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G-Fast Summit 2014
  • John Cioffi
    John Cioffi
  • Tom Starr
    Tom Starr
  • Bernard Dugerdil
    Bernard Dugerdil
    Freescale Semiconductor
  • Teun van der Veen
    Teun van der Veen
  • F. Van der Putten
    F. Van der Putten
  • Les Brown
    Les Brown
  • Chano Gomez
    Chano Gomez
    Marvell Semiconductor
  • Dr. Debajyoti Pal
    Dr. Debajyoti Pal
  • Hubert Mariotte
    Hubert Mariotte
  • Dave Burstein
    Dave Burstein
    Fast Net News
  • Trevor Linney
    Trevor Linney
  • Rudi Frenzel
    Rudi Frenzel
  • Rob van den Brink
    Rob van den Brink
  • Oliver Lamparter
    Oliver Lamparter
  • Rami Verbin
    Rami Verbin
  • Jochen Maes
    Jochen Maes
  • Jose V. Galán
    Jose V. Galán
    Telnet Redes

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G-fast 2014: Moving Copper into the Gigabit Era

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) has taken the first steps towards standardising, the next major DSL-based standard which vendors hope will provide a “fibre-like” experience. As an FTTH alternative, operators have chosen to lay out fiber to the distribution point (FTTDp) and reuse existing access media, such as telephone lines and coaxial cables, to provide ultra-high-speed broadband access. Because the last-part transmission was over such a short distance, the operators anticipated they could achieve gigabit speeds using existing access media. technology has been developped to address this last-part transmission issue.

How to evolve from VDSL2 to
What are the deployment feasabilities of hybrid FTTH with
What about spectrum and the impact of crosstalk?
What are the self installation technological issues?
Single power or multi-power?

Responses will be delivered during the G-fast Summit, to be held in Novotel Convention & Wellness Paris Roissy CDG, from 20 to 22 May, 2014.

The agenda: standardisation progress, business case, architectures, power supply issues

A pre-conference workshop, addressed by representants from the ITU-T SG15 will detail the current standardisation process of

During the conference, main sessions will cover implementations and business case reports from operators testing or deploying in field trials. The panel « FTTH/VDSL2/ Overlaping or Complementarity ? » will close the first day.

During the second day, specific technological issues will be addressed in detail by specialists (power supply, crosstalk impact, self installation: constraints and benefits?).

The Scientific committee

Thomas Starr, Broadband Forum, AT&T
Frank Van Der Putten, Rapporteur for the ITU-T SG15 Q4
Hubert Mariotte,
xDSL Technology Expert, Orange
Bernard Dugerdil, Standard and Strategy Senior Consultant, Freescale Semiconductor

Rob van den Brink, TNO
Rami Verbin, Sckipio
Dong Wei, Huawei
Rudi Frenzel, Lantiq
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