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  MPLS & Ethernet World 2013  
  The First Worldwide Event in the MPLS/Ethernet Area  
  The 15th Edition of the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress will take place in Paris in March, 2013. The objective set by Upperside is to continue the progress established during the 2012 edition.

MPLS & Ethernet World attracted more than 1200 participants last February. With service providers making up more than 50% of the audience and a growing international presence (more than 70 countries represented in 2012) MPLS World is the first worldwide event in the MPLS/Ethernet area.

MPLS World and the Carrier Ethernet Workshop will once again allow us to benefit from the enlightenment of the precise stakes involved in the convergence of the MPLS & Ethernet protocols, particularly their respective roles in access networks.

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  More than 50% of Service Providers, Robust Internationalization

The demographics of congress delegates show vigorous internationalization and a very solid presence of service providers. At the 2012 event, representatives from the EU made up 48 %, followed by attendees from North America at 18% and 11% from Russia. With carriers from more than 70 countries participating at the event, MPLS & Ethernet World Congress can claim to be the first international event in this realm. .
  SDN Summit 2013Parallels with the SDN Summit 2013

The Second Edition of the SDN Summit will be held from March 21-22, at the same place and the same days as the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress.

Participants will therefore benefit from the presence of the 1,300-plus MPLS & Ethernet World Congress delegates.

Upperside Conferences expects 400-plus delegates to attend the summit.
  MPLS & Ethernet 2013: The Exhibition  
  Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks Metaswitch Networks  
  # 100 Cisco # 101 Huawei # 102 Juniper Networks # 103 Alcatel-Lucent # 104 Ciena # 105 Ericsson # 201 Qosmos # 202 Telco # 203 Etics # 204 Wandl # 205 Cariden # 206 MRV # 301 Metaswitch Networks # 303 RAD Data Communications # 401 Infovista # 501 Adva Optical Networking
# 310 reserved
        Georges Swallow, Cisco
  If you have any questions about this event (conference registration, agenda, sponsoring and exhibition, hotel booking...), feel free to contact us by email at: contact@uppersideconferences.com  
  Organized by Upperside Conferences 54 rue du Fbg Saint Antoine 75012 Paris - France
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