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  V6 World 2014: IP on Everything
  The Fourth Edition of V6 World will take place in Paris next March 18-21, 2014.

The Congress will once again bring together ISPs, enterprises, equipment vendors and industry leaders to share their experience, skills and knowledge of deploying IPv6 worldwide.

The 2014 agenda : Internet of Things, SDN and Enterprise Deployments

The 2014 Edition will place particular emphasis on Internet of Things, SDN issues and Enterprises deployments.

Indeed, the Internet of Things area is ramping up in terms of hype. Even if the Internet community doesn't yet believe that the IoT is going to matter or the IoT world doesn't believe they want to connect to Internet, both share IPv6. While the IPv6 Internet deployment ramps up, the IoT world starts to move to IPv6.

Other sessions will cover in detail BYOD and SDN issues.

Finally, enterprises deployments will receive significant focus in the conference agenda.

The call for proposals is open until October 10, 2013.

  Organized by Upperside Conferences 54 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine 75012 Paris - France
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