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Carsten Rossenhoevel,
Managing Director, EANTC

Carsten Rossenhövel is Managing Director and Co-Founder of EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Center). Based in Berlin, Germany, EANTC is a test lab specializing in telecommunication technologies and offers vendor-neutral network testing services for manufacturers, service providers, and enterprise customers.   In this role, Carsten has over 20 years of experience in telecommunication networks testing and is responsible for EANTC's business development and marketing. His technical areas of expertise include Network Functions Virtualization and transport network solutions

Application Awareness SLA Assurance based on IPv6/SRv6
APN6 opens network capabilities to applications, so that applications can use IPv6/SRv6 programmability to directly provide identifiers and impose requirements for networks. It enables carriers to provide differentiated application-level SLA assurance, especially latency assurance.

Zhenbin Li, Chief IP Standard Representative, Huawei Technologies

Zhenbin Li is in charge of the research and standard promotion work of IP protocols. Before that he had been the Chief IP/MPLS Service Architect and the Chief Architect of SDN controller to be responsible for the service and architecture design of IP software platform and SDN controller.   Zhenbin Li and his team are taking an active part in the IP/MPLS/SDN standardization work in IETF and promote the innovation of SR, BGP/VPN, PCE, SBI/NBI, Telemetry, etc.

A Comparison of Segment Routing Data-Plane Encodings
Comparing the various data-plane encodings of SR (e.g., SRoMPLS, SRv6, SRv6 uSID, SRm6) and providing a technological comparison and interworking between those associated SR encodings. Discussing the requirements and benefits of SR in the domain of 5G and the hyper connected world, and illustrating how the use of SR-MPLS and SRv6 allows innovation in data-centre applications.

Mustapha Aissaoui, IP/MPLS Product Line Manager, Nokia

Mustapha Aissaoui is a Product Manager in the Service Router Product Group of the IP/Optical Networks at Nokia.   He holds an Electrical Engineering Diploma from Polytechnic School of Algiers and a MASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa.   Mustapha Aissaoui has been in the Product Management role since 2004 and is responsible for the MPLS and Segment Routing features in the SR-OS based routers. He is also the lead PLM for the SR-OS based PCEP and other SDN features of the NSP.   Mustapha Aissaoui is an active participant of the IETF MPLS, PCE, and SPRING working groups. He is a co-author and a major contributor to many drafts in these working groups.

Architecture Design Selection and Migration Strategies
The introduction of the Segment Routing (SR) is a necessary step toward creating an Adaptive IP network. Exploring SR-MPLS and SRv6 design best practices and a holistic migration and co-existence strategy noting the practical issues experienced.

Jahanzeb Baqai, Director, Product Line Management, Ciena

Jahanzeb Baqai is currently the Director of Product Line Management at Ciena. In this role, it is his responsibility to define strategies for IP transport. He also oversees product line management, RSP, and IP transport teams.   Before taking on the role as Director of Product Line Management, Jahanzeb was the Director of Strategy and Solutions at Ciena, where he helped identify and define next-generation solutions involving hardware and software products from across Ciena’s portfolio.  Jahanzeb holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University.

SR and 5G Network Slicing for Transport Engineers
Network slicing is a hot topic nowadays. This sessions discusses the IP/MPLS transport network implication of 3GPP 5G network slicing. In an easy way it presents the 5G network slicing abstraction at the transport network level and transport network building blocks to realize the 5G network slice at the transport network level: VPNs, Next Generation Network Fabric with Segment Routing as network slice topology abstraction, QoS requirements to ensure slice SLA guarantees, SLA monitoring and reporting, as well as overall orchestration framework.

Krzysztof Szarkowicz, Principal Product Manager, Juniper Networks

Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz is a Solution Architect at Juniper Networks, concentrating on mobile transport solutions, and has been working with the networking industry 20+ years, delivering projects at many operators world-wide.  Before joining Juniper Networks in 2007, he worked with Hewlett Packard Labs, Telia Research, Ericsson, and Cisco. During that time he gained valuable hands-on experience at various aspects of networking, culminating in gaining CCIE-SP and JNCIE-SP certifications.  He is co-author of the O’Reilly book “MPLS in the SDN Era", by Antonio Sánchez-Monge and Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz, as well as “Day One: Configuring Segment Routing with Junos” by Julian Lucek and Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz. At present, he is active contributing member of O-RAN WG9 (Open X-haul Transport) co-authoring WG9's architectural documents.

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Enabling IP-Optical Integration and 400G Everywhere
Providing an overview of recent developments in both router-pluggable and high performance coherent optics, and how these can be used across a range of IP-optical network use cases to enable IP network scaling and 400G connectivity everywhere.

