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Universal SD-WAN Edge
How vendors see themselves supporting MECs when they know that it will never be a 100% homogeneous vendor solution (IoT etc.)
Explaining how SPs have to have a Universal SD-WAN Edge solution in parallel to the intra-enterprise proprietary SD-WAN solution per vendor.

Daniel Bar-Lev,
VP Strategic Programs, Business Development EMEA, MEF

As Vice President Strategic Programs, Daniel is responsible for the development and implementation of a range of strategic MEF programs that are central to MEF's transformation to an agile-process oriented standards development organization. These innovative programs - including the MEF Software Developer Community, MEFnet global implementation platform, and MEF Reference Implementations - enable MEF's 210+ member companies to implement draft and published service orchestration and definitions work in code, and to make available standardized open APIs that accelerate the availability of highly agile, assured and orchestrated services for today's hyper-connected world.   Daniel has been involved in the networking industry for 25 years holding a variety of positions in RAD Data Communications, as well as co-founding Resolute Networks where he held executive positions. Representing Resolute in the MEF, Daniel served for 3 years as MEF Global Marketing Co-Chair and was elected three times to the MEF Board of Directors. Since 2010, Daniel has been a senior member of the MEF staff.

SD-CloudAccess: Challenging OTT SD-WAN
Introducing SD-CloudAccess as an alternative to OTT SD-WAN, allowing service providers to turn their network edges into cloud on-ramp locations.

Sharon Rozov,
Marketing Solution Architect, RAD

Sharon has 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, in the areas of fixed and mobile broadband networks.  Her career spanned network architecture, innovation incubation and technology collaborations.  In RAD, Sharon is the marketing lead for vCPE solutions.

Selling the Flexible Service Edge
Introducing the Flexible Service Edge, allowing MSPs to meet the customer where they are. This solution offering is a 3-tiered licenses model allowing customers to start with a Layer 3 NID, then convert to a Managed Router, and finally upgrade to a Session Smart Router.

Kevin Klett,
Vice President - Marketing and Product Management, 128 Technology

Kevin Klett serves as the Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at 128 Technology. Kevin has broad experience in the communications and networking industry spanning 25 years in roles including product management, marketing, development, systems/sales engineering and professional services. Kevin joined 128 Technology in 2015.  Prior to 128 Technology, Kevin served for 14 years as Vice President of Product Management at Acme Packet (acquired by Oracle in 2013). At Acme Packet/Oracle, Kevin led the product management team responsible for shepherding the Session Border Control and Session Aware Networking portfolio from introduction to becoming a global market share-leading portfolio.   Prior to Acme Packet, Kevin served as Vice President of Corporate Systems Engineering at Lucent Technologies/OPENet Division (formerly Excel Switching). Kevin holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering-Telecommunications from the University of Connecticut and lives in Boston, MA.

Beyond SD-WAN: Virtualizing the Enterprise Edge
Discussing the evolving NFV needs of enterprise customers, and how a turn-key solution can facilitate deployment, service chaining and integration, leading to a “virtualized enterprise edge”.

Daniele Loffreda, Marketing Lead, Blue Planet

Tushar Jain, Director, Packet Products Portfolio Management, Blue Planet

Tushar is a Global technology professional with 20+ years of experience in Telco & Networking industry leading and managing complex product portfolio for global network & IT vendors. Tushar's career spans across Product Management, Engineering and Customer Support and has held various senior product management and engineering positions in the past with Cisco, Ericsson, Tellabs, Nortel and Startups. Tushar is currently serving as Product Management Director for Ciena Packet products portfolio driving Software Virtualization and Management products and features for Ciena with key focus on enterprise, mobility, edge compute, cloud integration, SDN/NFV, 5G, access/aggregation strategy and products. Tushar holds a Bachelors in Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunications) and Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Software Design and Development. He is an avid reader and also hold other industry certifications including certified scrum master and Stanford project management.

Cloud Expansion into Access Edge
Explaining how to deploy a more uniform Enterprise Application Experience Model for Cloud Services and SaaS offerings, with a complete End to End security posture.

