Carrier Cloud Day Two
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Christian Hoene, Symonics


Amir Zmora | VP Alliances & Partnerships |
    Opening Address
  08.30 Overall WebRTC Market Status & Forecasts
Dean Bubley, Disruptive There are 3 broad groups looking at exploiting WebRTC – enterprise communications, telecom service providers, and general “consumer web” developers. At the moment, enterprise seems to be in the lead for real-world adoption; but will that situation continue? Will telcos start to exploit it for their own uses?

Dean Bubley | Disruptive Analysis
    WebRTC: The Telco Approach  
Dan Druta, AT&T France Telecom WebRTC Solution
Showing how the web can be leveraged to provide communication services, based on a full web architecture, and including inter service provider interoperability.

Stephane Cazeaux | Orange Labs
  09.20 Building a One-Number Solution using WebRTC  
Dan Druta, AT&T Describing how a competitive One-Number solution can be realized using WebRTC as a component. An operator needs to define the services he wants to launch and on which devices, and these two factors will impact the time to market.

Bodil Josefsson | Business Development Manager |
Ericsson AB
  09.40 Telecom Italia WebRTC Approach  
Gianni Canal, Telecom Italia - Exploiting WebRTC to create «branded» services for both business and consumer markets, also leveraging on the integration with existing communication platforms (SIP/IMS, PSTN/PLMN interoperability, QoS control).
- Developing WebRTC advanced applications based on «centralized service features».
- Exposing advanced web communication Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) both internally and to third party application/service developers.

Fabrizio Caffaratti
| Telecom Italia
  10.00 COFFEE BREAK  
  10.30 How to Monetize an IMS Network with WebRTC  
Gianni Canal, Telecom Italia Operator’s opportunities and challenges in web era
How to monetize an IMS network with WebRTC
The collaboration of IMS and WebRTC
Key points: Communication as a Service, QoS, Security

Bob Ding | Senior Software Architect | Huawei TECHNOLOGIES
  10.50 WebRTC Services and Open Issues like Inter-domain Interoperability and Identity Management  
Gianni Canal, Telecom Italia Presenting preliminary results of different experimentations on WebRTC service delivery mechanisms namely IMS and Web service delivery approaches. Such experimentations also exploits some WebRTC open issues including Identity Management, Inter-domain sessions and Data Channel features.>

Paulo Chainho | Senior Consultant | Portugal Telecom
  11.10 Building an Ecosystem to Support WebRTC Growth
Gianni Canal, Telecom Italia Service providers and enterprises looking to use WebRTC have a variety of choices for implementing the technology:
- Use open source tools to build-it-yourself
- Utilize commercial infrastructure to ease the development burden
- Enable various WebRTC-as-a-service offerings to avoid development all together
Explaining these various options and contrasting them.

Chris King | Senior Director, Product Marketing | Oracle
Emil Ivov, Jitsi Jitsi Videobridge and WebRTC
Presenting a new, efficient, way of implementing multi-party video conferences with WebRTC. Many existing deployments have gone down the road of full mesh connections or transcoding MCUs. Both of these approaches suffer from significant scalability limitations. Presenting a third approach that resolves these issues and unlocks scalable hangout-like services to any web developer.

Emil Ivov | Jitsi
  11.50 Startup Speed Dating Session Part One

The Start-Up speed dating session will include presentations and demos of products and services.

The audience will evaluate and rate the companies based on a number of criteria. ‘Best of Show’ award will be given to the company achieving the highest score.
A panel of judges will select between finalists in case more than one company shares the highest score. Evaluation criteria:
  • Innovation
  • Business Model
  • Ease of Use

Morning Session - The following companies will be presenting:

  • Apidaze
  • Quobis
  • Crocodile
  12.30 LUNCH  
    WebRTC: Do Standards Still Matter?  
Tsahi Levent-Levy, Amdocs WebRTC Islands
Describing growth rate of WebRTC in various places.
Showing how the thinking behind WebRTC is a different paradigm than that of previous VoIP protocols – it doesn’t deal with federation but rather with creation of islands

Tsahi Levent-Levi |
  14.20 From Standards to Scalable Deployments  
Berthold Butscher, Frafos State of the art of the standardisation at the IETF: most urgent issues currently under discussion and some of the open points missing identified through discussions with first users.
Describing how the already available recommendations are used in building a scalable communication solution that integrates WebRTC with SIP based VoIP networks.

Berthold Butscher | Founder and CEO | Frafos
    Session WebRTC and Enterprises  
Niklas Blum, Fokus Enriching Enterprise Services through WebRTC
Showing how WebRTC and web technologies can be used to enrich real-time communication services with additional real- and non-real-time data on top of an operator-based control infrastructure.

Dr.-Inf. Frank Schultze | Senior Scientist |
Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS
  15.00 Call Center Applications  
Miguel Ponce de Leon, Waterford Institute Showing how the WebRTC channel is linked to their existing customer service centre and showing how the web surfing habits and social media connection (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) of new and existing customers are gathered in real time and displayed to the customer service agent in real time, which in turn is used to help the agent give the customer a better mobile contract offering.

Miguel Ponce de Leon | ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre | Waterford Institute of Technology
WebRTC Opportunities for Enterprise Applications World
Michel L'Hostis, Apizee Explaining the various digital developments impacting the information system and digital usages in enterprises.
Describing the interest of WebRTC for businesses, like customer relationship, collaboration and unified communications.
Presenting the interest to use WebRTC API.

Michel L'Hostis | CEO | Apizee
  15.40 Can WebRTC Accelerate the E-Commerce Market Segment?  
Michel L'Hostis, Apizee After applying the 3 sensory elements of WebRTC for voice, video and data, the presentation looks at some examples of how a high touch new personal experience may be upon us with this technology.

Dr. Natasha Tamaskar | Vice President, Head of Global Strategic Solutions | GENBAND
  16.00 COFFEE BREAK  
    Session WebRTC QoS  
  16.30 Performance Monitoring of Media Flows in WebRTC
Discussing performance monitoring of media flows from the perspective of an application developer  and a service provider and thereby offering a tool set for observing, understanding, and fixing such issues.

Authors: Varun Singh and Jörg Ott | Aalto University
Nancy Maluso, Sonus Networks

Challenges and Opportunities in WebRTC QoS
Discussing impact of QoS on various use cases, what to consider when implementing WebRTC in production environments, what lessons can be learned from experience with existing VoIP deployments and what are some of the unique challenges that WebRTC brings.

Justin Hart | Director, System Architecture | Sonus Networks

  17.10 Quality over WebRTC
Even though WebRTC codecs are natively enriched with error resiliency this capability is one tool in a toolbox of QoS control and management tools creating an opportunity for those owning the networks.

Amir Zmora | VP Alliances & Partnerships | AudioCodes

  17.30 Startup Speed Dating Session Part Two

The Judges:

Dean Bubley | Disruptive Analysis
Chris Koehncke | Genband
Tsahi Levent-Levi |
Amir Zmora | AudioCodes

Afternoon Session - The following companies will be presenting:
  • Dialogic
  • Wildix
  • MashMeTV
  • Browsetel
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