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MPLS SDN World 2014
co-located with
V6 World 2014

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Thomas nadeau


Omar Cherkaoui | Uqam
  NFV Architecture and Standard Progress Session
  08.30 NFV: A Real Options Analysis for vEPC
    Presenting Real Options Analysis as a technique to qualify the business case benefits for NFV using the vEPC use case as an example.

Peter Willis
| BT 
  08.50 Network Virtualization: An Opportunity to Build Mouldable Networks?
    • How by combining NFV and SDN technologies we have a real opportunity to build more flexible networks.
• Why network virtualization is not just cloud.
• Work being undertaken at Telefónica towards this aim.

Gerardo García | Telefonica
  09.10 ETSI Current Works on NFV
Presenting the ETSI NFV Industry Standard Group's Architectural Framework - the presenter is the NFV Rapporteur and editor for the document. Discussing service provider requirements, use cases, and possible deployment scenarios for NFV.

Andrew G. Malis | HUAWEI
  10.00 Reliability and High Availability of Virtual Network Functions in SDN Network
    Examining the reliability and high availability related issues of virtualized network functions (VNFs), exploring various SDN architectures to achieve reliability and high availability, and analyzing potential protocols.

Linda Dunbar | Distinguished Engineer & Technical Leader of Advanced Technology Group | Huawei Technology
  10.20 Software Defined Infrastructure for NFV
Murray Cooke, Intel How modern silicon provides a future proof NFV services platform
Real life NFV solution examples
SDI Ecosystem initiatives to facilitate solution deployment

Murray Cooke | Network Computing Solutions Architect | Intel
  10.40 NFV + SDN: The New Way to Operate a Network
David Amzallag, Alcatel-Lucent Discussing the main challenges we are facing in operationalizing NFV end-to-end, i.e., from business-level modeling and orchestration through OSS and management & orchestration of NFV platforms, all the way to the network with NFV and SDN. Explaining the needs for a new OSS framework.

David Amzallag
| Vice President, Virtual Telecommunications and Cloudband CTO | Alcatel-Lucent Board Advisor of ETSI NFV ISG
  11.00 Operationalizing SDN Enabled NFV Networks
    Discussing operational aspects of NFV in a service provider network. Focusing on the need to have a simple way of defining service workflow policies and allowing the underlying infrastructure to abstract the complexities of realizing and managing these services.

François Lemarchand | Director IP Strategies | Ericsson
  11.20 Data Centers and SDN/NFV
    Data Centers and SDN/NFV Where the side walk ends. An examination of transforming legacy data centers into a foundation for launching SDN&NFV.

David Hughes | PCCW Global
  Non-Intel Approaches to NFV Session  
  11.40 ARM-Based NFV/SDN  
Outlining an approach that includes silicon, software and systems activities that when aligned with the broad ARM eco-system will support an array of efficient new control plane, data plane, CDN, server and cloud platforms to meet the broad requirements outlined in the SDN and NFV initiatives.

Colin Alexander | Enterprise Segment Marketing | ARM
  12.00 Mellanox Approach to NFV & SDN  
    The presentation will covering Mellanox server and storage interconnect solutions for NFV & SDN based on industry standard technologies to address network acceleration, cloud management and orchestration enable Carriers to develop and deploy multi-vendor NFV Clouds.

Eran Bello | Mellanox
  12.30 LUNCH  
Andrew Malis


Andrew G. Malis | HUAWEI
  Service Chaining Session  
  14.00 Service Function Chaining  
    Providing an overview of existing service insertion techniques and extending those to include specific use cases highlighting the technology elements that will be necessary for realization of new service delivery methods.

Jim Guichard | Cisco
  14.20 Automated Multi-Vendor Layer 4-7 Service Chaining Using SDN  
Jan Lindblad , Tail-F Focusing on the use of SDN approaches to automate service chaining in an environment with layer 4-7 appliances from different vendors (firewalls, content filtering, IPS/IDS, WAN acceleration, load-balancing, etc). This includes coordination of packet flow provisioning, using Openflow controllers and switches, with the reconfiguring of the services in the chain.

Jan Lindblad | Principal Solutions Architect | Tail-f Systems
  NFV Use Cases and Applications Session  
  14.40 NFV: Unleashing Network Services Scalability and Automation  
Hector Avalos, versa Networks NFV brings unprecedented network agility, automation, speed, scalability and simplicity while realizing tangible CAPEX and OPEX cost savings.
Describing the drivers of NFV, use cases, benefits and the synergies with SDN.

Hector Avalos | Dir. Strategy and Business Development |
Versa Networks
  15.00 SDN/NFV and the Information-driven Service Provider  
Hector Avalos, versa Networks Demonstrating, with operating software examples, how SDN/NFV and computational analytics will enable powerful new service mass-customization and revenue management capabilities to boost revenues and unlock new addressable demand, shifting carrier business models from infrastructure-oriented to information-driven.

Chris Janz | VP Market Development | CIENA
  15.20 Translating NFV Network Technology to Business Value  
Shaul Rozen, Amdocs Translating NFV into business value is far from trivial. Focusing on the key challenges in unleashing the business value of NFV and what best practices can be deployed to overcome them.

Shaul Rozen
| Director of Product Strategy |
  15.50 COFFEE BREAK  
  16.20 Colt’s SDN/NFV Initial Deployments and Future Evolution  
Javier Benitez, Colt Providing an update on the DC Network Virtualization development based on the results of a Pilot currently runned (Q3 2013), and potentially giving details about live deployment of the solution and initial learning. Presenting Colt’s detailed NFV strategy.

Javier Benitez | Senior Network Architect, SDN Strategy Owner |
Nicolas Fischbach | Director of Network Strategy & Architecture |
  16.40 NFV/SDN at the Metro Open Edge  
Describing how NFV/SDN will enable evolution to IT aware network : Introducing a new open solution application From service mass production to mass customization Turning the Metro edge from single purpose platforms to multipurpose open platforms enabling Network APPS

Moshe Shimon | VP Product Management | Telco Systems
  17.00 Experiences with Implementing and Deploying NFV over the last 5 Years  
    Providing evaluations of the following promises of NFV:
horizontal / vertical scalability
Large scale network automation
Cost reduction from an opex and capex perspective
Rate of innovation
Disaster recovery
Concluding with a few thoughts on the future of NFV in the context of IAAS clouds and SDN.

Chiradeep Vittal | Committer and PMC Member |
Apache CloudStack project
  17.20 Protocol Oblivious Forwarding for NFV & Other Applications  
    Showcasing how Protocol Oblivious Forwarding can support emerging real world applications and enable applications that were difficult or impossible in networking prior to SDN. For example, a customized packet format can easily support service chaining for NFV and innovative network OAM.  

Dr. Haoyu Song | Senior Network Architect | Huawei Technologies USA
  17.40 Migration to a Virtualization-leveraged Network Architecture-Challenges and Strategies  
    Focusing on some of the key challenges facing the operators set to implement virtualization today and discussing strategies for a migration into a practically realizable virtualization-leveraged network architecture.

Sundaresh Vedapureeswaran | Principal Network Architect | Ericsson