John Volkering, Technical Director EMEA, Versa Networks
Building a Network for Future Growth
How can a business stay agile, control costs and deliver results in the context of a rapidly evolving network edge? Emerging SD-WAN capabilities to ensure QoS/QoE in complex multi-cloud environments with pay-as-you-go licensing models are the key to converting an MPLS network into a high performance WAN that scales with the business.

Michal Podoski, Infovista

Over a decade is how long Michal Podoski has been active in both IT and Telecommunications market, solving Unified Communications, and System Integration brainteasers. His experience isn't limited to Service Provider Environments and includes significant exposure to other parts of the usual supply chain, in this case, Solution Vendors and System Integrators.   Michal’s focus for the last couple of years was Product Development while working closely with both Engineering and Field Teams during pre-sales project stages. The constantly evolving Comms market segment requires trends awareness and being fluent in underlying technology, which for Michal nowadays revolves around Unified Communications, Networking Security and SD-WAN.   SD-WAN is what driven Michal over the recent years when working with Ribbon Communications and Edgewater Networks, and the very same SD-WAN brought Michal to Infovista to lead the Product Management team.   Finally, what is shaping Michal’s work ethic and attitude, working simultaneously as the ultimate reward one can ask for, is the experience of when things get finally done.

Solving the Complexities of Enterprise Edge Computing
Providing an overview of the current complexities of enterprise edge computing and putting forward the case for simplified SD-WAN deployment through a single-box, multi-service approach, where SD-WAN, local infrastructure management and open VNFs are all built in.

Marc Bouteyre, Head of Virtualization Solution, Ekinops

As Head of Virtualization Solution, Marc is responsible for the OneAccess branded virtualization portfolio, including virtual network functions (VNF) product management and strategic partnerships. He also leads the development of the go-to-market model and the set-up of the Ekinops partners ecosystem.  As a virtualization expert, Marc is the Ekinops spokesperson for the company’s software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) activities.

Coffee/Exhibition/Networking Break
SD-WAN Platforms with Zero-Trust Network and Zero-Touch Provisioning
Covering the latest SD-WAN use cases powered by whitebox uCPE, as well as converged edge cloud applications empowered by P4 programmable MEC servers.

Sven Freudenfeld,
CTO of Telecom BU, Lanner Electronics

Sven is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Lanner’s Telecom Applications Business Unit. Sven possesses 30 years of experience in telecommunications, network computing, product management and business development.   Prior to assuming this position in Lanner, Sven had taken several managerial positions in global business developments for Noviflow, LEI Technology (a subsidiary of Lanner in Canada) and Kontron, and had greatly contributed in the cloud, media and telecom market segments. He was fundamental in accelerating the adoption for P4 and OpenFlow based packet forwarding technology, virtual CPE/SD-WAN, and Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA) technology in the service provider market.   Prior to his tenure at Kontron, Sven had held several engineering positions: Network Engineering at Deutsche Telekom, System Architect at Abewa GMBH, Systems Engineering at Nortel and Test Engineering at Sanmina-SCI.

Design Considerations for Deploying SaaS Optimized WAN Service
Explaining how common network functions, such as DNS, proxies, internet breakouts and security services are required to adapt to the new consumption of Enterprise applications in a secure way.

Pierre-Henri Bourdiol, Senior Sales Engineer, Versa Networks

Pierre-Henri Bourdiol holds the position of EMEA Senior Systems Engineer at Versa Networks since 2014 and brings 20+ years of experience in the networking industry across various technology fields.   Prior to Versa, Pierre-Henri spent 7 years at Acme Packet as EMEA Solutions Architect - Director, and 6 years at Juniper Networks as Senior Systems Engineer.

Why (and How) Machine Learning will change (SD)WAN and The Internet
Reviewing the main characteristics of the new era made of multiple transports, moving SaaS application before showing how Machine Learning can be used to (truly) optimize the application experience. Using a very pragmatic approach focused on clear use cases.

