Numeryx Technologies became a pure player in cybersecurity long before becoming a partner of the Cyber Campus. We propose to your company to secure your network with a cybersecurity solution called DMS-SDWAN, our own next generation firewall. DMS-SDWAN is based on a patented security technology, the result of several years of R&D and validated by the scientific community : double mask IP filtering, a new approach that allows filtering rules to be significantly compressed by 80%. Adaptable and interoperable with market standards, DMS-SDWAN is in line with the development of its technological bricks for simple and optimal equipment. By developing the "cyber pathway", Numeryx offers a complete approach adapted to the challenges and needs of SMBs to strengthen the security of their information systems. 4 pathways are adapted to the company's level of maturity, offers a pre-diagnosis & support from project owner to the entity in charge of the implementation, of the most critical actions CSPN & PASSI Certifications in progress.

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