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The Largest Global WebRTC Conference and Exhibition in Europe

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Bringing together service providers, systems integrators, enterprises, vendors and industry thought leaders for 3 days of training, case-studies, demos and panels.

• WebRTC technology & market insights
• Great opportunity to evaluate technologies & services available on the market
• Global speaker list & technology committee
• Larger exhibition

2014 Conference Agenda: What are the next hot things in WebRTC ?
What are the customer profiles? What are the service providers strategies?

WebRTC is the next hot thing on the web. But what’s the next hot thing in WebRTC?
What about ORTC and WebRTC 2.0?

The 2014 WebRTC Paris conference & expo will highlight new usages of WebRTC: data channel video streaming, WebRTC & TV services, M2M applications.

WebRTC is a smart technology, but how customers use it? What are the first WebRTC user profiles?
What does it mean to use a WebRTC API platform? A panel gathering users will be organized during the conference. The aim is to demonstrate how customers are using their WebRTC service platform.

What is WebRTC impact on service providers business and organization?
Main European service providers will testimony on their strategy to extend legacy communication services to the web. What are the current relevant use cases? Can they monetize their services?

Agenda 2014 at a Glance
Detailed Agenda 2014 PDF
Detailed Agenda 2014 online

Upperside would again like to thank the members of the committee for their commitment and support.

WebRTC 2013 by the Numbers

The profile of the 2013 edition participants demonstrates a strong presence from European actors in this area, especially among the service providers. Figures also show a strong participation from brand new start-ups.

Profile of the 170 participants

30% operators, 5% analysts, 5% researchers, 30% new start-ups, 30% telecom equipment vendors.
Service providers’ origin 75% European, 15% Asia, 10% America

Last year participants

The Exhibition



What is WebRTC for Telcos?

August 26, 2014 /by Sebastian Schumann, Slovak Telecom

Did the Telco bell ring? I often read statements from the “Internet advocates” or from vendors around Telco’s and their views/mistakes in relation to WebRTC, but barely any share experience from within. I would like to share my thoughts on how the “democratization of voice” is seen by those who (still) earn a large portion [...]

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Five Points to Consider for Real WebRTC Deployments

August 19, 2014 /by Iago Soto Mata

There are nowadays lots of ongoing proof of concepts and field trials involving WebRTC, having some of them reached the production stage. In this post we are going to explore which problems arise when you move from the lab to a production environment. These are five points to take into account when you are working with real field deployments of WebRTC.

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Another View on WebRTC Data Channel – Interview with StreamRoot

August 5, 2014 /by Remi Scavenius

Continuing the WebRTC Data Channel series of interviews I took the opportunity to get Nikolay Robionov’s, Co-Founder of StreamRoot, point of view. StreamRoot is a peer-to-peer video delivery solution that helps online broadcasters to cut their bandwidth costs by up to 90%, while improving the quality of streaming.

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Exploiting WebRTC Data Channel Potential: Interview with Viblast

July 29, 2014 /by Remi Scavenius

Following my previous post about companies using the WebRTC data channel I started doing some in-depth interviews with a few of them. Viblast is providing scalable video streaming solutions. Our software platform addresses the unique challenges of broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) video content providers to reliably deliver high quality video

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WebRTC MTI Video Codec: More is Less

July 22, 2014 /by Amir Zmora

After Victor spoke about the different point of views of vendors and segments on the mandatory to implement (MTI) video codec in WebRTC we presented this poll question. What should be the mandatory video codec in WebRTC? To my great surprise, in both sessions, the majority (around 40%) selected an option different from my opinion.

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WebRTC Standards Update

WebRTC is being standardized at W3C and IETF each taking care of standardization work based on its charter. W3C – Client side APIs – Required so developers will be have a common interface for writing applications that can run on all browsers. IETF – On the wire protocols, states and events – In practice this means all the media stuff as well as requirements for the APIs provided to the W3C. Signaling was left out on purpose.

Since standardization is work in progress and actual implementations are impacted by what Google is releasing in the WebRTC code it is instrumental for everyone involved with WebRTC technically to be updated on the standardization progress, plans and decisions made.

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