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Joel Stradling, Research Director, Business Network and IT Services,
Current Analysis
08.40   Challenges and Observations from NFV POCs

Pravin Mirchandani
OneAccess Networks
09.00   Etisalat: Building an Unified Network Architecture
    Sharing the experience of how the network architecture have been evolved in Etisalat network to build unified network that support different mobile access technologies alongside with GPON technology for fixed access and enterprise services. And how the architecture was designed to support NFV/SDN introduction. Discussing experiences in different SDN/NFV proof of concepts (POC) and trials.

Eslam Kandiel,
Network Architecture Manager,
Ali AlKaff,
Senior Director of Emerging Technologies,
09.20   DT: Integrating Data Center and Carrier Network for End-to-End Service Provisioning
    Covering different options for integrating DC and SP network and addresses the following topics:
• Requirements for End-to-End Network orchestration (e.g. OpenStack integration, separate controllers, options for southbound protocols, security)
• Architectural options of DCI (Data Center Interconnect) and carrier network integration (e.g. MPLS based, “flat IP” model, virtual router, …)
• Evaluation, pro and cons of architectural options Operational impact of End-to-End integration (e.g. if a network function is moved into DC).

Nicolai Leymann, Deutsche Telekom
09.40   Colt’s overall SDN/NFV Strategy
    From physical L3 CPE routers to a virtualised IP service (Internet Access & IP/MPLS VPN)
Pre-NFV development live since 2012 Virtual L3 CPE
Virtual DC appliances (FW, LB)
Control plane functions (BGP Route Reflector)

Javier Benitez, Colt
10.00   Speed Matters for NFV and SDN: Use cases
    Addressing how to solve performance challenges with software for the following use cases, without impacting the existing infrastructure (Linux, Hypervisors, OpenStack, SDN Controllers): • NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) with virtual switches to provide Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) • Increasing VNF performance leveraging standard Virtio interfaces • Increasing the performance for the virtual switch function in SDN Controllers to scale SDN architectures.

Eric Carmès,
Founder and CEO, 6WIND
10.50   NFV – Virtualized Routing and Applicability to the Residential Customer Edge
    Reviewing the details of a virtualized residential gateway application which is gaining significant traction in the residential services segment. In today’s networks, residential services are implemented using operator-provided, in-home equipment, including the residential gateway (RGW).

Authors: Rudy Hoebeke, Vice President Product Management and Sanjay Wadhwa, Senior Director Product Management - IP Division, Nokia

Rudy Hoebeke, Vice President Product Management- IP Division, Nokia
11.10   Data Center Virtualization
    Describing the experience with NFV workload processing by deploying Dockers and Kubernetes system. Discussing multiple scenarios and challenges in adapting the NF to light weight dockers, specially how would system transfer the packets which is essential for Carrier Workloads. How the overall system integrates with cloud platforms like Openstack and its orchestration framework.

Masood Ul Amin, Lead Product Manager and Chief Architect, Aricent
11.30   Orange: Using Commoditized Hardware underneath (x86 or ARM)
    Describing a whitebox concept driven by an IPsec SDN controller in order to be secure and compatible with existing deployments. Showing the interest of the whitebox, an implementation using open source technologies and adding VNF value added directly on the CPE such as SD-WAN VNF or Application Acceleration VNF.

Sylvain Desbureaux, Orange
RAN & MEC use cases reports
11.50   Use Cases on RAN Transport Interaction
    Outlining the concept of Radio & Transport Interaction (RTI) with use cases and architecture as well as the impact this will have on routing and packet processing.

Shahryar Khan, Expert and Chief Architect Multiservice Transport Network Architectures, Ericsson
12.10   Mobile Edge Computing Use Cases
    Report from use cases in MEC that can help optimizing the backhaul and the ingress to the core. MEC will reuse the infrastructure and infrastructure management of NFV.

Philip Lamoureux,
Juniper Networks
12.30   LUNCH
SeCURITY Session
14.00   Application Controlled Security through SDN and Virtualized Network Security Functions
    Overviewing Application Driven Security controller that can radically improve cybersecurity through SDN, Virtualized Network Security Functions, and security control softwarization. Demonstrating how IETF I2NSF can provide the needed tool, i.e. the standardized interfaces, for multi-vendor network security functions to be controlled by the Application driven Security Controller.

Linda Dunbar, Huawei
14.20   SDN/NFV for Cloud Security
    Along with the rapid growth of cloud services, the Inter-Cloud/Inter-Provider connections are increasingly the subject of major DDoS attacks. Focusing on: . IPv6 security implementation through the SDN layer down to server end-point in Cloud DC . New challenges and mitigation strategies of Inter-Cloud DDoS attacks with SDN/NFV - from IETF standard work to development effort.

Luyuan Fang, Microsoft
14.40   Strengthening Data Center Security with Micro-segmentation based on Layer 7 Visibility
    Microsegmentation divides the data center into smaller zones which can be protected separately. The advantage is that in case of a breach, the damage can quickly be contained to a small number of compromised devices. This new approach requires a real-time association between applications and security policies. Therefore, east-west traffic between VMs must be analyzed in real-time, up to the layer 7 application.

Nicolas Bouthors, CTO, Qosmos
15.00   Enabling Hybrid Cloud Transport
    As more Enterprises begin to adopt public cloud services to extend their on-premise data center capabilities there is a need to stitch the public instance into the enterprise network. Most public cloud providers don’t terminate overlay technologies such as MPLS or VXLAN. This problem can be solved by instantiating your own virtual router in the public cloud and utilizing a combination secure transport (IPSEC) and overlay routing protocol of your choice.

Julie Zhao, Senior Product Line Manager, Juniper Networks
15.20   Making NFV-based Business Services Secure
    Considering typical VNF use cases and analyses the transition from present service delivery practices towards an NFV-based network implementation. New risk characteristics requiring additional technical control are identified and measures to counter the emerging risk are proposed. As a wide range of potential vulnerabilities needs to be considered, there is no single solution. Instead different measures such as encryption, authentication or isolation have to be combined. Proposing practical means for implementation and providing results demonstrating their effectiveness.

Ulrich Kohn, Adva Optical
15.40   Securing and Managing the Virtualized Network with Operational Intelligence
    An operational Intelligence solution has the ability to aggregate data from a plethora of siloed network sources, enrich it with relevant supplementary data, and then apply analytics models to provide sufficient context. This produces insights that can be visualized in different forms and drives a diverse range of use cases and automation to secure and manage networks.

Stefan Meinders, Deepfield
16.00   Security Requirements for NFV in TaaS
    Proposed TaaS (Telecommunications network as a Service) shall implement at least partially security requirements outlined in ETSI NFV specification. TaaS concept needs to be analyzed further and compared with NFV to find commonalities and also to understand how it can be positioned in NFV context. ETSI NFV compliant open source software implementation OPNFV should be analyzed how well it addresses security concerns outlined for TaaS.

Authors: Vikramajeet Khatri, Security Specialist, T&I Research and Mehrnoosh Monshizadeh, Security Specialist, T&I Research, Nokia

Mehrnoosh Monshizadeh, Security Specialist, T&I Research, Nokia

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