JP Vasseur,
PhD, Head of ML/AI for Networking, Cisco Fellow

JP Vasseur, PhD is a Cisco Fellow where he has been working on a number of networking technologies such as IP/MPLS, Quality of Service, Traffic Engineering, network recovery, “The Internet of Things” (as the Chief Architect of the Internet of Things), Security, Wireless Networks since he joined Cisco in 1998. From 1992 to 1998, he worked for Service Providers in large multi-protocol environments. He is an active member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (co-author of more than 35 IETF RFCs, funders and co-chair of several Working Groups such as the PCE and ROLL WG), and an active member in several SDOs.   JP has been leading world-class engineering teams of advanced networking and Analytics/Machine Learning (Self Learning Networks, Cloud-based Machine Learning) with key applications such as Security, Wifi networks, Devices classification and SD-WAN to mention a few (network cognitive and predictive analytics). JP is a regular speaker at various international conferences; he is involved in various research projects in the area of IP/IoT/Security/ML and the member of a number of Technical Program Committees. JP Vasseur is also Associate Professor at Telecom Paris.   He is the (co)inventor of more than 500 patents in the area of IP/MPLS, Security, The Internet of Things and Machines Learning / Analytics.   He is the coauthor of “Network Recovery” (Morgan Kaufmann, July 2004), “Definitive MPLS Network Designs” (Cisco Press, March 2005) and "Interconnecting Smart Object with IP: The Next Internet (Morgan Kaufmann, July 2010 - JP receives an engineering degree in computer Science (France), a Master of Science in Computer Science (Steven - USA) and PhD in Networking (Mines-Telecom Paris – France).

Filling the Gap with Machine Learning
SD-WAN requires a continuous observation of many dimensions on millions of objects that goes beyond human scale and visibility current dashboards can provide.
This offers a huge opportunity for Machine Learning technology to augment vendor specific tool.

Jean-Marc Uzé,
Augtera Networks
Lunch/Exhibition/Networking Break


5G-Powered SD-WAN Solution: Building High-Quality Enterprise Branch Networks
5G-powered SD-WAN Solution enables on-demand access anywhere, fast service provisioning and helps enterprises build high-quality branch networks with ultra-broadband, offering an optimal experience and intelligent O&M.

Cao Tongqiang,
SD-WAN Director, Huawei Campus Network Domain, Huawei

Mr. Cao Tongqiang serves as the AR Product Director of Huawei's Campus Network Domain. He is responsible for R&D, marketing, and production management of AR products.   With 12 years of experience in the network field, Mr. Cao has gained deep insights into branch gateway products and SD-WAN solution development trends.

SD-WAN and (private) 5G Networks
How to extend SD-WAN access technologies with 5G.
How to build a 5G (private) network with SD-WAN as the smart fabric.

Wim Henderickx, Director Network Consulting Engineering & PLM, Nokia

Mr.Wim Henderickx is Director Network Consulting Engineering & PLM – Technology in the ION Division at Nokia, based in Belgium. Mr. Henderickx provides senior level consulting on advanced IP solutions for Service provider and Enterprise customers around: Cloud Networking (SDN/NFV), Triple Play, Mobile, IOT, etc.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the communications and networking industry, and is a regular speaker at technical conferences all over the world. He is active in a number of SDO’s like IETF, BBF, openStack, etc.   Mr. Henderickx holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Data Communications and a Masters degree in Economy and is a Bellabs Fellow.

The Future of Work is ‘Office Anywhere’
Exploring the role that clientless mobile solutions have in a SASE delivery model, in which the SD-WAN and existing network and security framework can be extended to protect the Office Anywhere and enable the Branch of One™. With a Smartphone and a Mobile connection any enterprise can create a secure and seamless access to the Enterprise SD-WAN Private Network.

Mick Higgins, SVP Product, Asavie

Mick Higgins is responsible for all Product Management at Asavie, bringing a portfolio of network-security, mobile and IoT service and platform to markets across the globe.  Before joining Asavie, Mick was VP of Mobility and IoT Product Management at Tata Communications where he oversaw Tata Communications’ global Mobility and IoT business and was a cofounder of Tata Communications MOVETM.  He was also Managing Director of Alcatel-Lucent for Singapore and Brunei, and has also led Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Asia Pacific business.

Advancing into Multicloud using the latest SaaS, IaaS and Colo Innovations
Starting with the latest SaaS innovations including Microsoft 365 optimization and Azure Cloud Telemetry usage in application-aware routing.
Switching to IaaS and focusing on multicloud automation including AWS TGW, Azure vWAN and GCP.