Serge Melle, Director, Product Marketing, IP-optical Networks, Nokia

Serge joined Nokia in 2019, and currently leads the Optical Product Marketing team for Nokia, and previously led North American sales enablement for IP-optical networks.  Prior to joining Nokia, Serge worked at Infinera in product and solutions marketing and business development. Prior to Infinera, Serge worked at Nortel Networks, where was responsible for solutions marketing and business development, and at Pirelli Telecom Systems, where he was involved in the implementation of the industry’s first WDM network deployments.  Serge is extensively published in the field of optical networking and holds a BSc in physics from Concordia University, Montréal, and an MASc in applied physics from the University of Toronto.

Coherent Evolution, ROADMs and Next Generation IP Networks
Coherent technology is evolving along three dimensions: optical performance, space and power, and the integration of systems level functions, with different pluggable and embedded optical engines. Clarifying the roles of coherent pluggables, embedded coherent, compact modular transport platforms and ROADMs in next generation IP networks.

Paul Momtahan, Solution Marketing Director, Infinera

Based in the U.K, Paul is a Solution Marketing Director at Infinera, focusing on next generation optical technology, including Infinera’s 800G per wavelength ICE6 optical engine.  Prior to this, Paul held several technical sales, PLM and marketing roles at Coriant, and before that Tellabs, covering at various times metro and long-haul packet-optical, IP/MPLS routing and mobile backhaul.  And before that, Paul held product management and marketing positions at UK Ethernet service provider Neos Networks, ATM-specialist FORE Systems and LAN-specialist Madge Networks. Paul has engineering and management degrees from Cambridge University in the UK and Stanford University in the US.

Tackling Congestion and Increasing Reliability with Self-Healing IP/Optical Networking
Each network experiences intentional and unintentional changes and the congestion consequences can be surprisingly complicated. Demonstrating cutting-edge multi-layer traffic engineering techniques across both the IP and optical layers and how closed-loop automation can efficiently manage IP capacity to create a self-healing network.

Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Leader, Architecture and Strategy, Network Control and Planning, Ciena

Cengiz Alaettinoglu is a Ciena Fellow and is responsible for the technical direction and architecture of Ciena’s MCP Applications portfolio. He is currently focused on multi-layer network automation.  Before joining Ciena through the Packet Design acquisition in 2018, Cengiz lead development of real-time SDN analytics and orchestration applications which intelligently adapt paths based on changing network conditions, using intent-based policies and real-time analytics. His early experimental work, correlating network performance issues to routing protocol incidents, pioneered the use of analytics in IP network routing.  Prior to Packet Design, Cengiz was with USC's Information Sciences Institute where he worked on the Routing Arbiter project. He was co-chair of the IETF's Routing Policy System Working Group, has been published widely, and is a popular presenter at industry events worldwide.  Cengiz holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, and a MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

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Amir Zmora, CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the world’s first Open Source SD-WAN & SASE.  Before starting flexiWAN, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.

Experience Working with O-RAN 5G xHaul Architectures
Practical examples of O-RAN mixed front/mid-backhaul (xHaul) deployments. Discussing the issues in moving from backhaul only to mixing fronthaul and midhaul including bandwidth, latency, and timing distribution over a vRAN leaf/spine SR/EVPN network. How CPRI-to-ORAN conversion allows legacy fronthaul over a common infrastructure.

Robert Friskney, EMEA Mobile Solution Architecture, Product Line Management, Ciena

Robert Friskney is part of Ciena’s global solution architecture team, working on 4G/5G mobile, with a particular focus on network slicing.   Robert joined Ciena via the Nortel MEN acquisition in 2009. From graduation, he started working in fixed line copper access technologies, SIP VoIP and MPLS before changing to photonic networking for his academic research work. Going back into IP/Ethernet to co-invent PBB-TE (802.1Qay), he then drove the network management solution for this technology and eventually all IP/Ethernet. He shifted to a broader architecture role shaping Ciena’s IP/Optical convergence before handing that off to production, then moved to his current pursuit of mobile networking.   Robert holds twenty four patents, an MA in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, UK and an MSc in Telecommunications and EngD in Electronic Engineering, both from the University of London, UK.

Disaggregated Networking for 5G
Explaining the relevance of disaggregated networking for 5G and highlighting the role of open communities such as TIP or O-RAN Alliance. Discussing the TIP DCSG project, which provides a unique platform for multi-stakeholder cooperation for fast, efficient, and agile solution development. Overviewing use cases and applications of commercially available DCSG solutions.

