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  The 16th Edition of the MPLS SDN World Congress will take place in Paris from 18 to 21 March 2014.

The objective set by Upperside Conferences is to confirm the success of the 2013 edition. MPLS SDN World Congress, together with the collocated NFV & SDN Summit, attracted 1350 participants last March. This figure represents a new record number of participants attending this conference.

Co-Location with the NFV & SDN Summit: 1500 Participants

As was the case this year, the 16th Edition of MPLS World will be jointly organized with the NFV & SDN Summit, whose second edition of 2013 attracted more than 400 participants, making this event the largest in Europe (Upperside Conferences was the first to organize an event around the SDN theme in June 2012). The growing interest in this new technology should attract about 1500 attendees for the 2014 edition of MPLS SDN World Congress and the NFV & SDN Summit.

The two events will have a common first day and will conclude with a panel discussion made up of key players (manufacturers and operators) from these technologies.

MPLS SDN World agenda: Data Center Virtualization, WAN Interconnection Issues, Segment Routing

The agenda will privilege operator and enterprises scenarios and testimonies. The main focus will be on Data Center Virtualization, especially overlays and WAN interconnection issues. A large session will be dedicated to the Segment Routing initiative, launched during the 2013 edition of the Congress.

Other sessions will cover OpenFlow aspects, performance and traffic engineering issues and mobile SDN.

The agenda of the MPLS SDN World Congress is online.
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NFV & SDN Summit agenda: Architecture, Standardisation Progress, Use Cases, Performance Issues

The programme will pay particular attention to NFV architecture and standardization process. Principal issue addressed by the participants will be: "How to combine NFV with SDN". Other sessions will cover Service chaining, OpenSource, Cloud aspects and performance issues. A large session is dedicated to current use cases and first NFV & SDN implementations. Particular attention will be also payed on Non Intel Approaches for NFV.

The agenda of the NFV & SDN Summit 2014 is online.
Save 30% on the conference registration fees until the 31st of December, 2013.


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