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NFV & SDN Summit 2015: Standards or Open Source?

Standards versus open source: which is better for quickly getting products to market? What is the role of openstack and opendaylight in network orchestration/control/management? The fourth edition of the NFV & SDN Summit, to be held in Paris in March 2015, will respond to these crucial questions (among others).

As it was the case this year, the Summit will be jointly organized with the 17th Edition of MPLS SDN World. The growing interest in this new technology should attract about 1500 attendees for the 2015 edition of MPLS SDN World Congress and the NFV & SDN Summit.

More than 65 countries represented

The profile of the Congress delegates demonstrates a growing internationalization and a very strong presence of service providers.

Representatives from the EU were 50 %, followed by North America (15%), Russia (13%) and Middle East (9%). With carriers coming from more than 65 countries, the NFV & SDN Summit and the MPLS SDN World Congress can claim to be the first international event in this realm.

Co-located with the MPLS SDN World Congress

As was the case in 2014, NFV & SDN Summit and the collocated MPLS SDN World Congress will have a common agenda during the first day of the event, and will end with a debate addressing the most important technical issues impacting service providers’ network architectures.

The agenda: orchestration, open source initiatives, service chaining, use cases

The 2015 program will pay particular attention to open source initiatives, orchestration issues and NFV use cases. Other sessions will cover service chaining, L4-L7 services, scalability of centralized management, and scalability/resilience of virtualized network elements.

The proposals will be analyzed and categorized according to their degree of pertinence by the members of the scientific committee. Upperside would again like to thank the members of the committee.

The Exhibition

The exhibition floor plan was sold out in 2014. To book your booth or your sponsoring package and get more information, click-here

2015 Exhibitors: # 104 CIENA # 113 RAD # 201 QOSMOS # 202 FONEX # 203 IXIA # 204 OSI HARDWARE # 206 QUALISYSTEMS # 301 DIMETIS # 302 WebNMS # 303 METASWITCH NETWORKS # 308 6WIND # 311 MEINBERG # 401 PACKET DESIGN # 501 ADVA OPTICAL

# 101, # 102, # 103, # 113, # 104, # 105 and # 205 reserved.
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The Interop Platform

The European Advanced Networking Test Center ( EANTC) in collaboration with Upperside Conferences will invite industrials to a multi-vendor MPLS SDN & NFV interoperability test in January 2015, that will be demonstrated during the Congress.

In 2014, Cloud delivery and orchestration were the major focus of the interop along the topics of:

During the congress, EANTC will present results in regular guided tours to conference attendees. The showcase will be open for the full four days of the conferences (Tuesday to Friday).

To get more info, click-here