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MPLS SDN World 2014
  • Luyuan Fang
    Luyuan Fang
  • Yakov Rekhter
    Yakov Rekhter
    Juniper Networks
  • Guru Parulkar
    Guru Parulkar
    Stanford University
  • Dave Ward
    Dave Ward
  • Dan Pitt
    Dan Pitt
  • Kireeti Kompella
    Kireeti Kompella
    Juniper Networks
  • Nan Chen
    Nan Chen
  • Justin Dustzadeh
    Justin Dustzadeh
  • Melih Tufan
    Melih Tufan
  • Sunil Khandekar
    Sunil Khandekar
    Nuage Networks
  • Bruce Davie
    Bruce Davie
  • Matthew Bocci
    Matthew Bocci
  • Sam Aldrin
    Sam Aldrin
  • Thomas Morin
    Thomas Morin
  • Yaakov Stein
    Yaakov Stein
  • C. Rossenhoevel
    C. Rossenhoevel
  • Axel Clauberg
    Axel Clauberg
    Deutsche Telekom
  • Zeev Draer
    Zeev Draer
  • Azhar Sayeed
    Azhar Sayeed
  • Loa Andersson
    Loa Andersson
  • Elisa Bellagamba
    Elisa Bellagamba
  • Andrew Dolganow
    Andrew Dolganow
  • Cengiz Alaettinoglu
    Cengiz Alaettinoglu
    Packet Design
  • Xipeng Xiao
    Xipeng Xiao
  • Clarence Filsfils
    Clarence Filsfils
  • Achim Autenrieth
    Achim Autenrieth
    Adva Optical
  • David Sinicrope
    David Sinicrope
  • Mariana Agache
    Mariana Agache
  • Jean-Marc Uz
    Jean-Marc Uz
    Juniper Networks
  • Dean Lee
    Dean Lee
  • George Swallow
    George Swallow
  • John Evans
    John Evans
  • Hannes Gredler
    Hannes Gredler
    Juniper Networks
  • Sudeepta Ray
    Sudeepta Ray
  • Nicolai Leymann
    Nicolai Leymann
    Deutsche Telekom
  • Julian Lucek
    Julian Lucek
    Juniper Networks
  • Paolo Volpato
    Paolo Volpato
  • Ron Bonica
    Ron Bonica
    Juniper Networks
  • Nurit Sprecher
    Nurit Sprecher
  • Faseela K
    Faseela K

Kireeti Kompella during MPLS 2012 at Paris

  The First Worldwide Event in the MPLS and SDN Area

The 16th Edition of the MPLS World Congress will take place in Paris in March 2014. What was until now known as MPLS & Ethernet World Congress will become the MPLS SDN World Congress in 2014.

The objective set by Upperside Conferences is to confirm the success of the 2013 edition. MPLS SDN World Congress, together with the collocated NFV & SDN Summit, attracted 1350 participants last March. This figure represents a new record number of participants attending this conference.

A strong presence of service providers (more than 50% of the audience) as well as a growing internationalization (more than 65 countries represented) confirms MPLS SDN World Congress as the first worldwide event in the MPLS area.

MPLS SDN World Congress will once again allow us to benefit from the enlightenment of the precise stakes involved in the convergence of the MPLS protocols, particularly their respective roles in the access networks.

2014 - The Union of MPLS SDN World and NFV & SDN Summit: 1500 participants

As was the case this year, the 16th edition of MPLS World will be jointly organized with the NFV & SDN Summit, whose second  edition of 2013 attracted more than 400 participants, making this event the largest in Europe (Upperside Conferences was the first to organize an event around the SDN theme in June 2012). The growing interest in this new technology should attract about 1500 attendees for the 2014 edition of MPLS SDN World Congress and the NFV & SDN Summit.

The two events will have a common first day and will conclude with a panel discussion made up of key players (manufacturers and operators) from these technologies.

More than 50% of Service Providers, a Growing Internationalization

The profile of the Congress delegates demonstrates a growing internationalization and a very strong presence of service providers. Representatives from the EU were 45 %, followed by North America(19%), Russia (11%) and South America (9%). With carriers coming from more than 65 countries, the MPLS World Congress can claim to be the first international event in this realm.

The 2014 Agenda: Data Center Virtualization, Segment Routing

The 2014 agenda will privilege operator and enterprises scenarios and testimonies. The main focus will be on Data Center Virtualization, especially overlays and WAN interconnection issues. A large session will be dedicated to the Segment Routing initiative, launched during the 2013 edition of the Congress.

Other sessions will cover OpenFlow aspects, performance and traffic engineering issues and mobile SDN.

The proposals have been analyzed and categorized according to their degree of pertinence by the members of the scientific committee.

Upperside would again like to thank the members of the committee for their commitment and support.

The Interop Platform

The European Advanced Networking Test Center ( EANTC) in collaboration with Upperside Conferences invites vendors to a multi-vendor MPLS & SDN interoperability test in February 2014.

The objective of the tests is to verify protocol interoperability for service provider oriented toolkits focused on functionality, flexibility and adaptability of networks. Once we verify protocol interoperability we will construct an orchestrated data center to data center network.

Cloud delivery and orchestration will be the major focus of the interop along the topics of:

• Software Defined Networking (SDN): OpenFlow and PCE
• IPv6 Migration Scenarios
• MPLS and Ethernet Transport
• Data Center Interconnection

During the congress, EANTC will present results in regular guided tours to conference attendees.

The showcase will be open for the full four days of the conferences (Tuesday to Friday).

To get more info:

The Exhibition (Sold out)

co-located with
NFV and SDN Summit 2014
V6 World 2014

Hotel Marriott Paris
2014 Exhibitor List

100 Cisco
101 Huawei
102 Juniper Networks
103 Alcatel-Lucent
104 Ciena
105 Ericsson
113 RAD
201 Qosmos
202 EZChip Technologies
203 MRV
204 Wandl/Juniper
205 6Wind
206 Tail-f
301 Fonex
302 WebNMS
303 Cisco
304 Aricent
305 Tucana/Netyce
306 Intel
307 QualiSystems
308 Metaswitch Networks
309 Omnitron Systems
310 Perpetual Solutions
311 Ixia
401 Packet Design
501 Adva Optical