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FTTdp: From Theory to Implementation

The second edition of the Summit, will be held in Paris CDG, from 19th to 21st May, 2015.

Last year, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) took the first step towards standardising, the next major DSL-based standard which vendors hope will provide a “fibre-like” experience. Next steps consist in testing and early deployments.
The 2015 edition of the Summit will mainly cover reports from the first testbeds, interop sessions and field trials.

As it was the case last year, the most renowned experts will be highlighting next steps based on what has been developed and published in 2014.

The Agenda: Deployment and Test Reports, Coexistence and Migration towards FTTdp

The agenda will address deployment scenarios (prototypes, field trials) with testimonies from Austria Telekom, Orange, Turk Telekom and other SPs.

The programme will cover standardization progress through in depth presentations from the ITU and the Broadband Forum representatives.

Other sessions will be covering topics such as self-installation issues, deploying with legacy DSL, vectoring, FttDP architectures.

Debates and panels will also be organized around the following themes:

- for mobile backhauling: when and how?
- Solving the mid-range challenge
- Non linear coding


Frank Van Der Putten, Rapporteur for the ITU-T SG15 Q4
Hubert Mariotte, xDSL Technology Expert, ORANGE
Bernard Dugerdil, Standard and Strategy Senior Consultant, FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR
Dave Burstein, Editor, FAST NET NEWS
Rob van den Brink, TNO
Rami Verbin, SCKIPIO
Dong Wei, HUAWEI
Rudi Frenzel, LANTIQ
Uwe Schmidtke, ADTRAN
Michael Timmers, ALCATEL-LUCENT
Debu Pal, IKANOS

Thomas Starr   Frank Van Der Putten   Hubert Mariotte   Bernard Dugerdil  
Dave Burstein   Rob van den Brink   Rami Verbin   Rudi Frenzel  
Uwe Schmidtke   Michael Timmers   Debu Pal      

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