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  MPLS & Ethernet World 2013  
  MPLS & Ethernet World 15th Edition: Analyzing the SDN Impact  
  SDN and OpenFlow intersection with MPLS will constitute the most important session of the MPLS World 2013 programme.

The first day of the conference will indeed cover all the technical issues and uncertainties that have risen with the appearance of the so called SDN architecture.

What aspects of MPLS are impacted by SDN interfaces?
What impact on network architectures and functionalities?

Key experts will propose a definition of a concept that still need to be clearly identified.
    19/22 March 2013 | Marriott Rive Gauche | Paris  There is Still Time To Register  
  The following questions list several of the technical presentations that will be addressed during that day :

- How MPLS/BGP IP VPN technology can provide a solution for network virtualization controller function that manages the forwarding state of network devices ?

- How to resolve problems such as multi-path, disjoint path and traffic engineering without requiring RSVP-TE in the context of SDN ?

- If SDN is a centrally managed, distributed control plane that orchestrates network services, how such an SDN applied in the WAN can address the service requirements?

- Last but not least: what is the role of OpenFlow in SDN networks?

The first day will be closed by a debate, entitled If we don't have a definition of what it is, what isn't SDN? The debate will address related issues and will attempt to propose suitable responses to the delegates.

End-to-end, Edge, LTE and Core Network Issues

The MPLS & Ethernet World Congress won't forget to focus on key technical issues during the two following days, including end-to-end architectures, LTE mobile backhaul, protection, edge and traffic optimization.
  In Parallel with the SDN Summit 2013

The Second Edition of the SDN Summit will be held from 21 to 22 March 2013, at the same place and time as the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress.

Participants will therefore benefit from the presence of the 1,300-plus MPLS & Ethernet World Congress delegates.
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