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Carrier Cloud Day Two Carrier Cloud Day One SDN Workshop Hotel Novotel Carrier Cloud Day Two Carrier Cloud Day One SDN Workshop Hotel Novotel   08.30 WELCOME, REGISTRATION AND COFFEE  
Dan Wendlandt, NCIRA


Dan Wendlandt | Nicira
    Cloud SECURITY  
  09.00 Securing Carrier Cloud: Four Essential Steps  
Nigel Stephenson, Juniper Networks  
Looking at the role of the network and how it can be leveraged to assist the carrier in positioning its cloud services, paying particular attention to the security capabilities of the network in support of a virtualised cloud deployment and exposing some myths about the credibility of cloud security versus enterprise security effectiveness.

Nigel Stephenson
Head of Cloud and Managed Services Marketing, EMEA
Juniper Networks
  09.30 Making a Million Firewalls Sing
Discussing approaches to providing network security and isolation to tenants  in a large-scale public cloud. A scale-up solution that uses powerful hardware devices may be suitable in some cases while a scale-out solution that uses a federation of finely tuned firewalls may be more suitable in other cases. Any IAAS management software has to be flexible enough to provide the cloud operator with solutions at either end of the spectrum.

Chiradeep Vittal | Citrix
  10.00 Quantum: Network-as-a-Service in OpenStack
Quantum provides a "Networking-as-a-Service" API within the OpenStack project, meaning that cloud tenants can programmatically define rich network topologies (e.g., a multi-tier web application) in the cloud. Quantum is implemented using a plug-in architecture, meaning that the generic tenant API for network control can be implemented using a wide variety of technologies, including new approaches like Software-Defined-Networking (SDN).

Dan Wendlandt
| Nicira
  10.30 COFFEE BREAK  
    SLA and APPS  
  11.00 Assuring Network SLA for Cloud Services: a Practical Perspective  
John Evans, Cisco Considering the network technologies that enable service providers to address these challenges, with use cases illustrating how they are practically used in Service Provider networks to ensure SLAs can be met, whilst making efficient use of network capacity.

John Evans
Distinguished Engineer
  11.30 Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud will be the next phase of delivering cloud promises. Discussing hybrid cloud paradigm with Enterprise functionality and Public cloud federation that will scale new internet and mobile application into the cloud.

Sofiane Ammar | VirtualScale
    12.00 Visual Communication Services in the Cloud  
Stefan Karapetkov, Polycom  What are the benefits of moving visual communication to the Cloud? The list is long and includes the increasing complexity of Unified Communications (UC) integrations that businesses - especially small and medium businesses - cannot handle. But the most important driver is the need to connect businesses with each other.

Stefan Karapetkov
Emerging Technologies Director
    12.30 LUNCH  
    14.00 Giving Users Real-time Visual Insight into the Performance  
Richard Thomas, NetEvidence Demonstrating how top Carriers collect, interpret and evaluate key performance information from all types of networks and applications and presenting it back in easy to understand graphical views.

Richard Thomas

    14.30 The Role of APM based Networks and IT Orchestration to Build
the Carrier Cloud
Claudio Coltro, Alcatel-Lucent In cloud computing services fulfillment, application performance assurance allows two important services capabilities, first, monitoring application performance and second to enforce applications SLAs both at network IP VPN or VPLS levels and virtual machine level.

Claudio Coltro
Marketing and Strategy Lead, Cloud Computing
    15.00 Challenges and Obstacles in Migrating Conventional NMS/OSS to Manage Networks and Services
Analysing the challenges and requirements for Carrier Cloud NMS/OSS, such as SLA monitoring, application discovery, etc. API strategies both for management and for a mashable-enabled interface allowing delivery of new user experiences. Standards and open source aspects.

Victor M. Grado | Technical Consultant | Huawei
    15.30 Orchestrating Software Defined Networking in the Physical Network Domain
SDN is a promising technology centralizing network provisioning and traffic engineering by leaving the network devices CLI and programming a central controller. However, certain configurations still need to be done on the physical devices. By running a model of the network using a centralized tool we automate the configuration of the SDN controller including the physical network devices.

Ronny Lam | Solution Architect | Netyce
Intel Cariden  
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