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  The organizers of V6 World Congress have gone out of their way to prevent the Conference from becoming a pretext for simply promoting branded products and services.

With this in mind, a scientific committee will select the most appropriate and interesting proposals submitted from the call for papers.

Upperside Conferences would like to once again thank the members of the committee for their precious collaboration.

Steve Deering  
Fred Baker, IETF OPS Chair, Cisco Fellow  
Bob Hinden, Check Point Software Fellow  
Erik Kline, Google  
Donn Lee, Facebook  
Martin J Levy, Hurricane Electric  
Jacques Babot, IPv6 European Commission Chair  
Yanick Pouffary, IPv6 Forum Fellow, HP  
Shin Miyakawa, NTT  
Satoru Matsushima, Softbank  
Alexandre Cassen, Free  
Alain Durand, IETF Softwires Co-Chair  
Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum Chair  
Mark Townsley, Cisco  
Bernard Tuy, Renater  
John Jason Brzozowski, Comcast  
Thomas Nadeau, Juniper Networks  
Christian Jacquenet, France Telecom  
Eric Vyncke, Cisco  
Irena Nikolova, Google  
Jean Marc Uzé, Juniper Networks  
Martin Gysi, Swisscom  
Thierry Ernst, G6  
David Miles, Alcatel-Lucent  
Jordi Palet, Consulintel  
Gunter Van de Velde, IETF OPSEC co-chair, Cisco  
Silvia Hagen, Swiss IPv6 Council & Sunny Connection AG 
Vishwas Manral, HP  
Vishal Sharma, Metanoia  
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