Qin Wu, IETF IAB Member, Huawei Technologies

Qin Wu is an expert on Network Management Architecture with Huawei's Data Communication in China. He is also responsible for enterprise networking innovation and standards work such as IoT, Security, SD-WAN, Edge Computing and involved in strategic standards development, engaging with some related open Source Projects such as FD.io, ONAP for more than 10 years, held various positions in IETF, ITU-T and CCSA.

He has over 16 years of experience on network architecture and protocol design, starting from mobility management, performance measurement, IPTV to SDN, NFV, network management automation and YANG, telemetry, AIOPs,etc. Currently he focuses on driving digital twin networking and Network and Application collaboration.

He used to chair IETF l3SM and L2SM working group in OPS area, currently serve as IETF IAB member and chair ALTO Working Group in Transport area, serve as a member of OPS-DIR Directorate, IoT-DIR Directorate, coauthor of over 54 RFCs spanning six IETF Areas (OPS, SEC, RTG, TSV, RAI, and INT). He received his Ph.D degree of Control Theory and Engineering from Nanjing University of Science and Technologies.