covering processes, information, interfaces and terminology applied to partner relationship management, lifecycle management and industry standards alignment. The session also covers related management specifications and addresses new orchestration and monitoring required for controlling dynamic CE services.

Shahar Steiff | Service Operations committee Co-chair | MEF
AVP New Technologies | PCCW Global
  14.40 COFFEE BREAK  
Carrier Ethernet Panel Discussion
Carsten Rossenhoevel, EANTC


Carsten Rossenhoevel | EMEA Marketing Co-Chair | MEF
Managing Director | EANTC


Youcef Ayad | Telia Sonera
Jamy Rousseau | SFR
Zeev Draer | VP, Strategic Marketing | MRV
Sharfuddin Syed | Sr. Principal Systems Engineer | Infinera