Nikolai Pitaev, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Nikolai Pitaev is a senior technical marketing engineer (TME) at Cisco Enterprise Networking Business Unit. Nikolai is responsible for Cisco SD-WAN solution based on Viptela technology since the first day of the acquisition in August 2017.   Prior to that Nikolai was TME for Cloud Products based on CSR 1000V and physical ASR 1000 router families. In his fourteen years with Cisco, he has worked as presales systems engineer for a major strategic Service Provider Account in Europe and then as TME.  Prior to Cisco Nikolai spent five years at Deutsche Telekom Headquarters planning and designing the biggest European IP and Access Aggregation network.  Thanks to this business carrier Nikolai had different roles - as Cisco customer, as Cisco Sales engineer and as Cisco Business Unit team member. Nikolai is a well-known speaker who has presented at several conferences including Cisco Live Berlin, Las Vegas and Melbourne, partner events and seminars worldwide including winning Best Research Paper at ICPE 2018 Conference in Berlin and Distinguished Speaker Award at Cisco Live.   He holds a Master of Science (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.   In his spare time, Nikolai is a youth ice hockey team manager and hockey dad of two San Jose Jr. Sharks AAA goalies. Nikolai is based out of the Cisco office in San Jose, CA.

Security, and Cloud Convergence: Practices and Architectures
The convergence can’t take place in the absence of a strong multi-cloud architecture, since it needs to take into account the extended security perimeter, securing public cloud assets, and offering flexibility in where to deploy the necessary security functionality, be it the edge, the cloud, or in most cases, both.

Dave Ginsburg, VP Product and Solutions, Aryaka

Dave Ginsburg is VP, Product & Solutions Marketing at Aryaka, as well as a published author and thought leader focusing on the convergence of these different technologies in driving business outcomes.   His background includes leading marketing and product management organizations spanning networking, the cloud, SaaS, security, and SDN, at companies including Teridion, Pluribus, Extreme, Riverstone Networks, Nortel, and Cisco.

Zero Trust within the SASE Model: End Goal or Starting Line?
How a platform approach to Zero Trust enables the enterprise to operate at scale, and what kind of tooling is required for a user-endorsed experience.

Jim Fulton, Director of Cloud and Edge Protection Solutions, Forcepoint

Jim Fulton is Forcepoint’s Director of Cloud and Edge Protection solutions. He has been developing and delivering enterprise access and security products for more than 20 years in both Austin and Silicon Valley.   He holds a degree in Computer Science from MIT.

Amir Zmora,
CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the world’s first Open Source SD-WAN.  Before starting flexiWAN, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.  Amir is the author of TheNewDialTone and founder of several technology and informational websites around SD-WAN and WebRTC.

Willy Garrou, SD-WAN and SD-Edge Product Manager, Sprint

Wim Henderickx, Director Network Consulting Engineering & PLM, Nokia

Mr.Wim Henderickx is Director Network Consulting Engineering & PLM – Technology in the ION Division at Nokia, based in Belgium. Mr. Henderickx provides senior level consulting on advanced IP solutions for Service provider and Enterprise customers around: Cloud Networking (SDN/NFV), Triple Play, Mobile, IOT, etc.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the communications and networking industry, and is a regular speaker at technical conferences all over the world. He is active in a number of SDO’s like IETF, BBF, openStack, etc.   Mr. Henderickx holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, Data Communications and a Masters degree in Economy and is a Bellabs Fellow.

Mick Higgins, SVP Product, Asavie

Eric Trolan, Technical Solutions Architect GTM Cloud Security, Cisco

Over 25 Years in Networking/Security Experience working in varied environments, from startups to Fortune 25 companies and industries ranging from Biotech to Finance.   His experience brings business acumen with a technical focus to the design of customer solutions.

Coffee/Exhibition/Networking Break

Why do we need End-to-end Orchestration
How to simplify the massive complexity involved in managing service lifecycles and automating operational processes in order to support converged traditional connectivity and new services, such as SD WAN, and cloud connectivity. How has one Tier-1 service provider successfully reduced its managed SD-WAN service fulfilment and delivery processes by 65%?

