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The 1st worldwide Event in the MPLS SDN & NFV Market

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One Single World Congress in 2016

The 18th Edition of the MPLS/SDN/NFV World Congress, to be held 08/11 March 2016 in Paris, will once again gather major actors of service providers and enterprises networks evolution.

The Congress will begin with a plenary session during the first conference day and will then carry on with two main tracks: NFV & Open source and MPLS SDN Perspectives.

A strong presence of service providers (more than 50% of the audience) as well as a growing internationalization (see figures) will confirm the Paris World Congress as the first worldwide event in the MPLS SDN & NFV area.

The 2016 Agenda: What is left of NFV? What can’t we do with MPLS?

Day 1 / Plenary session: After the marketing rush, what is left of SDN/NFV?

Architecture evolutions
Operational impacts
Business models

Learn from Orange, BT, Telefonica, Comcast, Google, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, AT&T, Telecom Italia, NTT, Verizon and Colt experiences and vision.

Software defined WAN: what will the future CPE looks like?

The Software Defined Access is definitely the hottest subject in the industry. What functions should be with the customer? In the POP?

Key Sessions:

• Next generation CPE
• Security

NFV & Open Source Track

Is NFV another mirage, just like the one the Industry like to invent on a regular bases?

Many service providers today, seem to think so as they have trouble making difference between SDN and NFV. Others seems to think that this attitude is just a necessary pause after the abundant media cover and that the NFV concept will soon mature in a definite solution.

Key Sessions:

• Service insurance in NFV: What about mission critical services?
• Return on experiences: facing reality
• An open ecosystem for NFV and SDN

MPLS & SDN Track

Some industry actors are claiming that we do not need MPLS no more. Service Providers, have however, a more concrete vision. It’s not about getting rid of MPLS but finding out what it is possible or not possible to achieve with this technology within virtual networks architecture.

Key Sessions:

• Segment routing: deployment experience and technology update
• SDN for core networks
• Analytics & multicast

The 5G Observatory and the Fog Networking conference

Co-located with the congress, the 5G Observatory and the Fog Networking conferences will discuss and highlight the last developments in the 5G area in terms of research as well as industry perspectives.

The Exhibition (Sold Out)

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1500+ participants coming from 65 countries

With a record attendance of 1500+ attendees, coming from 65 countries, the 2015 edition has confirmed the Congress as, not only, the first Worldwide event in the SDN, NFV and MPLS market segments but the Congress has also retained awareness and priority within the Community.

With representatives from the EU (58%), followed by North America (14%), Russia (10%), Asia (8%) and Middle East (7%), the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress can claim to be the First International Event in this realm.

Attending the Congress means:
Asia: 8%
Middle East: 7%
North America: 14%
South America: 3%
Russia and Eastern Europe: 10%
West Europe: 58%
Director/VP/CxO: 34%
Head of/Manager: 22%
Engineer/Developer/Architect: 21%
Analyst/Consultant/Press: 11%
Other: 6%
Project/Business Development: 5%
Operators, ISP and integrators: 40%
Research and academics: 4%
Enterprise: 5%
Analysts, Press, Consultants: 6%
Equipment vendors: 25%
Software solution providers: 10%
Test and interop: 6%
Semiconductor: 4%

The Interop Showcase

The European Advanced Networking Test Centre (EANTC) together with Upperside Conferences will organize, as each year, a public Multi-Vendor Interoperability test and showcase during the Congress.

The EANTC team will present results in regular guided tours to conference attendees. The showcase is open for the full four days of the conferences (Tuesday to Friday).

The showcase will explore the areas of Service Provider WAN and Data Center SDN as well as, as every year, co-host the only industry-wide packet clock synchronization interoperability. Initial topics are:

• Segment Routing
• Ethernet VPNs
• SDN Controllers
• Yang Models for Services
• LTE Clock Synchronization Readiness

2015 Interop Participants    

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