Christian Toche, ETSI Board Member, Huawei Technologies

Mr. Christian Toche has joined Huawei Technologies in 2006 and has been in charge of the European Wireless Standards activities until 2017.

Before joining Huawei, Christian spent about 16 years in Nortel doing software development for 2G and 3G solutions and then moved to standards activities.

Christian is now in charge of the ETSI/3GPP overall strategy and industry relationships for Huawei. Christian has been involved in 3GPP from the start and has held various leadership positions in 3GPP over the last 20 years. Christian has been member of the ETSI Board since 2017, and since then has been leading the activities related to the ETR (ETSI Technology Radar). Christian has also been Vice Chair of the ISG ZSM since its creation in 2018.