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Conference Day 3 | Friday 18 December 2015


Simon Hossell, Pipe
09.00 The Non-trivial Applications of WebRTC
09.00   Growing Role of WebRTC Solutions in Public Safety Systems
    Public Safety Agencies and First Responders need additional services which would facilitate their mission nowadays. WebRTC shall play an important role in this kind of enablements. Wearable cameras used by First Responders is just one of the examples of possible WebRTC use cases.

Marcin Sielski, WebRTC Advocate, Motorola Solutions
09.20   WebRTC in Vertical IoT Solutions like e-health
    Generic IoT solutions can take advantage of the video/audio streams. IoT users can “interact” with “things” in real-time and WebRTC is a powerful tool that allows them to verify what is really happening. This can be valuable for assisting patients at home but also for proactive maintenance and environmental control.

Federico Descalzo, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer, Italtel
09.40 Lessons Learned from Projects and Deployments
09.40   Performance in the Wild: One Year of Measuring WebRTC Quality
    How often do calls fail? fully? Partially? What are the reasons for failure? What is the typical network latency? Are there any burst losses? will share with the community the aggreagate quality metrics measured across 50+ WebRTC apps and services: big and small, local and global.

Varun Singh, CEO, Callstat.IO
10.00   Telefonica « Your Phone in a Browser »: Lessons learned one year later
    Discussing what was learned 9 months after launch of Telefonica TU Go. Your Phone in a browser based on WebRTC. Covering basic overview of TU Go architecture, call quality analysis, interoperability with PSTN, including gaps such as DTMF, offline notifications for handling incoming calls.

John Neystadt, Telefonica
10.50   Matrix: One-year Status Report
    Matrix is an open standard for decentralised persistent communication over IP. It provides simple HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for securely distributing and persisting JSON over an open federation of servers. Matrix can be used for decentralised group chat, WebRTC signaling, Internet of Things, and anywhere you need a common data fabric to link together fragmented silos of communication. Where we are with today, and what people in the community have done.

Daniel Wagner Hall,
Software Engineer and Evangelist, Matrix
11.10   RestComm Open Source Mobile WebRTC SDKs
    Describing the lessons learned in implementing an Open Source WebRTC SDKs for iOS and Android as well as a demo of the work and how WebRTC in Mobile is enabling a whole new range of real world use cases.

Antonis Tsakiridis, TeleStax
11.30   WebRTC - Low barrier to entry. Low barrier to exit?
    Looking at the issues developers run into when developing their WebRTC applications: the problematic elements in the API, the compatibility problems between browsers, missing infrastructure, and even the human element. All in all, it's a demonstration that a true WebRTC application can't be built in a snap.

11.50 Closing Panel
  WebRTC Current Status and Predictions for 2016

12.10 Demos Awards
    Announcement of the 2015 Award Winners and Closing Notes

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