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Friday 12 April Conference Day Three Track 2

    Conference Room Level -1

  • Registration and welcome coffee from 08.00
  • Start of the Conference 08.30
  • Exhibition open from 08.00 to 15.00
  • Seated Lunch: 12.30
  • End of Conference: 12.30

Andrew G. Malis,
BroadBand Forum Distinguished Fellow
08.30 Telemetry Session
Towards a Network Telemetry Framework
Explaining the necessity of an architectural framework for network telemetry in order to meet the current and future network operation requirements. Introducing some new technologies and protocol proposals for the data plane telemetry and the control plane telemetry.

Haoyu Song,
Principal Architect, Huawei
Telemetry Data Encodings and Transport Protocols
Streaming telemetry is a push-based mechanism that removes the inefficiencies associated with polling like SNMP. With streaming telemetry, the telemetry data is described using a structured data modelling language, encoded in JSON, XML or using Google Protocol Buffers then it's streamed over TCP, UDP or gRPC. Covering these different protocols with the pros and cons depending on the use cases and requirements.

Youssef Elfathi, Network Engineer, Orange
Telemetry Collection and Transport: Challenges and Solutions
Both telemetry data and telemetry protocols can be classified by many parameters including the scope, scope of insight the data provides, and the extent the protocol operates. Demonstrating how each approach, each method has its challenges that must be addressed.

Greg Mirsky,
Senior Pre-research and Standardization Expert, ZTE

25+ years experience in developing networking solutions and further advancing networking technology. Area of research - network resiliency and quality assurance by enhancing fault management and performance monitoring methods.   An active contributor to SDOs (IETF, BBF, and MEF).   An inventor with 10+ granted patents.   BS in Physics degree from Latvian University (Riga, Latvia). .

Coffee Break / Exhibition / Interop Event
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Catch more with Data Plane Telemetry
Discussing new data to monitor different NPU tables in NCS5500. With those counters and tables you can monitor the load of forwarding tables almost in real time and act appropriately if needed. Example use case with IOS XR telemetry and programmability with basic remediation.

Mike Korshunov, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Mike Korshunov is Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco Service Provider group. He is specialized on the edge of networking & programming.  

Use Cases & Challenges
Describing some use cases based on learnings from large scale networks. Comparing telemetry with SNMP based monitoring and discussing their respective roles. Going over the challenges in building a platform that can leverage telemetry data both for network monitoring and for Machine Learning based automation.

Rahul Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Augtera Networks
11.30 Autonomous IP Networks Session
Delivering the Digital Operations Center with AIOps
Describing a tool that eliminates noise and distractions that can delay identification of problems, and helps accelerate their resolution by building a digital operations toolchain that incorporates new functionality together with existing tools.

Paola Arosio,
Product Management, Cisco
Challenges & Key Solutions for Autonomous IP Network
AI-based Intelligent Analysis of Network O&M, including data prediction, fault prediction, fault democration and intelligent alarming.
AI & ML-based features of Network self-organizing, self-configuring and self-optimizing.

Cao Yonghuan,
Director, IP Planning, Huawei


End of Conference Day 3 - Track 2

Seated Lunch

End of the Exhibition