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Covid-19 Information

The various measures below are in force in France until 15th November 2021.
Beyond this date, the measures could be either maintain, soften or completely suppress.


There are no restrictions on travel inside France. From early August, you will need a health pass for long-distance trips by plane, train and coach.

The rules for travel to and from France depend on the country from which or to which you wish to travel, the reason for which you are travelling and your vaccination status.

Full information is available in English on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.


In indoor public spaces (shops, offices, schools etc) and on public transport you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. You don’t need to wear a mask in places where a health pass is required (although local authorities may review this).

If you are outside you do not need to wear a mask except in places where social distancing is not possible (queues, open-air markets, railway stations, etc.).

Where necessary, local authorities may require masks to be worn in other places.


You must present a health pass to access leisure and culture venues and events bringing together more than 50 people.

From early August, you will also need to present a pass in bars, restaurants, malls, hospitals (except if you are admitted for urgent care), and for long-distance travel by plane, train or coach.

This list may be extended as necessary.

The health pass is not required for children under 12. It will be required from 30 September for young people aged 12 to 17, and for the staff of public venues.

The pass must prove one of the three following items:
  1. That you are fully vaccinated (with an EMA-approved vaccine or similar):
    • Seven days after the second shot for two-shot vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    • Four weeks after the shot for one-shot vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
    • Seven days after the shot for vaccines administered to people who have already had COVID-19 (only one dose is necessary).
  2. OR that you have been tested (PCR or antigen) with a negative result within the last 48hrs;
  3. OR that you have recovered from COVID-19, attested by a positive PCR or antigen test result, at least 15 days and no more than 6 months old.
Passes can be digital or in paper form (proof of vaccination or test result). They include a QR code that will be scanned on entry into the venue or event.

The French health pass is interoperable with the EU Digital COVID Certificate scheme for travel within the European Union, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican.


PCR and antigen tests are currently free for French residents who are covered by French social security, for French nationals living abroad visiting France, and if you are asked to take a test (you have a prescription or you have been notified that you are a contact case).

In other cases PCR tests cost €49.00 and antigen tests cost €29.00 for those not covered by French social security.


As of 25 October 2021, 86.4% of adults (12 years old or over) in France are fully vaccinated.