Daniel Tal,
Head of NG OSS/NFV, Amdocs

Daniel is the head of Amdocs NG OSS/NFV solution architecture for EMEA region. Daniel is an expert in service fulfilment, end to end orchestration NFV and cloud with more than 15 year of experience in the telecoms domain.   In his previous role at Amdocs, Daniel led the product management of Amdocs service fulfilment portfolio. Before joining Amdocs he managed the service fulfillment domain at HOT Telecoms, one of Israel’s leading service providers.

Modernizing Network Infrastructure for a Successful Digital Future
What changes should be made to the 20-year-old, obsolete network security solutions we currently use, if they are to be made relevant and more conducive to today’s modern workforce? Discussing how to create a foundational change in our network security in order to adapt to the digital transformation taking over the world.

Amit Bareket, Founder and CEO, Perimeter 81

Amit Bareket is the Founder and CEO of Perimeter 81. Amit is a cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in system architecture and software development. He is the author of 8 patents issued by the USPTO for storage, mobile applications and user interface. Prior to Perimeter 81, Amit founded SaferVPN, sold in 2019 to J2 Global, and worked as a Software Engineer for major enterprises including IBM XIV Storage and BigBand Networks.  He served in the Israel Defense Force’s elite cyber intelligence unit (Unit 81) and graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Economics from Tel Aviv University.

Unleashing Managed SD-WAN with Closed-Loop Automation
Highlighting how recent standards initiatives and related reference architectures from the MEF and the TM Forum facilitate automation that overcomes these challenges and help network operators broaden their managed SD-WAN portfolios without operational penalty.

Tom DiMicelli,
Senior Advisor, Blue Planet Portfolio Marketing, Blue Planet

Tom focuses on SDN/NFV technology that support a wide variety of enterprise services--including SD-WAN--and facilitate the evolution to the Adaptive Network TM.   With 20+ years in high-tech, Tom’s sales and marketing experience spans network-centric solutions for both enterprise and service provider markets, and includes tenures at Juniper Networks and Sycamore Networks.

The SASE Architecture Blueprint and Why it Matters
Reviewing key architectural requirements of SASE, and explaining why they are so critical.
IT leaders who consider migrating to SASE need to educate themselves on how to evaluate and identify the right SASE vendor for their enterprise.
One that has the right architecture and capabilities.

Eyal Webber-Zvik, VP, Product Marketing, Cato Networks

Eyal Webber-Zvik is Cato Networks' Senior Director of Product Marketing and Business Development. Previously, Eyal ran Cato’s product management organization where he helped build the Cato platform.  Eyal brings more than 20 years of experience in security and networking companies.

Streamline SD-WAN Deployments with Test and Monitoring
The transition from MPLS and leased line-based networks to cloud- and hybrid-based networks can quickly overwhelm network managers and integrators.
Learn how Network performance and Digital Experience Monitoring will ensure smooth integration of the SD-WAN cloud based architectures.

Nicolas Ribault, Senior Product Manager, Keysight Technologies

Nicolas is the product owner and development manager for Keysight’s active monitoring solutions. With 20 years of experience in High Tech industry, he has been one of the lead innovators for network performance monitoring products with Ixia/Keysight for the last 10 years.  Before his focus on performance monitoring solutions, Nicolas has held several positions as solution architect and consultant for voice over IP, cellular networks and IP networking.

Open Source SD-WAN State of the Union
Reviewing the common pitfalls of closed source, bolted solutions and how the vendor lock paradigm will make its way to open solutions through an open source networking foundation into which 3rd party open source and commercial technologies can be dynamically loaded into the SD-WAN stack.

Amir Zmora,
CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the world’s first Open Source SD-WAN.  Before starting flexiWAN, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.  Amir is the author of TheNewDialTone and founder of several technology and informational websites around SD-WAN and WebRTC.

Open Source and SD-WAN: What’s in it for me and Why should I Care?
The high number of vendors competing in the SD-WAN landscape is a good indicator that there is today no "no one size fits all” solution on the market. But then, why an opensource solution? How does it differentiate from the rest? Isn’t this only of interest for big companies and potentially only to services providers?

Gregory Cauchie,
CTO, Italtel France

After 15 years working in different Service Providers network Departments, Gregory started in 2016 to work on web-scale networks and Infrastructure as Code.   Now at the head of Italtel France Technology department, he works on IT infrastructure solutions integration that can increase Quality of Experience and be more easily managed via CI/CD automation.

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