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Andrew Malis, Huawei
SPRING Session
08.30   Re-thinking Traffic Engineering in the light of SDN & Segment Routing
    Segment Routing offers new capabilities in how traffic can be engineered. It can engineer traffic while keeping nodes other than the ingress free of state. It can define paths for tunnels that take advantage of ECMP over select segments. Further SR offers fine grain control of BGP egress selection. Examining the elements above and how they can be combined to enhance Traffic Engineering.

George Swallow, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
08.55   Segment Routing: Ongoing Deployment Use-cases
    By March 2015, the first SR deployments will be ongoing. Reviewing the requirements of the involved network operators as well as the experience collected during the design and lab qualification process.

Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Fellow
09.20   SPRING Interoperability Testing Report
    First early or official version of codes including SPRING technology are available from different vendors. Providing feedback on intensive interoperability tests of three implementations including basic MPLS transport, FRR and LDP interoperability.

Stephane Litkowski, Orange BUSINESS SERVICE
09.45   Network Service Chaining for Service Providers: Opportunities and Challenges
    Use Cases and Requirements
Challenges, Benefits and Service Impact
Architecture and Solution Options

Werner Weiershausen, Chief Architect Packet-Optical Transport Networks, Deutsche Telekom AG
10.10   Evolution and Migration Path into Programmable Multi Layer Networking
    Discussing controlling and managing IP / MPLS architecture using SDN. Demonstrating a concept of support for Segment Routing based on Open Daylight architecture. Examples of Segment Routing applications such as: optimization of the network in near real-time, network applications optimized angle and multi-tenant environment, segment routing and packet optical networks are presented.

Jeff Tantsura, Ericsson
11.05   SPRING-based (i.e., source routing based) Service Chaining
    Talking about how to leverage the SPRING-based source routing mechanism to realize the service path layer functionality of the Service Function Chaining (SFC), i.e., steering the selected traffic through the Service Function Path (SFP).

Xiaohu Xu, Senior Staff Engineer, Huawei
11.30   A Practical Approach for Inter-domain Traffic Engineering
    Doing automated outbound load-balancing of Internet traffic is an emerging trend of Data Center Operators. Highlighting the use and role of BGP-LU (RFC3107) and MPLS for controller based load-balancing of egress traffic.

Hannes Gredler, Juniper Networks
11.55   Microsoft Segment Routing
    Describing the design and implementation of Segment Routing with an MPLS dataplane in a Cloud Scale service provider network, including deployment challenges and interop issues.

Tim LaBerge, Microsoft
12.30   LUNCH
14.00   Stitching Layers and Domains for Enhanced Service Resiliency
    Reviewing the existing end-to-end service resiliency technologies in a single domain and single layer network. One of the significant progresses is to use the shared backup path protection for enhance service resiliency against any dual-link failures in poorly connected networks.

Victor Liu, Huawei USA
14.30   Resilient MPLS Rings
    Describing the special nature of rings, and the special needs of MPLS on rings. Showing how these needs can be met in several ways, some of which involve extensions to protocols such as IS-IS, OSPF, RSVP-TE and LDP.

Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Networks
15.00   V6 World Conference Report
Mark Townsley

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15.45   SDN for the WAN: Benefits of Centralised Traffic Engineering
    Discussing a model for SDN in the Wide Area Network (WAN). In particular, focusing on the use of a centralised real-time traffic-engineering controller. Discussing key protocol ingredients that enable the implementation of such a real-time controller, including BGP-LS and Active Stateful PCE.

Julian Lucek, Juniper Networks
16.15   A New SDN-based Paradigm for Hyper-Scale Cloud/DC at Low Cost
    Introducing a new SDN-based paradigm for hyper-scale elastic cloud at low cost, which supports tens of millions of physical servers as the network endpoints and thousands of NFV instances. We reformulated highly-complex, NP-complete problems into manageable ones, while achieving a global optimality. Both Fat Clos ECMP fan-out and any-to-any TE with tens of millions of tunnel endpoints are supported concurrently with surprisingly small FIB size in all DC fabric and core switches.

Luyuan Fang, Microsoft
16.45   The Role of Analytics-Based Orchestration in Overlay and Underlay Networks
    Presenting SDN analytics for monitoring the performance of overlay networks, and the IP/MPLS control plane protocols in the underlay network. Showing how performance degradation in the overlay network is linked to routing incidents and traffic congestion in the underlay network, and how a Network Access Broker can remedy these problems by computing and provisioning alternate paths.

Cengiz Alaettinoglu, CTO, Packet Design
17.15   Carrier Grade SDN: Requirements and Gaps
    While it could be cost-effective for service providers to move their infrastructures from traditional architectures to one based on SDN, there are a number of obstacles as well. This talk will discuss the current state of the art in carrier grade SDN, service provider requirements which distinguish them from data center and campus networks, and how the resulting gaps may be met.

Andrew Malis, Distinguished Engineer, Huawei
17.45   Cloudwatt: Extending Private Networks in the Public Cloud
    One of the key reasons for Cloudwatt to use OpenContrail as its SDN, beyond the distributed nature of the vrouter and associated scalability, was the native support for standard based protocols BGP & MPLS. Covering the client use cases that are enabled by this implementation.

Foucault de Bonneval, Cloudwatt
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