Delivering low latency services at the edge

Delivering low latency services at the edge

Many telcos are linking edge compute to 5G, but this is only part of the story. Other factors, like virtualization, containerization, service decomposition/disaggregation and placement, CO transformation and the emergence of Edge computing requirements are dramatically transforming the SPs Service Edge.

But with all the hype on edge computing and edge cloud, everyone is now claiming to have products that are focused on the "Edge". This branding and edge washing has created a lot of confusion around "What is the Edge", "Where is the Edge" and "Who owns the Edge"?

The Edge Cloud Summit programme will respond these questions by providing descriptions and definitions of industry terms and technologies including ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Compute), O-RAN architecture, Service Edge Transformation, Network Data Center, and describe the main industry initiatives.

Rakuten Mobile, AT&T, Orange, Telstra, Telecom Italia : the SPs strategy on the edge

The agenda benefits from numerous and rich testimonies from major SPs.

They demonstrate how a disruptive architecture will enable them to deliver a portfolio of services including consumer mobile, NB-IOT, connected everything, rich media, low latency services like AR/VR and many more.

The most advanced one, Rakuten Mobile, describes an innovative architecture that is set to disrupt not only the telecom industry landscape in Japan; but also, in the rest of the world. AT&T and Orange discuss MEC and O-RAN impact on their future deployments, while Telstra and Telecom Italia show how they are currently not only prototyping, but deploying edge computing solutions for fixed and mobile access.

ETSI MEC, O-RAN Alliance, ECCE : the major international initiatives

A pre-conference tutorial day will allow delegates to get an indepth description of the works currently conducted in the ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Compute) workgroup and by the O-RAN Alliance. The Edge Computing Consortium Europe (ECCE) will be present as well.

Debates: OpenStack vs Kubernetes and IoT security issues

A first debate covers a crucial and hot aspect : the choice of using OpenStack or Kubertenes, or both of them. Another panel addresses the security issues of current IoT deployments.

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