Krzysztof Szarkowicz, Technical Marketing Engineer, Juniper Networks

Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz is a Solution Architect at Juniper Networks, concentrating on mobile transport solutions, and has been working with the networking industry 20+ years,delivering projects at many operators world-wide.

Before joining Juniper Networks in 2007, he worked with Hewlett Packard Labs, Telia Research, Ericsson, and Cisco. During that time he gained valuable hands-on experience at various aspects of networking, culminating in gaining CCIE-SP and JNCIE-SP certifications.

He is co-author of the O’Reilly book “MPLS in the SDN Era", by Antonio Sánchez-Monge and Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz, as well as “Day One: Configuring Segment Routing with Junos” by Julian Lucek and Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz. At present, he is active contributing member of O-RAN WG9 (Open X-haul Transport) co-authoring WG9's architectural documents.