Greg Mirsky, Technology Specialist Standardization, Ericsson

25+ years’ experience in developing networking solutions and further advancing networking technology.

Areas of research: Network resiliency and quality assurance by enhancing fault management and performance monitoring methods; Efficient Segment Routing in IPv6 network; Control and user plane separation in disaggregated networking systems; Network slicing for performance-constrained services.

An active contributor to SDOs (IETF, BBF, and MEF): 24 published IETF RFCs; Leader of the Performance, Experience, and Application Testing project stream at BBF; Editor BBF TR-390.2 Performance Measurement from the IP Edge to a Customer Equipment Using STAMP; Co-Editor MEF 66 Service OAM for IP Services; Co-Editor MEF 67 Service Activation Testing for IP Services.

An inventor with 10+ granted patents.

BS in Physics degree from Latvian University (Riga, Latvia).