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WebRTC 2013: Call for Proposals

The following list of topics is not exhaustive and authors may propose other subjects in keeping within the thematic framework.

Updates and Standards and Implementations

Reports from W3C
Reports from IETF
Browser Implementation Experiences

Interoperability (Browsers, Gateways)

Cross-browser Interop
API Conformances
Browser-to-Media Server Interop

WebRTC Enhancements for Mobile Devices and Networks

IMS Support for WebRTC
WebRTC enabled Mobile Devices
External Devices for WebRTC (headsets…)

WebRTC for Enterprise Users
Gateways SIP and WebRTC
Call center applications
SIP vs. WebRTC

WebRTC Application Contest
Ideas from the WebRTC developer community
Reports from the edge
Contest for the most innovative, funny, useful and visionary WebRTC app

Performance Assessments, Scalability and Quality

Mass-scale deployment of WebRTC devices and services.
Quality issues with WebRTC  

Identity Management in WebRTC
Identity Management
Silos and Interconnections

WebRTC Development Support

Libraries for WebRTC apps
Server Frameworks and Extensions

Abstracts must not exceed one page. They may be submitted by email at: or


Deadline for turning in abstracts: May 15, 2013
Feedback from committee members: May 30, 2013

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