Carrier Cloud Day Two
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Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis


Dean Bubley | Disruptive Analysis
    Session WebRTC Use Cases and Challenges  
  08.30 3GPP Standardization of IMS for WebRTC  
Richard Ejzak, Alcatel-Lucent Describing use cases for WebRTC access to IMS on which 3GPP is focusing, the key requirements introduced by these use cases, the impacts on the IMS architecture, the extensions to the IMS identity and security models, the services supported for WebRTC clients by IMS, and the major protocol and interworking aspects needed to enable these services.

Richard Ejzak | Alcatel Lucent
Antony Martin, Dialogic WebRTC Best Practices
Discussing real world experiences and best practices for implementing WebRTC successfully; dealing with security, interoperability, signaling, transcoding, and media mixing issues that occur in the network using media servers, SBCs and gateways.

Chad Hart | Senior Director of Product Marketing |
Dialogic Corporation
Communications 3.0: A Feature not a Destination
Over the next few years communications will change dramatically. Rather than being a dedicated application, it will be an in context feature that is perfectly designed for the use case. In this talk Kavan will take you through some real world WebRTC use cases and the challenges faced to implement them.

Kavan Seggie | AddLive
Ludovic Dubost, Xwiki xWiki: A Prototype Implementation
Describing xWiki experience: how it was built and adapted.
Discussing the benefits this technology could have for Enterprise Collaboration.

Ludovic Dubost | xWiki
  09.50 COFFEE BREAK  
  10.20 Successful WebRTC Implementation with Open Source Software
Looking at the convenient WebRTC packages now becoming widely available in Linux distributions and how they have been applied in small and large projects, including online language learning, airport transfer/limousine booking and one more significant project to be announced.

Daniel Pocock | Debian Project
  10.40 The Journey from Standard to Real World Application: Bridging the Technical Divide  
Ian Small, Tokbox The appetite for real time video communications is growing but there is a real gap between what WebRTC enables and what consumers and enterprises want (and developers need) in market.
Exploring actual use cases for real time communication, where WebRTC fits and where it falls short, and what we can do about it.

Badri Rajasekar | VP Engineering | TokBox
  11.00 Prototyping WebRTC
Integrating existing telecom capabilities into WebRTC
Exploring current maturity levels of WebRTC services
Early results of end users experience with WebRTC services

Jimmy Ehrbar | Colt
Services over Data Channels
Presenting services developed on top of data channels for a tier1 customer. Overviewing the associated architecture (SCTP over DTLS over UDP), its API and some issues experienced in the field.

Victor Pascual Avila | Chief Strategy Officer | Quobis
  12.00 LUNCH  
WebRTC for the Operators: Opportunity or a new Threat?

WebRTC can become a new threat for operators' revenue to top OTT but with the right strategy it can be an opportunity. The panel will explore these threats and opportunities.

Chris Koencke, Genband

Chris Koehncke | Genband
Paulo Chainho | Senior Consultant | Portugal Telecom
Fabrizio Caffaratti | Telecom Italia
Dean Bubley
| Disruptive Analysis
Bodil Josefsson | Business Development Manager | Ericsson AB
Tsahi Levent-Levi |

Amir Zmora | VP Alliances & Partnerships | AudioCodes

    Session WebRTC Technical Issues  
  15.00 Status Update on WebRTC Codecs and IPR Issues  
Christian Hoene, Symonics Giving a current status update on codecs and IPR issues and addressing the following questions: What is the current status of IPR issues in WebRTC? What patents are in the proposed codecs and are they free to use? What IPR risks does your business run if using WebRTC technologies?

Christian Hoene | Symonics
Dan Burnett, Voxeo The Signaling Channel
WebRTC applications depend upon the setup of a signaling channel for the initial negotiation of the media channels.  There are several technologies that can be used to construct this channel, including XMLHTTPRequest, WebSockets, and Google AppEngine. 

Dan Burnett | TROPO/Voxeo
    Session WebRTC Infrastructure  
Luis Lopez Fernandez Kurento, a Media Server Architecture and API
Introducing Kurento, an open source based media server capable of strengthening the WebRTC ecosystem in several directions.

Luis López Fernández | Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
    Closing Panel  
  16.00 Meet the Experts  
    During the conference the audience will be presented with an on-line survey covering WebRTC industry and technology questions.
In the panel we will present the results of this survey and have the panel of experts discuss these topics.

Amir Zmora | VP Alliances & Partnerships | AudioCodes
Dean Bubley | Disruptive Analysis
Victor Pascual Avila | Chief Strategy Officer | Quobis

Tsahi Levent-Levi |

Dan Burnett | TROPO/Voxeo
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