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MPLS and Ethernet 2014
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Yanick Pouffary, HP


Yanick Pouffary | HP
  Session Internet of Things
  08.30 IoT and IPv6: New IPv6 Architecture for Constraint Device
    Describing the ARESA2 platform and the SensOrLab testbed and the innovative way IPv6 multi-homing is managed. Discussing the work done on the DNS records to handle a REST architecture for the Internet of Things and facilitate the deployment  of usages based on IPv6.

: Laurent Toutain | Telecom Bretagne and Sandoche Balakrichenan | AFNIC
  08.50 IPv6, Low-power Awareness and Virtualization
Focusing on the optimization of the IPv6 Neighbor Discovery messages which eventually should save energy in battery powered sleepy wireless devices (wireless cell phones, tablets, home smart meters, etc.) and  reduce necessity of frequent address resolution message exchanges in a ‘virtualized’ network where the nodes in a subnet are typically high. The optimization technique can be used for a self-organized IPv6 network.

Authors: Samita Chakrabarti, Jaume Rius I Riu, Ericsson

Samita Chakrabarti |
  09.10 IPv6 Automatic - Current Status and Future
Hiroshi Esaki The Internet has become more and more complicated. Particularly, the Internet of Things rolls out. More and more devices are connected to the Internet. It requires networks to be able to manage themselves and attached devices automatically and dynamically.

Sheng Jiang | Senior Staff Engineer |
Huawei Technologies
  09.30 IPv6: Connecting Everyone and Everything
Hiroshi Esaki Focusing on the challenges network operators face in order to provide connectivity and services for billions of connected devices, and suggestions on how to successfully plan for optimizing their networks to efficiently serve the needs of the Internet of Things.

Authors: Suresh Krishnan, Wassim Haddad, Fredrik Garneij | Ericsson

Fredrik Garneij | Ericsson
  09.50 IPv6 Deployment in Japan
Hiroshi Esaki Covering the latest status of IPv6 deployment in legacy ICT industry and in new industry, especially focusing on Smart City.  Especially, as for Smart City, the best current of practice of the Eco-system, which simultanously achieves the improvemnt of productivity, energy saving, BCP and new business with BigData operation, are shown.

Hiroshi Esaki | Ph.D, Associated Professor,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology |

The University of Tokyo
  IPv6 Content Session
  10.30 Linking in with IPv6 at Linkedin
Frank martin, Linkedin


Franck Martin | Linkedin

  10.50 The Road to IPv6: Bumpy
Frank martin, Linkedin


Paul Saab | Facebook

  11.10 IPv6 for Enterprise: at the Edge and Inside
Yanick Pouffary, HP


Yanick Pouffary | HP
Franck Martin | Linkedin
Paul Saab | Facebook
Khalid Jawaid | Cisco
  12.30 LUNCH  
Eric Vyncke


Eric Vyncke | IPv6 Council of Belgium
  Deployments: Implementations and Transition Strategies  
  14.00 Completion of Japanese v6 Transformation  
Next Spring, April 2014, NTT's nation wide FTTH and its CPE (a.k.a. "Home Gateway") will turn on IPv6 feature by default. This means, new subscribers (and also existing customers who use upgraded Home Gateway) will get IPv6 without no procedure after this change. Thus, People who would like to get "Internet subscription" will get IPv6 automatically.

Ayumu Yasuda | Sr.Research Manager | NTT
  14.20 IPv6 for Residential Subscribers with Deployment Use Cases  
Reviewing the various methods, techniques and standards to migrate routed networks and services to IPv6, with a focus on residential broadband service deployments. The presentation will do this by means of actual IPv6 migration use cases in by some major European network service providers to illustrate how to practical migrate scenarios to IPv6. 

Roland Thienpont | Product Manager IP Division |
  14.40 IPv6 Deployment Experiences at Google Fiber  

David Miles
  15.00 IPv6 Deployment Experiences from Comcast  
John Brzozowski, Comcast Sharing information around how Comcast has leveraged IPv6 for all of its services including the enablement of IPv6 for broadband, content, and infrastructure management.  Future items including voice over IPv6 and IPv6 only broadband are highlighted.

John Brzozowski | Comcast
  15.20 IPv6: because Everything Needs Connecting  
The move to IPv6 is inevitable and the time to start the planning and transformation is now. Discussing a practical way to transition to IPv6 that is aligned with the overall business and IT strategies.

Yanick Pouffary
| HP
  15.40 Road to IPv6-Only Services in Mobile Networks  
How can we make sure that existing handsets don't get impacted? How can we introduce IPv6-Only access in existing customer APNs without interrupting IPv4-Only? How can we handle legacy applications and services within our own mobile core network? How can we ensure that roaming, both inbound and outbound is not affected? Are there some outstanding challenges impossible to overcome?
Sharing our experience deploying IPv6-Only services to UMTS and LTE mobile customers.

Dave May | Rogers Communications
  16.20 Migration of a Mobile Data APN to IPv6: Dual Stack or IPv6-only?  
    How can an LTE operator support Dual Stack, IPv6-only, and legacy IPv4-only terminals on a single data APN?
What are the key considerations for success: Handset functionality; grey market devices; roaming behaviour; the operator retaining control of the migration to IPv6-only?
How can terminal vendors help the mobile operators simplify the transition?

Nick Heatley | EE
Carl Wuyts, Technicolor IPv6 Hotspots
Presenting the IPv6 hotspot. Today, hotspots typically are IPv4-only, so we'd like to move this up to v6, hence less Nat'ing, plenty of addresses, and users get fast connectivity.

Carl Wuyts | GCD System Architect, Connect Division |
  17.00 Cloud+IPv6: Getting Real  
Hiroshi Esaki Detailing an evaluation of the IPv6 readiness of OpenStack Grizzly and Havana releases. Showing the changes (hacks) needed to make OpenStack work on IPv6. The lessons learned are a guide for the evolution of OpenStack towards leveraging IPv6.

Ciprian Popoviciu | Nephos6
  17.20 vCPE: Using NFV to ease IPv6 Deployment  
    Alain Durand | Distinguished Engineer | JUNIPER NETWORKS