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MPLS SDN World 2014
  • Luyuan Fang
    Luyuan Fang
  • Guru Parulkar
    Guru Parulkar
    Stanford University
  • Dave Ward
    Dave Ward
  • Dan Pitt
    Dan Pitt
  • Kireeti Kompella
    Kireeti Kompella
    Juniper Networks
  • Justin Dustzadeh
    Justin Dustzadeh
  • Melih Tufan
    Melih Tufan
  • Shaul Rozen
  • Sunil Khandekar
    Sunil Khandekar
    Nuage Networks
  • Bruce Davie
    Bruce Davie
  • Matthew Bocci
    Matthew Bocci
  • Thomas Morin
    Thomas Morin
  • Yaakov Stein
    Yaakov Stein
  • Carsten Rossenhoevel
    C. Rossenhoevel
  • Axel Clauberg
    Axel Clauberg
    Deutsche Telekom
  • Azhar Sayeed
    Azhar Sayeed
  • Andrew Malis
    Andrew Malis
  • Nan Chen
    Nan Chen
  • Bala Thekkedath
    Bala Thekkedath
  • Thomas Nadeau
    Thomas Nadeau
  • Moshe Shimon
  • Chris Janz
    Chris Janz
  • Clarence Filsfils
    Clarence Filsfils
  • David Amzallag
    David Amzallag
  • David Meyer
    David Meyer
  • Jan Lindblad
  • Hector Avalos
    Hector Avalos
    Versa Networks
  • Javier Benitez
    Javier Benitez
  • Marc Cohn
    Marc Cohn
  • Murray Cooke
    Murray Cooke
  • Colin Alexander
  • Sam Aldrin
    Sam Aldrin
  • clarence-filsfils-cisco-mpls-2013-speaker
    Clarence Filsfils
  • Jérôme Tollet


NFV & SDN Summit 2014: Solutions for Network Virtualization

What was previously known as the SDN Summit will become the NFV & SDN Summit in 2014. The second edition of this Summit in 2013 attracted more than 400 participants. 

Together with the collocated MPLS SDN World Congress, the total audience for NFV & SDN Summit reached 1350 people. Upperside targets +1500 participants for the 2014 edition.

NFV & SDN Summit Agenda: Architecture, Standard Progress, Service Chaining, Cloud NFV, OpenSource

The 2014 program will pay particular attention to NFV architecture and standardization process. Principal issue addressed by the participants will be: “How to combine NFV with SDN”. Other sessions will cover Service chaining, OpenSource, Cloud aspects and performance issues. A large session is dedicated to current use cases and first NFV&SDN implementations. Particular attention will be also payed on Non Intel Approaches for NFV.

The scientific committee has reviewed the proposals.

More than 55 Key Speakers

Guru Parulkar, Stanford University
Dan Pitt, ONF
Melih Tufan, Ericsson
Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Networks
Dave Ward, Cisco
Bruce Davie, VMWare
Thomas Morin, Orange
Murray Cooke, Intel
Frank Ruhl, Blue Ocean Networks
Farid Feisullin, Sprint
Axel Clauberg, Deutsche Telekom
Dr. Justin Dustzadeh, Huawei
Bikash Koley, Google
Wim Henderickx, Alcatel-Lucent
Jan Lindblad, Tail-F Systems
Rex Fernando, Cisco
Zeev Draer, MRV
Hector Avalos, Versa Networks
Chris Janz, Ciena
Dr. Haoyu Song, Huawei
Nicolas Fischbach, Colt
David Meyer, Brocade
Victor Mendoza-Grado, Verizon
Zvika Bronstein, Huawei
Thomas Nadeau, Brocade
Caroline Chappell, Heavy Reading
Ning So, Tata Communications
Bruno Chatras, Orange
David Hughes, PCCW
Shaul Rozen, Amdocs
  Luyuan Fang, Microsoft
Nan Chen, MEF
Sunil Khandekar, Nuage Networks
Matthew Bocci, Alcatel-Lucent
Sam K. Aldrin, Huawei
Sriganesh Kini, Ericsson
Yaakov (J) Stein, RAD
Marc Cohn, Ciena
Peter Willis, BT
Gerardo García, Telefonica
Andrew G. Malis, Huawei
Craig Pierantozzi, Microsoft
Linda Dunbar, Huawei
David Amzallag, Alcatel-Lucent
Colin Alexander, ARM
Eran Bello, Mellanox
Jim Guichard, Cisco
S. Vedapureeswaran, Ericsson
Chiradeep Vittal, Apache Project
Javier Benitez, Colt
Nachi Ueno, NTT
Jérôme Tollet, Qosmos
Moshe Shimon, Telco Systems
Phil Robb, OpenDaylight
Bruno Rijsman, Juniper Networks
Sami Boutros, Cisco
Eric Carmès, 6Wind
Steve Jarman
, Spirent
Andrew McLachlan, Cisco

Colocation with MPLS SDN World Congress

As was the case in 2013, NFV & SDN Summit and the collocated MPLS SDN World Congress will have a common agenda during the first day of the event, and will end with a debate addressing the most important technical issues impacting service providers’ network architectures.

The Interop Platform

The European Advanced Networking Test Center ( EANTC) in collaboration with Upperside Conferences invites vendors to a multi-vendor MPLS & SDN interoperability test in February 2014.

The objective of the tests is to verify protocol interoperability for service provider oriented toolkits focused on functionality, flexibility and adaptability of networks. Once we verify protocol interoperability we will construct an orchestrated data center to data center network.

Cloud delivery and orchestration will be the major focus of the interop along the topics of:

• Software Defined Networking (SDN): OpenFlow and PCE
• IPv6 Migration Scenarios
• MPLS and Ethernet Transport
• Data Center Interconnection

During the congress, EANTC will present results in regular guided tours to conference attendees.

The showcase will be open for the full four days of the conferences (Tuesday to Friday).

To get more info:

The Exhibition (Sold out)


co-located with
MPLS SDN World Congress 2014
V6 World 2014

Hotel Marriott Paris

2014 Exhibitor List

100 Cisco
101 Huawei
102 Juniper Networks
103 Alcatel-Lucent
104 Ciena
105 Ericsson
113 RAD
201 Qosmos
202 EZChip Technologies
203 MRV
204 Wandl/Juniper
205 6Wind
206 Tail-f
301 Fonex
302 WebNMS
303 Cisco
304 Aricent
305 Tucana/Netyce
306 Intel
307 QualiSystems
308 Metaswitch Networks
309 Omnitron Systems
310 Perpetual Solutions
311 Ixia
401 Packet Design
501 Adva Optical