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  IPv6 World Congress  
v6 world congress
The first edition of the V6 World Congress which took place from the 8th-11th February at the Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Centre, attracted more than 350 delegates.

Figures demonstrate that 50% of the delegates were service providers, 20% vendors, 10% enterprises, 10% government representatives and 10% researchers.

Moreover, 45% of the delegates came from the European Union countries, 13% from the Middle East, 14% from Russia and non EU countries, 8% from North America, 8% from Asia, 8 % from Maghreb and 4% from South America.

Service Providers: How to Migrate towards IPv6

A large part of the first V6 World edition was dedicated to migration issues for the service providers. A panel gathered representants from Free Telecom, AT&T, Softbank, Colt, Portugal Telecom, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, KPN, Orange Telecom and PT Indonesia. This panel was chaired by Alain Durand, from Juniper Networks.

In addition, the “Transition issues” session gave the opportunity to key vendors to showcase their solutions.

Free Makes a Major Announcement: IPv6 by default on the New Freebox

Alexandre Cassen from Free made an announcement that Free Telecom already has more than 490,000 users on IPv6. Adding that the new Freebox gives new subscribers IPv6 by default.

Content Providers and Enterprises: IPv6 Now!

Erik Kline of Google spoke at the meeting along with distinguished guests. Donn Lee discussed IPv6 initiatives in Facebook. John Brzozowski from Comcast, Christian Kauffman from Akamai and others highlighted what they were working on.

Another session was dedicated to enterprises testimonies. Representatives from Generali and Goldman Sachs described the motivations for large European multi-national financial groups to go for IPv6. Global architecture as well as the strategy for deployment were presented.
  A Great Moment: IPv6 Pioneers Discuss with Young Implementers Google, Facebook and Comcast

Steve Deering, founder/father of IPv6, came out of an eight-year retirement together with Bob Hinden (Checkpoint Software)  and Erik Nordmark (Cisco). They sat across from a group of twenty-something-year-olds who are currently deploying the essence of one of his major projects (Google, FaceBook, Comcast). This was a scene that was said to be “amazing” to witness.

An IPv6 Connection for the Delegates

Delegates at the V6 and the colocated MPLS & Ethernet World were given the opportunity to experience demonstrations of IPv6 applications, delivered through the Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference centre’s iBAHN powered network. To support the iBAHN solution, Colt provided the underlying Internet IPv6 Access service, a first for this combined business solution. The technical iBAHN team was assisted by Cisco. The solution used Cisco and HP wireless devices.

V6 World Next Edition: from 7 to 10 February, 2012

The second edition of V6 World Congress will take place in Paris next 7 to 10 February, 2012. Upperside Conferences expects to welcome more than 500 delegates.

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Steve Deering   The debate   Mark Townsley   Erik Nordmark   Erik Kline
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