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    Alain Durand, IETF, Juniper Networks  


Alain Durand
IETF Softwires Co-chair
Juniper Networks
  09.00 Opening Talk  
    Hurricane Electric 10 Years Experience in IPv6  
    Martin Levy, Hurricane Electric   In 2011/2012 it's clear that there's real customer traffic flowing globally because there's real IPv6-enabled users out there. The global backbone providers are in the lead with there IPv6 deployment. Those existing operational IPv6 backbone interconnections are a boom to all networks about to enable IPv6.

Martin Levy
Hurricane Electric
Technical Issues
Satou Matsushima  
From IPv6 Access Architectural Decisions to Service Offering 

End to end seamless provisioning: what would be the necessary adaptation of SP end to end subscriber provisioning (CPE, BNG, Transport, Radius, DHCP, DNS) depending on their preferred IPv6 model and how could we automate the whole chain to make it seamless?

Michael Melloul, Sr. Systems Engineer for Service Provider Sector, Juniper Networks
  09.50 IPv6 Deployment and Transition for Broadband Networks –
Standardization Work in BBF
      Introducing IPv6 related standards work at Broadband Forum for dual stack deployments (IPoE and PPPoE) and IPv6 transition technologies.

Dean Cheng,
Principle Engineer,

Huawei Technologies
  10.10 NOC on IPv6 Connectivity during the Event

Detailing the WiFi set-up
IPv6 statistics taken during the event
Comparison with the IPv6 statistics of last year event.

Andrew Yourtchenko, Technical Leader, Cisco
  10.20 COFFEE BREAK  
Home Networks
  10.30 Ralph Droms, Cisco   Home Networks with IPv6
The IETF homenet Working Group, which is chartered to develop a framework for IPv6 home networks and identify how to deploy and, where necessary, extend IPv6 protocols for use in the home.

Ralph Droms, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
  10.50 Thomas Scheffler, Berlin University   IPv6 and 6LoWPAN in Home Automation Networks
Describing a prototypical implementation of a home automation network that uses IPv6 over 6LoWPAN to control home appliances.
This implementation utilizes an embedded web server which connects via a low-power IEEE 802.15.4 network and IPv6 and provides the ability to remotely open and close an electric door lock.

Thomas Scheffler, Beuth Hochschule
  11.10 PANEL
Can We Get an IPv6 CPE Please?
Alain Durand,
IETF Softwires Co-chair, Juniper Networks


John Brzozowski
Ole Troan IETF/BBF
Martin Levy Hurricane Electric
Jan Zorz Go6 Institute
Michael Melloul Juniper Networks
Wouter Cloetens Architect Core Gateway SoftAtHome
Carl Wuyts GCD System Architect Networking Connect Division, Technicolor
Claire Cheng, D-Link Corp
Chiara Moriondo Data Network Innovation Telecom Italia
Manuel Martinez Systems Engineer A10 Networks
  12.30 LUNCH  
    Satoru Matsushima, Softbank  


Satoru Matsushima,
Service Providers Use Cases: Mobile Networks
  14.00   Transforming Mobile Networks to IPv6

Discussing requirements for Radio Access, Packet Core, IP/MPLS networks, Voice over LTE systems and user equipment to support IPv6 in mobile broadband 3G and 4G networks.

Geriet Wendler, Senior Solution Architect Packet Networks,
Nokia Siemens Networks
  14.20 IPv6: Divide-and-Conquer Key To Deployment  
      Enabling network operators to offer IPv6-based Internet connectivity to end users without requiring a complete network upgrade.
Making content and applications available via IPv6 without requiring the originating provider to upgrade.
Retaining reachability of IPv4-only content and applications while enabling the IPv6
Internet to jettison IPv4 support.

Bala Thekkedath, Sr. Strategic Product Marketing Manager, Ericsson
Service Providers Use Cases: Fixed Networks
  14.40   Colt: IPv6 for Business Customers

Presenting Colt’s views on what will come after dual-stack deployments, how to manage business customers during the transition, how and why to avoid CG-NAT and finally present Colt’s vision on the future of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

Javier Benitez, Senior Network Architect, Infrastructure Services Unit, Colt
  15.00 Deutsche Telekom: After the IPv6 Enabling of the Network – What’s Next!  
      Enabling IPv6 Transport for customer 
Lessons learned IPv6 readiness of ISP applications 
Challenges and solutions
DNS Resolver, Authoritative NS, DNS Reverse Mapping
VoIPv6 aka IPv6@IMS. Webcaching
IPv4 exit strategies 

Dipl. Ing. Karsten Fleischhauer,
Deutsche Telekom AG DTNP GmbH
  15.20 Softbank rd IPv4 Residual Deployment: How it Works and Its Use Case

Operators expect same effectiveness not only IPv6 over IPv4, but also IPv4 over IPv6. 4rd is a stateless IPv4 over IPv6 network with IPv4 address sharing. Presenting 4rd, a most recent IPv6 transition solution, how it works, and its use case.

Satoru Matsushima, Softbank
  15.40 Walter Haeffner   Vodafone D2: a Deployment Study

- IPv6 in the Vodafone IP Backbone
- IPv6 for Vodafone Enterprise Products
- Towards IPv6 capable DSL Services
- Carrier Grade NAT : which way to go

Dr. Walter Haeffner
Head Service Engineering and Enterprise Solutions Vodafone Germany
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