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MPLS SDN World 2014

NFV & SDN Summit 2014
co-located with
MPLS SDN World Congress 2014
V6 World 2014
20/22 May 2014 Paris Roissy CDG


NFV & SDN Summit 2014: Call for Proposals

The following list of topics is not exhaustive and authors may propose other subjects in keeping within the thematic framework.

• SDN Standardization – ONF, IETF, ITU, ETSI, ATIS (others)

• Network function virtualization applications (Virtual CPE, EPC, Gateways)

• Application of SDN to OMNIRAN

• SDN oriented mobile backhaul

• SDN Controller architectures, design, requirements, and challenges

• Experimental academic deployments

• Operational models of computing, storage and networking

• Cloud management

• Data center virtualization

• MPLS in Data Centers

• Role of inter data center technologies

• Open source softwares

• Enterprise use cases

• Internet and things

• Homenet

• APIs

• Overlays versus under-lays

• Scalability issues with SDN

• Protocol abstractions

• Distribution

• Rapid Application development, deployment, re-deployment and tear-down

• Provisioning and management including tools

• VPNs compute and storage

• Application performance

• Service Assurance (SLA) in Telco environments

• OSS/BSS and NEPS direction

• Policy

• OpenFlow/ OVSDB/ OF-Configuration

• Orchestration and controllers

• OpenSource Controllers

• Network automation solutions

• SDN Use cases (BoD – Bandwidth on Demand, VM, DCN applications, SPIT)

• Resiliency

• Performance

• High-Availability issues

• Security

• Virtual desktop

• Clients

• Case studies

• Hardware evolution to support SDN

• SDN only hardware

• SDN Transition and Evolution

Abstracts must not exceed one page. They may be submitted by email at: or


Deadline for turning in abstracts: September 30, 2013