Ulrich Kohn, Director Solutions Marketing, ADVA Optical Networking

As director of solutions marketing, Ulrich Kohn explains the value of ADVA’s comprehensive portfolio to customers, analysts and other interested parties.   With more than 25 years of experience in communication systems for fixed and mobile networks, Ulrich is familiar with the challenges and pain points of today’s networks and is able to show how the latest technology provides answers and an economic, future-proof path forward.   Before joining ADVA in April 2013, he worked for Ericsson and Marconi Communications in management positions with business development, network strategy, product marketing and technical sales. He has gained in-depth knowledge in network architecture and technology strategy with fiber and microwave transport and routing solutions. Ulrich is a certified information security expert.

End-to-End Testing in 5G: Challenges & Innovations
Based on EANTC’s testing experience in interop test events and 5G research projects (5GASP and 5GVINNI), introducing the challenges faced in 5G system testing and the innovative testing methods in resolving these challenges.

Carsten Rossenhoevel,
Managing Director, EANTC

Carsten Rossenhövel is Managing Director and Co-Founder of EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Center). Based in Berlin, Germany, EANTC is a test lab specializing in telecommunication technologies and offers vendor-neutral network testing services for manufacturers, service providers, and enterprise customers.   In this role, Carsten has over 20 years of experience in telecommunication networks testing and is responsible for EANTC's business development and marketing. His technical areas of expertise include Network Functions Virtualization and transport network solutions

A Foundation for 5G Network Services Monetization and Optimization
Multi-domain end-to-end network slicing orchestration is set to be a key area for CSP’s 5G-related investments, enabling them to automate the end-to-end lifecycle management of services across multiple domain-level network orchestrators. Monetization, use cases, services and business models opportunities.

Alla Goldner,
Director of Technology, Strategy & Standardization, Amdocs

Recognized by Light Reading as one of the industry’s best Female Tech Pioneers in 2018, by capacity Media as the “Best Women in Network Orchestration” in 2019 and with multiple patents to her name, Alla Goldner is the Chair of ONAP Requirements Subcommittee and Orchestration stream lead of TIP’s OCN project. She also leads 5G and ONAP activities and internal decision-making at Amdocs where her responsibilities include defining and implementing Amdocs’ ONAP strategy, working directly with ONAP members from service providers, vendors and partners, and leading Amdocs’ internal Technical Steering Committee. Her current focus is 5G, Zero-Touch operations, NFV and SDN network evolution, and in particular, the technology, strategy, standardization and open-source domains.   With over 25 years of experience in developing technology strategy and system architecture at global companies including Alcatel, Motorola, and Intel, Alla also has extensive experience in leading standardization efforts in 3GPP, IETF, ETSI NFV, BBF, ETSI MEC, ETSI NFV and ETSI ZSM – examples of standards she has created include TDF (Traffic Detection Function) into 3GPP Packet Core Architecture, Network Congestion handling into 3GPP architecture, and also traffic-steering into 3GPP architecture.   A key member of the group-defined service-functional chaining in IETF, she is also a leading contributor of multiple work items in the areas of 5G, Policy Control and Charging, NFV, SDN, control-user plane split and congestion management. She has also served on the numerous program committees of several conferences including IEEE ICC and IEEE CSCN, ONS NA, ONS EU. Recently Alla was awarded as one of the top 20 SDN market leaders and Member of Power 100 list by Capacity Media (2020). Alla holds an MSc in Technology Management from NYU and a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

SASE: Application Performance and Network Security for the Distributed Workforce
Learning about VMware SASE and how a cloud-native, open, and extensible platform helps customers enrich a remote workforce experience while providing uncompromised protection with an end-to-end Zero Trust approach in the distributed world of a changing threat landscape.

Karl Brown, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, VMware SASE

Karl Brown is Senior Director of Product Marketing for the Service Provider and Edge business unit at VMware. Karl is responsible for product and solution marketing for VMware SASE. He has over 20 years of experience in networking, spanning wired and wireless, voice and data, as well as enterprise, system vendor and service provider environments.  Prior to VMware, Karl held marketing positions at Citrix Systems, Nuance Communications, Nortel Networks, as well as with Silicon Valley startups.   His professional experiences are complemented with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology as well as an MBA from Indiana University.

AI-Driven SD-WAN: Going Beyond traditional SD-WAN 1.0
Network administrators today face increasing pressure to provide exceptional user experiences and strong security while keeping costs down. AI and automation in SD-WAN can improve network performance, strengthen security, and reduce costs associated with troubleshooting. However, traditional tunnel-based SD-WAN solutions cannot provide true AI-driven networking. Juniper’s Session Smart SD-WAN solution, along with Mist Marvis, removes the inefficiencies of tunnels and provides valuable visibility and insights that are unmatched in the industry.

