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Carrier Cloud Day Two Carrier Cloud Day Two Carrier Cloud Day One SDN Workshop Hotel Novotel   08.30 WELCOME, REGISTRATION AND COFFEE  
Thomas Nadeau, Juniper


Thomas Nadeau | Juniper Networks
David Ward, Cisco Keynote Address

Data Plane Abstractions

By David Ward | Cisco
Bruce Davie, NCIRA Keynote AddresS

A Distributed Virtual Network Architecture for SPs

By Bruce Davie | Nicira Networks
    SDN Applications  
  10.00 Software Driven or Defined Networks - What is SDN?  
Thomas Nadeau, Juniper  
This presentation will describe the differences between these two approaches and why they are important. In particular, why software driven networking is a superset of software defined networking (OpenFlow). The presentation will also discuss the applicability of software driven networks in the context of modern applications and services.

Thomas Nadeau | Juniper Networks
  10.30 Launching a Telco Network in the Cloud  

Describing use cases including the use of cloud computing techniques such as virtual machine mobility, as well as the use of application-aware network control via OpenFlow. Discussing the challenges we face in making this approach operational in our networks, together with the areas of work required, to resolve these issues.

Prodip Sen | Verizon
  11.00 COFFEE BREAK  
  11.30 SDN Enables Monetization
Discussing examples of technology currently deployed in both mobile and cloud infrastructure. Demonstrating how networking software optimized for standard x86 platforms delivers wire-speed performance, while enabling the network elasticity.

David Le Goff | Product Marketing Manager | 6WIND
    12.00 Sane Development of SDNs  

SDNs introduce new flexibility into the control of networks, but this flexibility is a double-edge sword, as it can add complexity to testing and debugging.
Detailing development environments for SDNs, from emulation, to separate physical test networks, to testing code in a slice of a production network. Of particular focus will be Mininet, an emulator that presents a controller with the illusion of a large virtual network on a single physical machine.

Brandon Heller | Senior PhD Student | Stanford University
    12.30 LUNCH  
      SDN Architectures  
    14.00 Discussing Openflow and SDN as Complementary Solutions
Discussing how OpenFlow and SDN are complementary solutions. After providing an overview of OpenFlow and SDN technologies, we will show key issues that need to be resolved. Finally, we will see how existing distributed control plane protocols can co-exist with these technologies.

Marc Lasserre | Alcatel-Lucent
    14.30 Software Defined Networks: Ab Initio
Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Fellow This talk looks at SDN from first principles, and arrives at quite different conclusions from the current "popular" notions of SDN.  
The talk discusses protocol abstractions, distribution, and conceptual views versus practical implementation.  Finally, the talk concludes with some concrete suggestions for forward progress.

Kireeti Kompella | Juniper networks
    15.00 SDN Focused Silicon Technology and its Enablement of Services and Applications
SDNs provide a level of abstraction for network control, and in so doing, open up an ecosystem to the infrastructure.  This is enabling new COTS based services and applications at a deeper level of network integration.  Discussing this trend as well as underlying silicon technology and APIs that are enabling SDN architectures.  

Uri Cummings | Senior Architect | Intel
    15.30 COFFEE BREAK  
    16.00 Automating the Testing of OpenFlow Applications
Dejan Kostic, EPFL Presenting efficient, systematic techniques for testing unmodified controller programs. The NICE tool applies model checking to explore the state space of the entire system. Presenting a simplified OpenFlow switch model.

Joint work with: Marco Canini, Daniele Venzano, Peter Peresini, and Jennifer Rexford, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Dejan Kostic | Professor | EPFL
    16.30 SDN/OpenFlow Value Proposition and Vision
Presenting a practical introduction to SDN/OpenFlow setting out a vision and value proposition for OpenFlow enabled network solutions. Datacenter and carrier use-cases are reviewed, as well as a selection of deployment case studies. Explaining the role of the Open Networking Foundation.

Gerry Feeney | Director Solution Delivery | NEC | ONF Representant
    17.00 OpenFlow/SDN Use Cases in Operator’s Environments
Dejan Kostic, EPFL Describing the application of OpenFlow in two SDN research prototypes. The first use case relates to the implementation of a 'Metro Network Fabric' with IP MPLS VPN services enabled with OpenFlow for LTE/Mobile Backhaul application. The second one relates to policy based traffic steering application over an OpenFlow network.

Hector Avalos | Dir. Business Strategy – IP & Broadband | Ericsson
    17.30 Debate  
SDN: Do We Need other Control Planes?

• Limitation of current carrier control planes
• Different SDN approaches
• SDN applications: data center, aggregation, core, access?

Hector Avalos | Ericsson


David Ward | Cisco
Bruce Davie | Nicira
Kireeti Kompella | Juniper NETWORKS
Uri Cummings | Intel
Prodip Sen | Verizon
Marc Lasserre | Alcatel Lucent
Pedro Roque Marques | Contrail Systems
Charles Ferland | IBM | ONF REPRESENTANT
Intel Cariden  
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