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Achieving the transition.

Achieving the transition.

The second SD-WAN Summit will take place from the 26th to 28th September 2017 in Paris CDG.

The most eminent experts  will bring answers to the following questions: What is an SD-WAN service? When a provider can be called « SD-WAN » provider?

As a participant operator puts it: « You can’t replace a network with 43 VRF, 5 classes of QoS, etc. by an IPsec VPN tunnel over the Internet ».

So when it comes to co-existence with MPLS, how do you manage a smooth transition to SD-WAN in different real situations?
How to implement a solution with 2 or more SD-WAN providers?

As stated by another telco : « Using SD-WAN and the Internet is one thing. Achieving performance is another. How do we maintain quality of service? »

The agenda: technological challenges, operators and enterprises case studies, security and management issues

The EANTC Workshop

The conference starts with a workshop addressed by the EANTC. This session covers key SD-WAN design requirements, solution parameters, implementation pitfalls, based on test results and live demo.

Conference technical sessions

Renowned experts will address the main remaining technical challenges:

  • SD-WAN technical implementation options
  • Service capabilities and consumption
  • Application recognition and classification
  • Performance monitoring and traffic steering
  • Security and scalability issues
  • Management and orchestration
  • Future directions

Panels & round tables: Internet underlay, NaaS, SD-WAN standards

The main panel will tackle the following questions:

  • Is SD-WAN to become the swiss army knife of the network or just one service among others running on a uCPE device?
  • Is the internet a viable underlay or must we work on automating Ethernet/MPLS underlay?
  • Is SD-WAN that next generation service or is it a compromise while Telco’s play catch-up?
  • Where are Telco’s on the journey to NaaS?
  • What sort of control are they handing over to the end-customer and what needs to happen to progress this?

Other round tables will address the following subjects:

  • SD-WAN integration with NFV & SDN 
  • Standard interfaces or proprietary?

  • SD-WAN at the Edge
  • HW vs. SW, capabilities of SD-WAN edge devices

Telco deployment experiences session

  • What are the organisational challenges for telcos?
  • What are their main technological challenges and how they are addressed?
  • Does SD-WAN need a standard? At least, interop between SD-WAN solutions supporting SP off net scenarios?

Hear testimonies from Verizon, Orange, BT, Colt, Telia, Exponential E

Enterprises expectations session

As reported by an enterprise representant who will testimony during the conference : « There are so much providers using SD-WAN as a marketing statement while they do not offer a real SD-WAN solution ». Enterprise representants (Interroll, Carrefour) will describe their current deployment challenges in terms of performance, orchestration, VNF implementation, etc.

A special effort will be made to bolster the participation of enterprises. They will be able to exhibit their strategies and expectations by business sector (industry, bank & finance, distribution/transport, etc.).

Public Multi-Vendor Test

The European Advanced Networking Test Center will organize a public multi-vendor test and showcase at the SD-WAN Summit 2017. Together with participating vendors, the EANTC will exhibit what is feasible in SD-WAN today and how service provider and enterprises can benefit from the displayed solution.

Topics covered:
  • Scalability
  • Multi-Tenancy Management
  • User Portal Management
  • Cloud Migration
  • Endpoint Configuration
  • Security
  • Endpoint and LEP Link Resiliency
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Service Chaining & Elasticity
Participants will be able to chose from the range of topics according to their marketing strategy. The tests will be a closed doors event taking place at EANTC’s lab in Berlin or on vendor site.

The solutions will be demonstrated live at the Paris conference. Successful results will be published in a report.

SDx Central Feed

The 2016 edition: more than 280 participants

More than 280 participants attended the first Edition of the SD-WAN Summit in September 2016. This largely successful event confirms that SD-WAN technology holds extremely interesting potential today and in the coming years.

Enterprises, Service Providers, Integrators and equipment Vendors attended the Conference.

Participant profile: more than 50% SPs & Enterprises

A survey of conference-goers shows that service providers (35%) and enterprises (16%) represented more than 50% of the delegates. Consultancy firms and analysts were also in attendance, making up 11% of the participants.

2017 Scientific Committee

Peter Konings

Todd Bates

Nicolas Fischbach

Claudio Scola
Tata Communication

David Edo

David Dot

Gregory Cauchie

Franck Morales

Wu Chou

Hector Avalos
Versa Networks

Ariful Huk

Wim Henderickx

Jean-Marc Uzé

Carsten Rossenhövel

Amir Zmora
The NewDialtone

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Dean Bubley
Disruptive Analysis

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IHS Technology

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Silver Peak

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