Kevin Klett, Senior Director, Product Line Management, Juniper Networks

Kevin Klett serves as a Senior Director of Product Management in Juniper’s AI Driven Enterprise Business Unit. Kevin has broad experience in the communications and networking industry spanning 26 years in roles including product management, marketing, development, systems/sales engineering and professional services. Kevin comes to Juniper by way of its acquisition of 128 Technology where Kevin served as VP of Marketing and Product Management. Prior to 128 Technology, Kevin served for 14 years as Vice President of Product Management at Acme Packet (acquired by Oracle in 2013). Prior to Acme Packet, Kevin served as Vice President of Corporate Systems Engineering at Lucent Technologies/OPENet Division (formerly Excel Switching). Kevin holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering-Telecommunications from the University of Connecticut and lives in Boston, MA.

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The Importance of the New Middle Mile: SD-WAN, SASE, Edge, 5G as Drivers
Amir Zmora, CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the world’s first Open Source SD-WAN & SASE.  Before starting flexiWAN, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.

Rafael Francis, Sr. Director of Solution Architecture, Ciena

Rafael Francis has over 20 years of experience in networking & telecommunications and is currently the Sr. Director of Solution Architecture at Ciena where he leads a team defining next-generation solutions & strategy including 5G.  Prior to joining Ciena he was the VP of Product Management for Cyan Inc. where he was responsible for Cyan’s Z-Series packet-optical portfolio and Blue Planet SDN software including its initial launch. Prior to joining Cyan, he also held product management leadership positions at ECI Telecom, Laurel Networks, and FORE Systems. His knowledge and contributions in next-generation networking and its business applications have also been demonstrated through various conference speaking engagements and articles.   Rafael has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Wim Henderickx, Head of Technology and Architecture IP, Nokia

David Noguer Bau, SP Product Marketing, Director, Juniper Networks

David Noguer Bau has over 20 years of experience in networking & telecommunications and is currently the Director of Service Provider Product Marketing focusing on the Juniper Strategic Alliances. He joined Juniper since 2007 in multiple technical marketing roles around Service Provider transformation and virtualization topics.   Prior to Juniper, he was at Nortel and Eicon-Dialogic.   David has a Computer Engineering by University Autonomous of Barcelona and an executive MBA from EADA.

Get Off of My Cloud
Talking about a service provider who preferred to use an existing cloud computing platform (Microsoft Azure) for his enterprise networking services instead of building his own cloud platform. The enterprise users will be connected on-net (fixed and mobile) as well as off-net (internet). The challenge was to turn, by design, the per tenant cloud computing platform into a multi-tenant network.

Wim Henderickx, Head of Technology and Architecture IP, Nokia
The Right Way to Build Networks like Cloud
Network functions are moving to the cloud. But can any network function move to any cloud? How can operators make sure that maintaining their cloud cost-efficiency and innovation-flexibility does not come at the expense of scalability and performance?

Dudy Cohen, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, DriveNets

Dudy is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at DriveNets. He is a qualified manager and technology expert, with more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Previously, Dudy served as the VP of Product Marketing at Ceragon. He also served as a Director of Solutions Engineering at Alvarion Ltd.  Dudy holds an M.Sc.-E.E degree from the Tel Aviv University.

Beyond the Universal CPE: Colt Telco Edge Cloud
Providing an overview of the Stratus project, development and deployment status and overall use cases. Sharing Colt’s strategy on extending the uCPE capabilities to the far edge moving into edge-native solutions, like Edge Iaas, IoT and 5G applications.

Javier Benitez,
Senior Network Architect, Network on Demand, Colt Technology Services
Empowering Multi-Cloud Network Visibility with AI/ML
Unpredictable performance has increased with the adoption of hybrid cloud and software defined networking.
We will discuss in this session how AI/ML can be used to solve this highly complex monitoring challenge to manage this environment at scale.

Jean-Marc Uzé, VP Sales Engineering, Augtera
EVPN-VXLAN Edge Routed DC Architectures
Explaining when and why to consider an edge routed versus centrally routed DC fabric architecture, packet walk the control-plane and data plane (intra-vni vs inter-vni) and explaining how to scale the Ethernet virtual networks in modern enterprise and cloud data center networks.

Michal Styszynski,
Sr Product Line Manager, Juniper Networks
SRv6 Network as a Service, Intelligently Connecting Clouds and Networks
Enabling high-precision map real-time visibility of network path conditions, preview of determined service paths.
Using an intelligent cloud map algorithm to calculate the optimal path of the entire network. The latency is involved in computing, and service SLA experience is guaranteed.
Implementing UCMP on-demand traffic load balancing, maximizing network utilization.

Herit Wang, NCE Senior Marketing Data Communication Domain, Huawei

Herit Wang is MKT leader of Huawei Data Communication product NCE products. He takes charge of NCE Datacom product planning and roadmap development.

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