25TH EDITION 9/10/11 APRIL Paris 2024
Towards New Architectures

The 25th Edition of the MPLS SD & AI Net World congress will stand in the Palais des Congrès de Paris from 9th to 11th of April 2024

For 25 years now, the Congress have highlighted and explained the softwerization, disaggregation and cloudification processes.
The 2024 edition will give a special highlight on network performance with a special focus on Integrated Performance Measurement. IPv6 only networks will also be given a large echo, through a debate and a rich set of service providers experience reports.

Other main sessions will cover AI/ML challenges and deployments, with a specific session on digital twins, 5G evolution, network programming and IP/Optical convergence.

The Global IP Assembly: Looking forward to the future of the Internet Protocol

In overture of the Congress this year, “The Global IP Assembly” will gather some of the most renowned experts of the Industry. They will discuss aspects of what they see for IP going forward :
  • Enhancements to IP
  • Evolution of higher-level protocols above IP
  • Intent Based Networking
  • Automation/programmability
  • Topology attestation : path validation, trusted networking
  • Converging IP and Optical
  • From Telco to Tech-co

“The Congress is an exciting time of the year because we’ve been working a lot prior either in terms of innovation, productization, standardization very close work with the lead operators and when we come to Paris every year we come with new contents, new work that is real because it’s not only ideas.”
 Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Fellow

EANTC Multi-Vendor MPLS SDN Interoperability Test 2024

The EANTC will conduct a multi-Vendor Interoperability Test in Fabruary 2024 and will showcase the results during the Congress.

The 2024 test event will cover 5G transport networks implemented in mobile network fronthaul and backhaul, end-to-end transport network slicing, traffic engineering, and packet network synchronization.

Multiple transport domains such as WAN, data centers, metro edge, and microwave solutions will also be integrated. EANTC will focus on validating network stability solutions and implementation efficiency, which includes IP/Optical convergence and SRv6 Flex-Algo.

“What I really like about the conference is, of course, to put MPLS in the center, but they also have added technologies that are relevant. So back in the day was just MPLS and they added Ethernet that is SDN and they added AI OPS and AI in general.”
 Kireeti Kompella, SVP, Juniper Networks

Participants: Technical Profile and Majority of SPs and Enterprises

With over a 1000 participants from 53 countries and 215 companies attending, MPLS SD & AI Net World 2023 has once again reached a high level of interest and confirmed to be a valuable event to get a comprehensive overview of where the networking industry is heading to and meet the best experts in the routing area.

Figures demonstrate two main aspects of the Congress. First, a majority of participants (57%) comes from SPs and enterprises. Second, they present a strong technical profile (25 % sales only).

This confirm MPLS SD & AI Net World as the worldwide rendez-vous for people involved in the future evolution of the IP routing industry. If you want to know what comes next, you have to attend this event.


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Pre-events Monday 8th April