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The 1st Worldwide Event on the MPLS & SDN Market

The MPLS SDN World Congress has always been an event that worked hard to bring industry icons and mavericks together to exchange ideas about the latest emerging networking technologies. The 17th Edition, which will take place in Paris in March 2015, won’t disappoint.
The objective set by Upperside Conferences is to confirm the success of the 2014 edition. MPLS SDN World Congress, together with the collocated NFV & SDN Summit, attracted 1400 participants last March. This figure represents a new record number of participants attending this conference.

A strong presence of service providers (more than 50% of the audience) as well as a growing internationalization (see figures) confirms MPLS SDN World Congress as the first worldwide event in the MPLS & SDN area.

The agenda: Spring, SDN controller, resilience, SDN migration

The controlplane/dataplane paradigm remains at the heart of the debate. A large session is dedicated to segment routing/Spring and RSVP issues. Other sessions will cover resilience, SDN WAN and packet optical issues. The programme will reflect the high interest by telecom service providers in migrating quickly to SDN using as much of their installed base of equipment and leveraging as much of their existing skill sets and vendor relationships as possible.

The proposals have been analyzed and categorized according to their degree of pertinence by the members of the scientific committee.Upperside would again like to thank the members of the committee.12th

Co-located with the NFV & SDN Summit

The 17th Edition of MPLS SDN World will be jointly organized with the NFV & SDN Summit, whose 2014 edition attracted more than 400 participants, making this event the largest in Europe. The growing interest in this new technology should attract about 1500 attendees for the 2015 edition of MPLS SDN World Congress and the NFV & SDN Summit.

The two events will share a common agenda during the first day of the event, and will end with the following panel discussion:

Open source & standards: how they can fit together

Key players from carriers, open source organisms and equipment vendors will discuss open source as a force for creating de facto standards versus traditional standardization mechanisms.

The Exhibition (Sold Out)

2015 Exhibitors    
# 100 CISCO
# 101 HUAWEI
# 104 CIENA
# 113 RAD
# 201 QOSMOS
# 202 FONEX
# 203 IXIA
# 302 WebNMS
# 308 6WIND
# 309 VMWARE
# 312 INTEL
# 315 CISCO

The exhibition is sold out. To get more info about the last sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to

The Interop Platform

The European Advanced Networking Test Center together with Upperside Conferences invited interested vendors to our public multi-vendor interoperability test and showcase.

Cloud delivery and MPLS Core Simplification will be the major focus of the showcase: The objective of the test is to verify protocol interoperability in a service provider oriented environment. The published results could be considered your advanced blue-print scenarios proposed to your customers.

EANTC will present results in regular guided tours to conference attendees. The showcase will be open for the full four days of the conferences (Tuesday to Friday).

Interop Participants    

To get more info,

More than 65 countries represented

The profile of the Congress delegates demonstrates a growing internationalization and a very strong presence of service providers.

Representatives from the EU were 50 %, followed by North America (15%), Russia (13%) and Middle East (9%). With carriers coming from more than 65 countries, the NFV & SDN Summit and the MPLS SDN World Congress can claim to be the first international event in this realm.

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