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Carrier Cloud Day Two Carrier Cloud Day One SDN Workshop Hotel Novotel   08.00 WELCOME, REGISTRATION AND COFFEE  
Azhar Sayeed, Cisco


Azhar Sayeed | CISCO
Yakov Rekhter, Juniper Networks Keynote Address

Network Support for VM Mobility
Outlining an approach for network-based support for seamless VM mobility. The approach relies on the techniques that are either already IETF Standards, or on the IETF Standards track.

By Dr. Yakov Rekhter | Juniper Networks
    Cloud Networking: Architecture Session  
Azhar Sayeed, Cisco Mobile Carrier Cloud - Elasticity in Mobile Clouds
Dealing with the challenge of Mobile back-end optimization and network orchestration and proposing solutions to solve some of these problems.

Azhar Sayeed | CISCO
  09.40 Architecture Choices for VMs Interconnection
Discussing the implications of the various ways in which network connectivity with multi-tenancy isolation can be established between virtual machines and the devices they need to communicate with, be they other VMs in the same datacenter, VMs in a remote DC, or any remote terminal or server across the IP/MPLS network infrastructure.

Thomas Morin | Orange
  10.10 Microsoft: Discussing Datacenter Networking Infrastructure
Paarantap Lahiri, Microsoft Talking about the ways datacenter networking infrastructure for web-scale cloud services are different from the standard enterprise builds. Covering how the network architecture and design optimization aspects are morphing to cater to the scaling and availability requirements of web-scale/cloud services.

Parantap Lahiri
| Microsoft
  10.40 COFFEE BREAK  
  11.00 Network Virtualization for Low-Cost Computing Infrastructure
Low-cost computing enables applications and business models that where not previously possible. A low-cost computing infrastructure must be built in order to minimize operational costs and achieve high utilization. Focusing on how to apply existing state of the art network virtualization technology used in large scale service provider environments to the operation of low-cost compute infrastructures.

Pedro Roque Marques | Contrail Systems
    11.30 LISP a New Routing Protocol Built for Cloud
Describing LISP (Location/ID Split Protocol) which intends to offer a brand new routing alternative that allows IP mobility for Virtual Machine as well as IP segmentation using VRFoIP approach. To solve the scaling constraint it is built upon a push/pull model that establish a kind of conversational learning model that allows resources to be used only with useful information.

Patrice Bellagamba | Cisco
    12.00 SDN for Service Provider Networks
Explaining how SDN can be used to re-architect service provider networks and support key services such as traffic engineering and VPNs. The proposed approach promises to significantly reduce Capex and Opex and enable faster introduction of new services.

Guru Parulkar | Open Networking Research Center | Stanford University
    12.30 LUNCH  
    14.00 PANEL  
Service Providers and Cloud Providers Strategies

Public and private cloud
Carrier vs OTT cloud
Carrier cloud perspectives and opportunities

Jean-Marc Uzé, Juniper Networks


Jean-Marc Uzé | Juniper Networks


Nabil Bitar | Verizon
Thomas Morin | Orange
Peter Willis | BT
Javier Benitez | Colt
Parantap Lahiri | Microsoft
Didier Soucheyre| Neo Telecoms
T. Sridhar | VMware
Chiradeep Vittal | Citrix

    15.30 COFFEE BREAK  
      Cloud Networking : Service Session  
    16.00 Carrier Ethernet for Delivery of Private Cloud Services
Introducing new work from the MEF (the industry’s defining body for Carrier Ethernet)  that is expected to bring a profound change to the acceptance of cloud applications by the Enterprise and new opportunities for cloud providers by overcoming these complex issues.

Shahar Steiff | PCCW Global
    16.30 Virtualising Network Services in the Cloud
Explaining the benefits and challenges of implementing network services in the cloud and of implementing networks based on Software Defined Networking principles. The key opportunity is to reduce costs by using open and standardised hardware and management systems whilst increasing the speed to market for new innovative network services.

Peter Willis | BT Research and Technology
    17.00 Cloud Networking with L3 VPN
Luyuan Fang, Cisco  
L3 VPN is a proven and widely deployed network virtualization technology for more than a decade. Can L3 VPN be extended into data centers to support cloud networking? Over viewing new challenges in data center environment: Multi-tenancy, scalability, VM mobility, security, and orchestration.  Discussing potential solution options based on existing IETF standards; potential extensions; L3 only and hybrid L2/L3 solutions; and future studies.

Luyuan Fang | Cisco
    17.30 VXLAN – A Multivendor Effort for Overlay Networks  

Detailing the background and requirements for  Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN), a multi vendor effort for overlay networks in a data center. Discussing the problem statement and the benefits of the approach along with the implementation considerations for VXLAN.

T. Sridhar | VMware
    18.00 Data Center Interconnect - SP Requirements and Solution Analysis
Covering various aspects of Data Center Interconnect requirements and the needs for a Service Provider, whose primary business is to offer Cloud services and Data Center needs to various Enterprise customers.

Sam Aldrin | Huawei Technologies
Intel Cariden  
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