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Simplifying Enterprise WAN.

SD-WAN Summit 2016: Simplifying Enterprise WAN.

More than 280 participants attended the first Edition of the SD-WAN Summit last September 20th to 22nd. This largely successful event confirms that SD-WAN technology holds extremely interesting potential today and in the coming years.

Enterprises, Service Providers, Integrators and equipment Vendors attended the Conference.

Participant profile: more than 50% SPs & Enterprises

A survey of conference-goers shows that service providers (35%) and enterprises (16%) represented more than 50% of the delegates. Consultancy firms and analysts were also in attendance, making up 11% of the participants.

Lots of questions but few answers

The overall contents of the conference bore out that today SD-WAN poses more questions than answers:

What are the different solutions?
How do they differ from one another?
What are the problems that companies must solve?
How much do clients really understand about the technology?

As one speaker put it, “You do not replace a network with 43 VRF, 5 classes of QoS, etc. by an IPsec VPN tunnel over the Internet.”

The fact of the matter is there are just too many implications and challenges to consider before it can be introduced to the enterprise organization. After all, companies want to make sure they’re getting the best solution they can without negatively impacting any of their applications.

The 2017 Edition: performance, security, scalability, interoperability

The second SD-WAN Summit will take place from the 26th to 28th September 2017. Venue to be confirmed.

The most eminent experts will tackle the key questions as to the future of this technology.

Does SD-WAN need a standard? At least, interop between SD-WAN solutions supporting SP off net scenarios?

Performance issues: Why do you need the right mix of latency, bandwidth, Quality of Service and Class of Service for Data Traffic and Applications?

Security issues: How to secure your network boundaries when connecting to third parties and Cloud Providers fundamental?

Scalability issues: Why do you need to ensure the network extends and performs consistently across all sites — no matter where in the world they’re located, and regardless of whether you use a private or Cloud base?

Bolster the participation of Enterprises

The organizers intend to double the capacity of the Conference venue to accommodate more delegates and provide a larger Exhibition space.

A special effort will be made to bolster the participation of companies. They will be able to exhibit their strategies and expectations by business sector (industry, bank & finance, distribution/transport, etc.).

2017 Call for Proposals

The following list of topics is not exhaustive and authors may propose other subjects in keeping within the thematic framework.

• SD-WAN roadmaps
• Architecture scenarios
• End customers perspectives
• White box
• Hybrid WAN services
• MPLS and Internet coexistence
• Enterprise solutions
• Carrier services field trials
• Security
• Reliability
• Scalability issues
• Disponibility
• Cost and agility benefits
• Cloud management
• Cellular as last mile solution
• SLA requirements
• QoS applications
• Zero touch provision
• Network visibility
• Provisionning
• Hardware evolution
• Performance
• Application specific optimization

Abstracts must not exceed one page. They may be submitted by email at: info@upperside.fr or remi.scavenius@wanadoo.fr

Deadline for turning in abstracts: February 28th, 2017
Feedback from committee members: March 15th, 2017

2017 Scientific Committee

Peter Konings

Todd Bates

Nicolas Fischbach

Claudio Scola

David Edo

David Dot

Gregory Cauchie

Franck Morales

Hector Avalos
Versa Networks

Ariful Huk

Wim Henderickx

Jean-Marc Uzé
Juniper Networks

Carsten Rossenhövel

Amir Zmora

Joel Stradling

Dean Bubley

Frédéric Trate

Clifford Grossner
IHS Technology

Maurice Abecassis
Silver Peak

Jean-Marc Odet