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François Gauthier,
08.30   Opening Talk

By Aapo Markkanen
Principal Analyst
Machina Research
    Delivering an analyst's view of the latest developments in IoT connectivity, with a special focus on how the Low Power Wide Area networks are driving the market. Presenting findings from Machina Research's latest reports and providing an update on the related market forecasts.

introduction Session
09.00   Comparing LPWAN Technologies
    Should we choose a LPWAN technology or stay on more classical wireless system? Among the existing technologies LPWAN : LoRa, Sigfox, Qowisio ... which is the most suitable for my application? Must I make a choice or integrate several technologies in my sensor?

Pascal Saguin, CEO, Adeunis RF
09.30   Protocols and Wireless Technologies in the IoT Context
    Providing an overview of SigFox, LoRa, 868Mhz, 169MHz, GSM/LTE/5G, Modbus, Wireless M-Bus, 6LowPan, etc…
• What are the usefull questions for making a choice?
• Coexistence and complementarity of these technologies.
What is the response of the GSM world?
• What future for proprietary technologies? Will we seee new solutions arising? Licensed or unlicensed?

Vincent Bulot,
Business Development Manager, Atim
10.00   How to Play the Capacity/Data Rate Game
    LPWAN is in the process to prove the market appetite for a completely different trade-off between capacity, data rate, range, cost, scalability and autonomy. This being acted, what can happen next? How will the incumbent telecom industry players react? What are LPWAN players’ challenges going forward? How can they fight off the counter-attack of LTE and WiFi? How can they fight their own fragmentation? Could the capacity and data rate race that otherwise dominates the wireless industry not take place in LPWAN?

Loic Lietar, CEO, GreenWaves Technologies
11.00   LTE-M
    Focusing on the most important benefits that LTE-M is bringing to the market:
• Being a standardized and licensed solution
• Being a low power solution, a low-cost solution
• Using strong, field-proven security mechanisms
• Being quickly deployed in global markets thanks to the re-use of 4G/LTE

Nicolas Damour, Senior Manager for Business and Innovation, Sierra Wireless
11.25   3GPP: NB IoT
    Discussing NB-IOT, a new narrowband radio technology to address the requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT). The new technology will provide improved indoor coverage, support of massive number of low throughput devices, low delay sensitivity, ultra-low device cost, low device power consumption and optimized network architecture.

Philippe Reininger,
Chairman, 3GPP RAN WG3
11.50   Weightless: Open Standards for LPWAN Landscape
    The only successful wireless technologies are open standards, and the world of LPWAN connectivity for the IoT will be no different. Weightless provides the only fully open standards for unlicensed and licensed operation. Its set of standards includes Weightless-N providing one-way communications for the most low-power and lightweight devices, Weightless-P providing robust and feature-rich two-way connectivity and Weightless-W for operation in white space spectrum where available.

William Webb, President, Weightless SIG
WiFi IoT Session
12.15   WiFi IoT Solutions
    Describing different low power solutions that will enable Wi-Fi to maintain its critical role in the IoT. Discussing additional IoT-related activities that are helping to further proliferate Wi-Fi in the Smart Home and other segments.

Aapo Markkanen
, Principal Analyst, Machina Research
12.30   WiFi Role in IIoT
    Describing the role of WiFi in IIOT to enable critical application, such as distributed advanced analytics on the edge, by ensuring network high performance. Discovering why WiFi is so useful to build a scalable, flexible and secure industrial grade network solution able to make visible and measurable the invisible industrial machines and sensors.

Nicola De Carne, Founder and VP of Marketing, Wi-NEXT
12.45   LUNCH
Technology providers Session
14.00   LoRa WAN: Balancing the Technology Push and Market Pull
    Discussing the needs for standardization, interoperable networks (open, closed, and propriety), and robust technology with several key attributes. Pulling from a variety of proven use cases in the agriculture, supply chain, and building automation industries

Jaap Groot, Senior Business Development Director, Semtech
14.30   Fully Decentralised LPWA Networks
    Discussing a disruptive IoT connectivity solution which enables anyone to become an operator for his own network anywhere in the world. A solution which is HW independent, based on open market off the shelf radios and standard IPv6 adaptation and IoT protocols.

Jussi Numminen, Director, Head of Radio Strategy and IPR, Wirepas
15.00   Reliable, Ultra-low Energy, High-capacity Scalable Networking
    Presenting the key characteristics of Weightless-P and what it brings to LPWAN-U (unlicensed spectrum). Describing the design principles which uniquely allow Weightless-P to bring the capabilities of field-proven cellular technologies to the low-complexity and ultra-low power LPWAN space.

Fabien Petitgrand, CTO, M2COMM
16.00   Orange
    Discussing the view of Orange regarding the radio technology alternatives (pros and cons of the technologies evaluated in our labs) to address low power wide area services based on extensive analyses and tests performed these 5 last years:
• the reasons why Orange has selected LoRa technology
• the technical challenges to operate an IoT LPWA network based on unlicensed spectrum
• the LoRa network architecture deployed

Jérôme de Murcia, Orange Labs, Project Leader on IoT Network Infrastructures, Orange
16.30   Qowisio
    Describing a company active along every part of the value chain for connected devices (range of innovative devices, connectivity, applications, cloud, etc.). Last June Qowisio raised €10 million in setting up its first public network on mainland France.

Cyrille Le FLoch,
CEO, Qowisio
17.00   Bouygues
    Discussing technical challenges, architecture choices. Presenting case studies. Overviewing market evolution.

Thomas Landspurg,
17.30   What will Future IoT Networks Look Like?
    Licensed or unlicensed?
Ultra narrow band vs space spectrum?
Open or proprietary protocols?
Throughput vs very low power?
François Gauthier,

    Cyrille Le FLoch, CEO, Qowisio
Jérôme de Murcia, Orange Labs, Project Leader on IoT Network Infrastructures, Orange
Philippe Cola, Senior E2E Network Architect and Services, Bouygues Telecom
Fabien Petitgrand, CTO, M2COMM
Nicolas Damour, Senior Manager for Business and Innovation, Sierra Wireless
Loic Lietar, CEO, GreenWaves Technologies
Pascal Saguin, Adeunis RF

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